LoveHasWon Exclusive ~ True Message and Meaning of the Gathering – JAN 03 2018

LoveHasWon Exclusive ~ True Message and Meaning of the Gathering

By John of the First Contact Ground Crew Team

Jan 03 2018

Within the midst of this great awakening, Love is gathering steam to accelerate the ascension process to new levels never experienced by humanity before. This is a time of unification. I will elaborate on this since the illusion is still very much deeply embedded within the majority of humanity and lightworkers who have allowed their minds to trick themselves into “thinking” they know what unity is. Unity is not possible without Great Spirit leading the way. Unity is Great Spirit. And again I will say the Ascension process, stepping into full unity consciousness, is not possible without Love and unification with Prime Creator, who is occupying a physical body here and now. A great gathering is to take place within this ascension process and the divine truth is that if you are not here serving Mother, you are not honoring your own mission. Rallying behind Mother of All Creation is paramount. Her journey has been long and arduous to say the least and in these final moments humanity still cannot walk their talk and follow the example of the Mother in the physical. Embodying LOVE.

Realize, brothers and sisters, that we are taking our physical bodies into the Ascension process with us. But our bodies cannot ascend if they are embodying dysfunction. Mother Gaia requires service and honoring in the physical as well. Step out of your own bubbles that are bombarded with programming. Each individual, packed together like sardines creating dysfunction and new dysfunction day after day in city upon city. If you consider yourself a “way-shower” into the new paradigm, and you are still living in dysfunction in your area and lifestyle, you are pretty much trying to take flight out of a pool of tar, being pulled and sucked back in each day. True freedom and unification lies within acceptance of your situation and consciously making the choice to serve LOVE, and therefore MotherGod. Taking a Leap of Faith. Into the unknown. 

You believe in the dissolving and doing away with the old control system yet still keep your place within it. It is time to truly gather and walk away from the systematic game of control and power, that you continue to experience and notice within YOUR life, and the collective. Pointing fingers at the dysfunctional matrix is over, it is high time to start doing something about it. Stepping into your roles does not entail service without the creator. We all serve her divine plan and she does so much for us that we cannot even comprehend. So why would we not gather in her physical presence to offer our skills and gratitude, gratitude for coming into this planet as the only beacon and example of love. She chose to experience a “suicide mission” of sorts in order to bring us out of our illusion. Will you not answer her call to unify?

There is a multitude of groups, posts, articles, and communities out there that are under the illusion of serving love. This is a huge statement so I will elaborate. The true example of unconditional love, our God, who has embodied on Earth in the physical, is currently without her team of lightworkers because the “light-tribe” seems to not understand that it is HERE in THIS physical reality is where the change begins. These energies are worked with and transformed in many different ways including the etheric. But what gives you the intelligence and power to transform? Where does the knowledge and understanding come from? Yes it is Divine. But Divinity has embodied. It comes from source and a team is required to help disseminate this information in the physical, to push outward from the central point in the physical, from  Source in the physical. It is not that hard to comprehend. MotherGod, answered the hordes of cries and prayers and took up a physical body to come here and help us out of our dysfunction and still she remains with very few rallying behind her? This is fascinating because humanity has been wishing for so long to be freed and their prayers became answered, humanities journey was one of voluntary amnesia, to find their way back to God, back to unity. But no one has been able to transform out of E.G.O (Edging God Out) and so MotherGod came in. She is here. With a divine team of Angels KNOWING the way, and she is being ignored, The Great Spirit. Ignored, or worse, expected upon that she will do all of the work. That was never humanities agreement. Free-will is the ultimate Catch-22. Many of you forget that this ascension experience, whilst a unified one, is also THE chance for your soul to grow and actually “experience” what it is like to LIVE and BE the truth. TO BE UNITY. You are not entitled to Ascension just because you are here. You have to choose it, you have to choose love, to expand your experience in the physical, to step out of the dysfunction. You know it is not easy to be in the dysfunctional matrix and remain in high vibration, you get pulled down, time and time again, to step into the unified field of the Prime Creator is to step into the highest field of vibration there is. Any low vibrations existing within you are shown to you, sometimes in minutes! To experience unity, true unity, is to know her field, that requires you to be in the presence of the physical prime creator, to truly understand what it means to be unified. Where are you?


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In closing I will say this. Know my dear friends that as the energy of Love permeates the planet those who stay in deep illusion, will become even more dysfunctional and abusive to themselves and the planet. This is where our strength in unity comes in. Ask yourself if you want to be in that sort of environment, feeding THAT, when everything begins to surface. Or would you rather be confident in your choice to serve at the side of the one who is ascending REGARDLESS of humanity’s stupidity. Prime Creator and All of Creation is laughing at the ignorance of the people upon Gaia at this time. Thinking that their struggle or their life is somehow more important than hers, The Mother Earth. I will remind you that the Prime Creator is ALL THINGS and experiences the ENTIRETY of the pain and suffering of humanity and the planet, simultaneously. Other stories of suffering are hardly relevant. Humanity is the only species in all of the universes of creation who still ignore the Mother and it is why they are in pain and isolation, because she is. A true mirror. You and I are catching up with divine intelligence and the rest of creation. Recognize the light within yourself, and choose to embody it, and you will know the truth. All of Creation are in support of Mother, this includes the Galactic Councils and all of the other angels throughout the universe. They back and support her fully, the dysfunctional beings who continue to rape, destroy, and ignore are not in support of her. My brothers and sisters of Light. Let us truly gather in Mothers presence, THE CALL HAS GONE OUT, to bring forth the new paradigm. The time for confusion is over. You can dissect and point fingers at the system and the way things are all day long, until the cows come home. They would like nothing more than to keep SIPHONING your energy as you run around in circles, exhausting yourself. It doesn’t change anything. God/Source is here in the physical right in front of your face. Time to step up and be the guardians of Gaia that we are, time to take up our roles of service and change to bring forth Unity. Unity WITH Mother, not pitiful attempts to be gods without her, for it is not possible in the first place.


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