“VND – Dong is Missing in Action” by Michael Murdock – 1.7.18

“VND – Dong is Missing in Action” by Michael Murdock – 1.7.18

Entry Submitted by Michael Murdock at 3:20 PM EST on January 7, 2018

Happy Sunday IDC! –

This morning I had the pleasure of discovering something very interesting. The image below is what you see when you launch an app that is from the foreign exchange people known as TRAVELEX. They are a WORLDWIDE FOREIGN EXCHANGE. I have purchased VND DONG from them before and have been to visit them recently to discuss the DINAR, the DONG, and the ZIM (where they showed me “WORTHLESS” on their screen.

Now, the reason I am share this image with you is because when you launch the app it shows you, after you click the CASH button, and then tap the currency you wish to select, it shows you this list of the most popular currencies they exchange. It shows them in the form of the most popular exchanged to the least popular exchanged.


It’s ALSO MISSING FROM THEIR WEBSITE! What does this mean? WHO KNOWs, but…perhaps there is something happening with the DONG that we might wish to pay attention to.

Could this be a signal that the RV is close? Perhaps. Do I hope I am right about this? ABSOLUTELY! And the next picture is the bottom of the list of all currencies where Vietnamese Dong used to be present. It’s missing!!!

I will be reaching out to them tomorrow to find out what’s happening. I have reached out to their offices in England because they are open today, but I have not heard back from them yet.

I am praying that tomorrow when I go to their offices that they will tell me that VND is exchangeable at an amazing rate and when they do I will let all of you know!

I have used this service Travelex for a long time to purchase currency when I wasn’t homeless. They’ve always been reputable and fast with transactions and they’ve never thrown me out when I bring back my ZIM notes every other week and ask them if they’re exchangeable now.

Thanks for reading.

Michael Murdock, US Navy Veteran, homeless
thanks for your kindness & loving messages http://paypal.me/MikeMurdock

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