Tier 5 Discrimination?” by Scoootah – 12.16.17

Sat December 16, 2017

“Tier 5 Discrimination?” by Scoootah – 12.16.17

Entry Submitted by Scoootah at 5:51 PM EST on December 16, 2017

Hi Patrick and team. Thanks again for providing this space for all of us to congregate and contribute to each others growth/ascension.

First of all, my condolences to Cowboy Down Under and Grace for your recent loss. I feel for you. I recently lost my younger brother who was a big motivation for getting into and staying on this crazy ride. Just as your kin are probably a big motivation for you. Thank you for sharing with us. As others have posted, A big bear hug from my heart to yours.

I would like to raise a discussion about the discrimination against Tier 5 currency redeemers as set out in this post. (Link:http://inteldinarchronicles.blogspot.com.au/2017/12/gary-larrabee-latest-unbelievable-gcrrv.html)

Discrimination has been used by the cabal as a divide and conquer tactic for all their history and it surprises me that the Tier 5 redeemers are being discriminated against in a plan for ascension.
Firstly, maybe there is an error and there is no dropping of six zeroes for this Tier and this post is unnecessary, but if there is a plan to drop these six zeroes I have to wonder why.
Secondly, dropping six zeroes from the face value of any bond or currency is unlawful but they will do this by adding six zeroes to the exchange rate after the decimal point. (A rate of 0.13 to tiers 1 – 4 will become 0.00000013 for Tier 5 redeemers to delete the 6 zeroes)

Thirdly, In the fullness of this funding scheme and more importantly ascension Tier 5 redeemers probably do not hold a huge percentage of the currency (my guess would be less than one percent of one percent). If these funds are designed to reach as many people as possible it makes no sense to me that Tier 5 redeemers are being discriminated against . My only conclusions are that some feel that these redeemers may be considered relatively unsophisticated and that them having all this money could cause harm to themselves or others. My response to that would be that any harm that may occur would be infinitesimal compared to the harm done by the “alleged elite” while they held the reins. Also any harm done would be seen in a new light as freed people and newly awakened or awakening people see that harm as life lessons. That in and of itself will help lift the collective energy.

Is it that the new benevolents believe that the Tier 5 redeemers will waste much of their new found wealth? There is potentially some justification in this thought but lets again put this into perspective. None of us hoping to redeem and help humanity out of the pit have any real experience dealing with this amount of money and we will all have to learn and will all therefore make mistakes. This will be like parenting. None of us have/had the skills at the beginning but some rise to the challenges and some dont and there are many positions in between that so-called “success” and “failure.” Some mistakes will be bigger than others but all of the funds will eventually be able to help humanity in some way or another in the fullness of time so how can that be a bad thing? Compared to the old regime this assumed waste of resources is laughable.

If there is a fear that the cabal will try to accumulate these funds from these redeemers, remember they do not hold a huge proportion so is this a real threat?

Another way to see this is to look at all of the fantastic ideas which Village idiot, EJ, Cowboy Down Under, Sierra (NZ), Bruce, Yoseph and others (there are many others I just cannot remember you all at this point in time, my apologies) have stated they will support and also look at all those ideas in the Humanitarian project ideas in the right hand side bar of this page. Some of these ideas clearly come from a mind/perspective still stuck in lack/poverty consciousness. Some of these posters will (like the parenting example above) mature a lot with the challenges of this process while others will mature not so much and for some the challenge will be too great. But so what, whether these people mature with the challenges or not the funds that they distribute will all help humanity heal and the healing from the “wasted funds” will still be far greater than what the alleged elite have achieved in the last few thousand years. How can that be seen as wasteful and justification to discriminate against these redeemers? The really great ideas and growth/maturity of the “better” redeemers/administrators will far outweigh the waste of those less successful projects and not so competent administrators.

All of this takes no account of the newer technologies which are allegedly being released. Many of the newer technologies will be superseded quickly by others and some ideas will not be as popular while the dynamics of what people will choose/accept/purchase will change. This is a known unknown. Some of the projects invested in will inevitably not succeed. The people involved will still be supported until the point of withdrawing funds but this point is an unknown unknown. These less successful projects will most likely, in my opinion, “waste” more funds than the “mistakes” of the “relatively unsophisticated” Tier 5 redeemers.

Does this plan to discriminate against Tier 5 redeemers show the new benevolents are themselves still operating out of fear or is this an agreed step in the negotiation with the old “alleged elite” has beens?

Does anyone have any other perspective on why Tier 5 redeemers deserve to be treated differently to the rest? I am open to that learning.

All the best to everyone for Christmas and the New Year and any other celebrations relevant to your culture/religion.


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