Monday Nov 27 2017 – INTEL FROM TANK – GO TIME

Monday, November 27, 2017

“Go Time” – Intel Update from Tank 11-27-17

Entry Submitted by Tank at 1:45 PM EST on November 27, 2017

INTEL UPDATE 1:36 PM 11/27/2017

* Bond platforms still waiting to be paid out as of 1:27

* 36 separate ZIM GROUPS reportedly going liquid today

* Admiral’s Group CORE supposed to be liquid over night have still not been able to access their funds

* Allegedly 800#s are live in Canada

* Repeated reports ever couple of hours that things were “released” at different times over the past 24 hours

* Allegedly the Admiral id completed with everything he was supposed to do to get us notice

* Allegedly the 800#s have are in the hands of the couriers and they are in route to deliver them to various intel providers as we speak

* Allegedly Tiers 1,2,and 3 were completed last night in Reno

* Go time for our release is now to later today,


ZIM $12+
IQD $22+
VND $24+

* Massive disclosure about the Clinton Cartel appears to be showing it’s ugly head and could act as the flash bang (pun intended)

* Galactics were asked by the Republic to intervene on Saturday to assist in the final execution of the process

* Over 4,000 sealed Federal indictments are ready to be executed at a moments notice. All targets are under surveillance at all times with exact instructions on how to abstract them with the least amount of resistance or danger.

* FUN FACT-The new Artificial Intelligence that has been grafted into the Block Chain Banking system is named Sofia.

Coincidentally, the true author for “The Matrix” and the “Terminator”, movies about Artificial intelligence that took over the world, is also named Sofia.

Terra Zetzz at 11/27/2017 02:14:00

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