8 Minutes @ 8PM: Mercy for False Flag Operations, 9/11 December 19, 2017 By Kathleen Mary Willis

8 Minutes @ 8PM: Mercy for False Flag Operations, 9/11

Voice of Freedom.ca

June 19, 2016, Jesus Sananda talked to us through Linda Dillon, channel for the Council of Love, about the nightclub tragedy in Orlando where 53 were injured and 49 alleged to have died.

Jesus helped us to understand, as witnesses of this seemingly senseless tragedy, that our tri-flames do not expire, that they are Infinite and Eternal:

“When one expires, you have many words for this… the body transitions, a person dies, they pass… but what it is is a laying down of the form, of the body, that you have chosen with us to travel with throughout a lifetime.

“The tri-flame does not expire. The tri-flame goes with you.

“It is Infinite and Eternal and as clear and as brilliant as your soul design. Yes, that beautiful snowflake that we have often compared your soul design to is unique, and unique to you.”

Jesus says our tri-flame does not change from lifetime to lifetime.

It is how we are known and recognized throughout the Universe; the many bodies, many forms we have had, are what have brought us to this place of mastery, of wisdom. He goes on to say:

“I mention this about your soul design and about your tri-flame because so often when one dies, whether it is from what you term ‘natural causes’, which very often are quite unnatural, or from tragedy such as you have witnessed in Orlando, there is a sense of loss that that person, that group, that that individual you have known or not even known, is gone.

“Yes, the body is gone but the soul, the tri-flame, the design, it never dies, it never leaves, it continues on.”

Jesus, after the Orlando tragedy, wanted us to understand the power of the blessing and virtue of mercy, its colour, magenta-amethyst:

“Within this context and in this time of the Mother’s Tsunami of One, I wish to talk to you about mercy because there is need for mercy and you my bright angels have the capacity and the wisdom and the heart, the Love, to truly know and express and practice mercy.”

He asked us to think of mercy in this way:

“It is compassion + forgiveness + Love.

“Mercy is not merely the ability or the action, the heart knowing of forgiveness; it is a component.

“Similarly, it is not just compassion, it is not merely putting yourself as the observer in the other person or persons position. And it is not just Love, although Love is All, but I speak of Love in this regard also as an action, an expression, and an experience.

“These occurrences carry the quality… and I mean these tragedies, these situations of mass slaughter because that is what it is… they carry the energy of overwhelm and in that, conscious and unconscious, of lack of power, of feeling powerless and of feeling the sense of collective guilt and shame that such a thing could happen. And in that there is almost an autonomic reflex to attempt to distance yourself because it is so atrocious that you want to extend it away from your being.

“What mercy does, it has the same magnitude as overwhelm and it encompasses all of these feelings and it encompasses, embraces, everyone involved; those who have died, those who have expired, those who have been injured, those that have been present, the families, the extended families, the community, the perpetrator – his family or her family – their community, the media that cover it, the police.

“To be merciful is one of the deepest senses of being the observer, quasi-participant.”

He continues:

“When you hold and give at the same time, because mercy only becomes the fullness of its quality, of this element of mercy, when it is extended, when it is put into the flow. That does not mean intervention, that you are involving yourself, that is why I say quasi-participant, but you observe, you observe these situations.

“They are not examples, they are real and they are tragic because everyone suffers, no one is exempt.

“And so you observe the situation and you embrace the entire situation because all need this mercy, the forgiveness, the compassion, and the Love, which is the healing, and you enfold them gently in this quality of mercy that they will be comforted. And in that giving of comfort and mercy, you are comforted with mercy.

“You receive exactly and more than what you give.”

Jesus says in our film dramas, often people will plead for mercy, but he says truly, mercy is forgiveness, the understanding of compassion and the Love, ability to see the bright spark, the original soul design and tri-flame of everyone.

He asks us to:

“… send the mercy, and enfold all over the planet, everyone who needs this.

“But I also ask you, my family, to extend this mercy to yourself. So often you will say, ‘Well, I forgive myself; I have compassion for myself; oh, I love myself.’”

But Jesus Sananda says to:

“Expand it, combine it, and give to yourself my tender mercy. Let me comfort you that you may comfort others.

“This is the gift of my heart to you, to each of you this day. I Love you deeply. Farewell.”

Please join

8 minutes at 8PM,

in forgiveness, compassion,

and Love — which is the healing —

enfolding all gently in the quality of mercy,

the comfort for the victims and the perpetrators.

Peace for all humanity on Gaia.

Below are posts about false flag operations in history and confronting the truth of 9/11.


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