Wed Nov 22 2017 – HEAVEN LETTERS – From whence cometh Godletters ?

Wed November 22, 2017

Heavenletters: From Whence Cometh Godwriting? III

From Whence Cometh Godwriting? III | Heavenletters

NOV 22 2017

God said:

Today We begin with a quote from an earlier *Heavenletter:

“When you sing, you sing in a wholeness that can only be sung as you sing it. Therefore, you don’t marshal it. Singing is beyond describing the contents of your heart. Describing has nothing to do with the actuality. This is just it: The actuality cannot be described without the actuality’s fading into oblivion.

“Yes, I describe you as the Wonderer of this which We can call non-thought, you the very one who is constantly pursued by thoughts even in sleep, even in dreams, even when you can’t remember or outline or cover up or anything at all.

“This state is beyond being analyzed into thought, for analyzing dissolves the thought. Some things cannot be made into a formula, for, at that point, you would have gotten outside what you wished to sort out and, so, lost it.

“You may say you can make no sense of what I am saying. By sense you mean logic. We are speaking of Beyond Logic and entering a Land of Infinity and Wholeness, a land away from spitting distance of thought. Thought cannot be made to fit a mold when the Truth is that there is no mold.

“Beloveds, Wholeness cannot be designated as this Wholeness or that Wholeness. Wholeness is, or it is not. The Whole Story is that there is Wholeness yet no description that can go along with Wholeness. Description can only lag.”

Heavenletter #6015 May 14, 2017

I, God, am not into tricks or marvels. You don’t have to have fantastical experiences. You who Godwrite are simple plain folk barely eavesdropping. You may hear what you hear in an unfathomable way. Only once in a blue moon are you overtaken by a thunderous experience beyond your wildest dreams — or maybe never. Beloved Godwriters, you are not Godwriting for you. You are Godwriting for Me.

A Godwriter is a simple innocent receiver who is without prefabbed ideas of what Godwriting has to look like. My Words definitely don’t have to be frou-frou.

A Godwriter is not someone setting out to make a name for himself or herself. This is an absolute. In fact, Godwriting, or its equivalent, has not always been an easy road. Put away any ideas of Godwriting for the purpose of fame and fortune.

At the same time, a Godwriter cannot come across as anonymous. No, definitely not, for anonymous would turn Godwriting into a mystique, and I will have none of that. Godwriting is not a mystique. Godwriting is an ordinary every-day event, and it’s available to you. I believe in being straight-out from the beginning.

Everyone has experienced Godwriting or God-hearing by whatever name it may be known. An idea! An intuition! A Presence! Even something that you haven’t ever given a second glance to, so confined you may have been to the straight and narrow. Therefore, heretofore, you may have turned away from what may not be considered quite normal enough by the world.

So, what is a Godwriter then? A Godwriter is anyone! a simple ordinary person who enters Heaven through a gate or slips through the trees and reaches beyond the ordinary world projections. Be My guest. Go beyond the dreams of the extant world.

Godwriting is not a stellar feat. It is an ordinary fact of Life that has been submerged and perhaps considered off-the-wall. Never mind what the world has said.

I say that All can enter Heaven on Earth through Open Portals the same way you can walk into the Ocean Blue. You don’t have to be a High Diver. An ordinary mortal will do.

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Source: Rainbow Wave of Light

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