Heavenletters: God’s Heart Beats in You – 1/10/2018

Heavenletters: God’s Heart Beats in You

God’s Heart Beats in You | Heavenletters

JAN 10 2018


Dear Divine Mother, a non-profit organization called Mothers for Natural Law called Lauren to ask her to work for them. They were very sweet on the phone. After Lauren had made an appointment, the founder called Lauren to tell her how much she looks forward to meeting with her on Monday.

I mention this particularly because I think Lauren is looking for the feminine energy you talk about. She is tired of “corporate” America, and I suspect she means one-sided male energy.

Divine Mother:

Yes, we are talking sweet softheartedness, which is your natural state. How you have guarded that. How you have tried to make your heart hard. That is what we are undoing. You have tried to twist your heart to fit the world’s when, all the while, your heart fits Heaven’s.

Let your heart melt in its own softness. Let it relax and sink into its own truth. You do not need a stiff heart. You need your own heart.

I am to teach you that softness is good. Softness is strong and enduring.

You do not have to meet the world. You greet the world. You invite it to your harbor. But you do not lasso it. It comes to you, as you are, and you make it welcome in your heart.

Yes, you are a soft harbor. You are a resting place, a restorative port where ships come in to be restored and then go out to sail again.

All energy comes from God. God is a perfect balance of masculine and feminine. God is complete. I am an aspect of God as are you.

You tilt to one side. You, as it were, bend over backwards to be other than you are and accrue to you what you think you need more of when all you need is to melt into the joy of yourself.

Your heart has been en garde, ready for attack, or infiltration, when all your heart needs is to bask in itself. It needs no shield. It needs no protection. Your heart is your heart, and let it be what it is.

How you have strained to be less softhearted. I do not speak of sentiment or oversympathy. I am talking about a soft heart that melts in truth.

I talk of your receptive energies rather than your added-on warrior modes.

Let your heart be what it is. That is all, dear Gloria.


I wonder if you may be talking of the physical heart as well. Is this stiffening and guarding the heart the same as hardening of the arteries?

Divine Mother:

It often manifests that way. Such stiffness keeps sludge in.

You need no protection. You need no locks on the gates of your heart. Your heart wants its gates open and offer free passage in and out. You want to circulate your wealth. Your wealth is in your heart.

Today I give you permission to be soft. So be it!


That is great permission you give me.

Divine Mother:

Your heart is a rose.

A Course in Miracles, Lesson 283:
“My true identity abides in You… I am he my Father loves… Is not what is beloved of You secure?”


So, Mother, this lesson is the same as what you are saying.

Divine Mother:

Yes. God gave you the heart you have. Can you fashion a better? God gave you your heart to use in His service. He did not say: “Make your heart conform to a standard. Harden your heart some, enough.” He said: “Allow your heart. Let it be.”

And now I, Mother Divine, swirl your heart in love so that you may know yours is equal to mine.

Do not control your heart. Let it beat in love. God’s love runs through it. You heart is a rose, not a tiger fending off assault.

Your heart is a rose that blooms and beams in the sunlight. Your heart is a dewy rose that lifts its head at dawn. Your heart is a many-petaled rose. The rose of your hearts wants its petals to extend, not curl up in a confined space. Let your rose open fully.

Let your heart disband its armies. God’s heart needs no guards; they have kept your heart in. They have kept nothing out. There is nothing to keep out but love.

Your rose heart was made to love in and out. You thought your heart was misguided or an abnormality, and you adjusted it.

Your heart is a huge rose. A giant rose. A rose grandiflora. Make room for it, for your heart is wise.

Your heart flows with God’s love. Would you block God’s love?

God’s heart beats in you. Let it beat. Let it call other hearts. Let it be the Heart of God.

A blossoming rose needs room. Limits are not good for roses or hearts.

A flowing heart cannot be hurt. It can’t be caught, blocked, or cramped. It can only flow. And it is in God’s Majesty that it flows.



Dear Almighty Father or Divine Mother, Who will talk to me tonight?

Divine Mother:

I am Divine Mother. What shall I say to you but flow with my heart. Give in to it. Let your heart take you where it will.

Where does your heart take you?


To God, to you, to Heaven, to love.

Divine Mother:

Very good direction, wouldn’t you say? Your heart soars at the thought of Heaven. Your feet don’t want to stay on the ground. Your eyes look up.

Yes, a good heart will take you to Heaven.

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Source: Rainbow Wave of Light


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