Earth and Your Bodies are in The Midst of a Large Transformation Judas Iscariot Thursday, December 14th, 2017 Channel: Ann Dahlberg

Earth and Your Bodies are in The Midst of a Large Transformation

Judas Iscariot

Thursday, December 14th, 2017

Channel: Ann Dahlberg

I am Judas Iscariot and it is a pleasure to have the opportunity to speak with you. There have been some ups and downs in our world. It is hard to let go of the illusion that you so long have adhered to. Fortunately, some cracks have appeared in this illusion now so that the light of clarity and love can come through. Your Earth and your bodies are in the midst of a large transformation and it might feel a bit confusing for some.

Others might feel a great fatigue and yet others might have more energy. This can depend on how much ballast you have taken with you down to Earth.

You who are guests here have not taken as much ballast as you who have wandered here for thousands of years.

You who release yourselves from much ballast assist also Mother Earth to release herself from her ballast.

You are one and you have in this fashion worked through much karma.

None of this is either right or wrong. It is only different tasks that you have taken on in this time of transformation.

You have done a big job and we are proud of you and happy for all that you have achieved on our Earth today.

This has led to Mother Earth hoisting her anchor and that your bodies are in the process of transformation to a lighter and less dense body with higher consciousness. You are in the middle of a strong process of transformation now dear people on Earth. So, look into yourselves – you have much to discover there. The resources you actually can find within yourselves will surprise you.

It is a time for contemplation now dear children on Earth. It is in the stillness and the silence that one can get many answers to one’s questions. It is also in the stillness and silence that one can find the harmony you seek, and you can also find yourself there. When the noise subsides you have yourself left. It is a wonderful feeling to find your self in the midst of this silence. It is like holding your breath and to discover that there is some more unexplored. It amazes you and makes you humble of mind. You want to stay in this feeling and never leave it, but at the same time it feels too big to hold on to for any longer period of time. You who have experienced this know what I mean. You have discovered the essence of your soul. It is big, very big, and in this stillness large visions are being born from larger depths than you can imagine. There are no written rules there – anything can happen there in any which way. There are no borders. Creation is borderless and one can materialize whatever whenever. Understand that a high consciousness is needed for it to be created and for it to become as good as possible for you and the world you live in. What is happening within you is also happening outside of you. You are the creators of your one world. We have said this before, but it might need to be repeated more times. If you think a bit about what was said above you can understand why it is so important to find yourself and to raise one’s consciousness. The way it is now dear Earthlings is that you will build completely new with unconventional methods. The old is outdated and passé and your new visions must be the base now – your visions from a higher consciousness within yourselves. What is required is that a large part of humanity is willing to change their world, first within and then outside of them. Nothing can any longer remain in the old. Mother Earth has made her choice and now it is your turn to make your choice. Do you want to renew yourselves and let the old pass? Are you willing to step forward in your light and let go of everything that does not belong to the light? It is time to get going now as Mother Earth slowly moves upwards and she is trying to pull you with her. It is time to let go of the old and meet the new. Take this time now and find the answers you are looking for within you. It is high time to go within to find the essence of your selves that is connected with all that is.

We will gladly help you to find the stillness within yourselves. You will then receive the answers you need in order to move on now in this important time of our grand transformation. It is a transformation on both a planetary level and an individual level.

You have many angels and beings that are helping you now so stretch out your hand and we will take it.

I leave you now with hope for a reunion soon.

Much love,


Translator from Swedish to English: Per Staffan



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