12 Signs Your Are On the Right Path, Even If Your Ego Tells You Otherwise October 31, 2017

12 Signs Your Are On the Right Path, Even If Your Ego Tells You Otherwise

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By Jona Bryndis

In context with current collective energies it is important that you understand that your past, your family, your ex, your job, your shadow, your karma, or your inner child are not the culprit for your life’s circumstances.

Our childhood was our most vulnerable state, and yet the source of our power to transcend pain into love! For the majority of people on this planet it is the cause for getting stuck in rigid mental, emotional and physical patterns, not allowing them to contextualize their journey. However, in order to deal with problems in the NOW you need to learn ways to transcend your past!

We all have our own timeline and path to get to this point of complete reference and devotion to our inner purpose. With our developing heart connection we can see this!

The awakened True Self allows our core fears to surface so that we can work with them and discover the pathway to remembering our divine power through self-healing! This is why we feel like we are stagnating or regressing sometimes, all the while improtant integration processes are going on in the background.

Don’t mistake your past as a justification for dithering around and flipping back and forth between ego and higher consciousness! Your inner prompting is getting stronger and your inner congruence is becoming more demanding.

The pain you are now beginning to feel is not the kind of your wounded ego/inner child anymore, but the labor pain of your emerging True Self, shedding all layers of programming, perceptive distortions, mind-wipes and emotional fear patterns. Each little incongruence hurts now – deeply – and more than ever before! Therefore, forget about your the details of the remaining layers of your hurting ego and focus on WHO YOU TRULY ARE instead!

Take charge of your energy, be responsible for everything you put out into this world and own your journey. This way, you are not only transcending your past but also your future and thus create your own destiny!

Here The 12 Signs Your Are On the Right Path – Even Though Your Ego Tells You Otherwise:

1. You keep revisiting old unresolved issues; aspects you thought you had already transcended, especially your Inner Child, Shadow and Karmic Family aspects

2. You know you want to change but you don’t know what

3. You keep having emotional episodes of sudden anger, fear or sadness

4. You keep getting distracted with things that don’t work or break

5. You feel like your mind is spinning in circles

6. Your life seems to suddenly collapse on all fronts

7. You can’t sleep or you always feel tired

8. You lost interest in socializing with whom you thought were your friends

9. You feel like nothing looks like it used to

10.You have come to the realization that in order to move foward you need to overcome your worst fears

11. You may have a feeling for where you want to go but you have no clue how to get there

12.You realize that it’s your responsibility, your time to act and stand up for yourself. And it scares you like crazy…

You came here to resolve and absolve yourself from this life-long journey of suffering and blindly seeking purpose through others. Now, the time has come to take charge of your purpose! Stop trying to figure out your next step – go within and feel out the core of your inner power and follow\ your heart’s prompting that has been there all along!

You already remember, you are just not trusting in it yet!

If you, like so many others right now, are plagued with how to apply these insights into your practical life, I have a question for you:

What is it that you have been running away from all your life?

Here you can find the key to your Path!

Read more about the struggles connecting with your True Self in a recent Field Report.

Much Love, Humility and Gratitude,

Jona Bryndis

Energy Healer, Energy Coach & Founder of transCODES


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