Thursday, January 4, 2018 “Tank, Out… of Bounds” by (Anonymous) – 1.3.18

Thursday, January 4, 2018

“Tank, Out… of Bounds” by (Anonymous) – 1.3.18

Entry Submitted Anonymously at 10:26 PM EST on January 3, 2018

Patience Hell, I’m going to kill something.

Cabal 101

Deflection: using the popular word, “Freedom,” inappropriately applied to ingratiate others to believe in your cause.

Ingratiate: talk about the Mother-Child bonds and the Feminine Energy to get people to lower their resistance and hide your manipulations.

Trust: tell people they can trust you so they lower their resistance to your way of thinking that is contrary to correct principles.

Agenda: never let people know of your true agenda so others will blindly Trust and assume you are working for their best good while deflecting the truth of what you are attempting to do.

Insurrection: create factious, “truths,” so people will believe you are working for their best good while soliciting people to oppose benevolent individuals who really are working for their best good.

Frustrations: set in motion a set of circumstances that play on frustrations to excite people to action, people who will join your cause.

Denial: never address opposition’s reasoning and remain aloof and in denial as to anything that would deter your cause. Truth is not important, your cause is. Never admit that you are wrong – ever. Attack those who oppose you……relentlessly…. and often.

Create a solution to a problem that does not exist: become the Ringleader of that solution; organize an opposition group that will follow your every lead. Focus on yoursolution and never discuss the problem – it will confuse them and open the door to doubt your cause.

Obtain private information: Create a Platform where people with currency will gladly supply their private information to join your cause. Never let them think that they may become targets of Cabal operatives if your list gets hacked post RV.

Create your own conference call:this will legitimize your cause and give credence to you as a person.

Disassociate from Others: who have peeled off discontented persons that have joined their cause. Avoid comparisons that show similar activities.

Cabal Out, for now.

Why is this so hard to understand? Why does this need to be explained? How do you SUE someone for a gift that is promised to be given when it is safe? Why does one manipulate the process for their own ego edification, regardless of the reason? Why does someone use IDC to attempt to right all the wrongs the Cabal has done to mankind over the generations of time, calling it freedom? Does this behavior of force and dominion, feel like Cabal operatives working the Cabal 101,on us all?

We are not victims!!! Complaining and manipulation creates intense victim consciousness….. the more victim consciousness the more pain and anguish you will feel. Person believing they are Victims will seek out to find a group of victims to join.The more you focus on the problem the greater the problem grows – it’s a universal law of creation.

The peaceful Feminine Aspect of God is a powerful force for good and should not be supplanted with the errant behavior of the masculine Cabal tactics of dominion and control over others. That waring masculine energy never worked for the good of mankind and never will. Participation in such activities assures negative results. Someone on IDC suggest, if we don’t join with their Cabal tactics, we should grow a pair. If this person want us to grow a pair and act like him, I suggest he castrate himself and quit procreating, his offspring will perpetuate his stinkin thinkin and assure another generation of slave mentality thinking.

One Who Knows warned us that Tank and others at the Real Truth Call are Cabal and need to be shut down. Even Yo Yo disengaged and started his own call and following. OWK’s wisdom has been proven and his perceptions are accurate. If you act like Cabal, behave like Cabal, incite the people to opposition like Cabal, then you might be Cabal. If you’re not Cabal, quit acting like one.

I wish it weren’t so, but so it is with Tank and Yo Yo who have peeled off good people to follow them on their detour bridges to nowhere. I wish those who follow them: Good Luck getting out of the ditch. Your Chalking will be completed before redemptions begin.

It’s time someone told it like it is. Join those who are waiting on the Lord to do their bidding and stay in peace. War and hatred never accomplish anything good. Beat the war drums of discontent if you must but this Tank and his column of tankers, will never speak for me.

Tank, is Overboard, throw him a lifesaver.


PS. To Tank, I don’t hate you or your kind, I just dislike your attempts to screw up the GCR/RV by creating discord and bad feelings. Fighting God’s Plan, is a blatant disregard for God and His Plan to bless Humanity. You are effectively taking a “Knee,” against all those who have been wounded or killed in trying to bring us the RV. Good luck in qualifying for the greater exchange rate as your true action is against the successful release of the currency revenue for all the rest of us who patiently wait on the Lord for deliverance. Using Cabal Attorney’s to sue anybody in the Cabal Justice System, is insanity at its pinnacle of ignorance. Attorneys on a contingency basis will charge a large percentage of your exchange results and the exchange results of all those associated with the Lawsuit; this as well as the possibility of an NDA violation. As a successful currency holder (can’t see it happening), each person with you may be billed Trillions possibly Quadrillions, thus financing the Cabal again.

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