GCR/RV Halo Intel Report: “Barnone” — January 12, 2018

GCR/RV Halo Intel Report: “Barnone” — January 12, 2018

Source: Dinar Chronicles

Invitations have been issued for viewing parties regarding the global economic transition this weekend in Beijing.

There are 2 master control facilities:
1) Somewhere in America
2) PROC Central Bank in Beijing.

Saturday into Sunday EST is the optimal release timeline and has ALWAYS been the primary 800# release window since public redemptions became a realistic strategy inside of the USA (circa 2011).

The private RV began end of December 2012 when the USD legally collapsed, with new USN denoms immediately released in April 2013 (pictured below).

The five year transition period of global government, military and media ended in late 2017. Making 2018 the year of the public RV release.

The fictitious Trump Presidency was given exactly a year to both shame and awaken Americans to the ugly truth about their multi-tiered bankrupted United States of America.

It’s racist. It’s corrupt. It’s broke. it’s ignorant. It’s morally and diplomatically in default. It’s not the greatest nation on earth. And it’s just one of many devolved countries that must slide back to the pack as to take its rightful place among all other sovereign nations—large and small.

1/13/18 is Saturday and after 8pm EST, the US Banking week ends and the new Banking week begins on Tuesday 1/16/18.

Meaning all deposits posted after 8pm EST automatically post on Tuesday the following week. The Is tax laws recently passed all take affect after the UST took two weeks to post/reconcile all 2017 receipts.

Chances are your ZIM exchange will be between these two dates as the banks are closed on Monday in the USA due to the MLK holiday.

Ironic that Trump would make such a harsh “shithole” comment around this time. Or was it scripted to hate him more before his scheduled ouster?

Didn’t they do something similar in Zimbabwe with Mugabe and Mngagawa?

Aren’t the NPTB applying the same strategy with Netanyahu in Israel?

Hate the old outgoing pseudo dictator that is ruining a good democracy, that the population will wildly cheer his replacement (regardless who it is) and ultimately implement the BRICS/UN/GESARA political positions they “organically” support prior to taking over the lead government post.

Fascinating stuff. You all witnessed it happening.

Also fascination is the volume of mineral wealth in Africa, which is collateralizing/rescuing the world’s financial system (with Chinese technology, diplomacy, and banking help plus Russian and Iran with military might).

Zimbabwe is just the wealthiest, most historic and powerful political / economic force in Africa, and thus their new 100% gold and diamonds backed ZIM currency will be the IMF Reserve Basket Currency for all of Africa (not the South African Rand).

Making your ZIM bond/currency notes the greatest single investment in human history. Barnone.

Sobeit. Beitso.

And if you were “called” to participate consciously in the coming redemption event, you were “chosen” by a force far greater than man’s current consciousness to rebuild and restore the truth of the world.

Making every ZIM holder a Human Angel and thus providing reason to subscribe to Human Angel Services (www.humanangelservices.com/subscribe) because only ZIM redeemers will understand the past, present and future responsibilities surrounding the importance of Zimbabwe, China, Russia and the United States in their proper context.

Only original subscribing Human Angels will be considered “Halos” and receive special treatment and benefits post RV.

The color of your “Halo” will determined how many you helped before you were suddenly wealthy.

So if you believe in the RV, the ZIM and HAS as the home for ZIM redeemers Post RV, it’s your last call to invest a piece of your heart (via your wallet) with and for the greater good humanitarian community… of which we are the leaders.

So lead and subscribe today before the RV drops swiftly upon the world.

God is with us


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