Operation Disclosure RV INTEL ALERT – Dec 05 2017

Operation Disclosure GCR/RV Intel Alert for December 5, 2017
Per Staffan December 5, 2017

Disclosure – Banking and Currency (not channeled)

Operation Disclosure GCR/RV Intel Alert for December 5, 2017

Operation Disclosure

RV/INTELLIGENCE ALERT – December 5, 2017

Remaining Cabal are being systematically destroyed on a daily basis. Most are either switching sides or surrendering.

The 800 numbers will be located on a website hosted on a quantum server. When it is time for the release, the website will be activated. Special couriers will then be instructed to distribute the 800 numbers from the website to various intel providers and website owners via email (TETELESTAI).

The quantum website will also contain important information and instructions on your redemption/exchange.

The USD will be publicly announced as officially asset/gold-backed days before the 25th (Christmas) as an early Christmas gift to the American people from President Trump.

The RV release is rumored to occur before the USD is announced as asset/gold-backed.

Possible dates of interest:

December 7th-11th (Iraqi Victory Day)

December 7th (Pearl Harbor Day)


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