Heavenletters: God’s Triumph 1/15/2018

Heavenletters: God’s Triumph

God’s Triumph | Heavenletters

JAN 15 2018

Mother Divine speaks:

Hear the sound of my voice, its gentleness. Carry my voice with you. Hear it like the sweetest music played in the background wherever you go.

I say background because added on to it, played against it, is your life on earth. My voice is like the backdrop on which you draw scenes of your life, so everything is on top of the backdrop of my voice. Consider my voice a soft pink-rose color, and every room you are in is painted the color I am.

Carry that color as a wide ribbon swathed around you. Consider it your aura that exudes sweet perfume from you. This sweet perfume and its color are like mists around you, a soft light like a tune that sings to those who can hear it. The song, the color, the mist, the light, all draw to you the sweetness of others that belong with you.

Those with other frequencies will step out of your way, clear a path, sweep in the other sweetnesses that belong with you on your ride to Heaven.


Do you mean birds of a feather?

Mother Divine:

Yes, but not from the outside. The outside will not tell you who is your comrade. But your comrades will find their way to you and join up with you. This may not be physical, Gloria.

It is the plume within you that will gather other like plumes.


It is a wavelength you speak of?

Mother Divine:

More like a vertical wavelength. More like an electrical impulse that pulsates upward. More like a golden rope that some have the eyes to see and hands to clasp, and others not yet.


Are you talking about a path to Heaven?

Mother Divine:

I talk about a readiness. All trains go to Heaven, but some go in other directions first. People read the signs differently. A kind of dyslexia. But many are those who right now see the lighted sign that says “This train to Heaven”, and get on it.

You are on it. At stops you get out and walk around. More people see the signs and board the train with you.

You are the train that stops and picks up the other people. You are a lighted-up sign that says Heavenward.


So the Book HEAVEN is like an awakening signal that attracts those who have been waiting for it?

Mother Divine:

Yes. And it will encode a signal in others who will soon be awakened and remember that faint far-off song of God’s that calls them.

God sings His Love Song. Some ears hear it clearly. Some hear a hint. Some strain to hear it. Some hear a moment of it and search it out all their lives. Some know what it is they hear. Some know not. Some weep their whole lives for it. All harken. All are called by it, and their souls are pulled to it, and human side comes along.

Never mind what this means. It doesn’t matter what it means. It is part of God’s Song calling to you.



Dear Mother Divine, Ralph came over today, and he told me about his severe family-wide physical, emotional, and sexual abuse, from his own mother and father and grandparents and also, if I remember correctly, his aunts and uncles as well. He has no contact with any of them. He can’t get to sleep many nights for thinking of them. He knows he has to forgive for the sake of his freedom.

I believe it would be easier to forgive Hitler than to forgive your own mother for not protecting and nurturing you and for being what you needed to be protected from.

Mother Divine:

Ralph has to remind himself that it isn’t his place to sentence himself to a life of regurgitated pain. It is himself he is hard on. It is himself he hurts. It is his past he must leave as all must leave theirs.

Perhaps Ralph can more easily forgive his past rather than his family. Tell him to wrap his past in a steamer chest and throw it off the ship of his life into the middle of the ocean. Throw it off he must.

Ralph believes he has to hold on to the wrongs, like that puts him in control. Now he ravages his parents, tears them apart, dissects them, throws their egregious errors in their faces, and in so doing he has adopted their role to himself. He tortures himself daily.

Have Ralph nurture the child he was, comfort that child, and treat that child with love. He can start now. Have him visualize his childhood with sweet mothering, and let his tears flow.

That he call Karen is recommended. He will feel a huge burden removed and a new lightness in his step.

I hope Ralph knows that he has done wonderfully. And I am glad he holds sweet memories of his grandmother’s cooking and some childhood activities.

Tell him that his Heavenly Father and Mother bathe him in their love, that he has great purpose in the unfoldment of God’s plan, and his life can come clean of the past. He will have freedom from the past and have all of God’s treasures in the present.

Tell him he is blessed by God. He is not alone. He has angels surrounding him, and more will come like birds to take away his hurting memories and fill his heart with fresh fulfilling new events.

No only is Ralph blessed, he himself is a blessing, and he will know his worth and step out of stale old thoughtness.

Ralph is God’s child, not his parents’ child. He is God’s love and God’s heart.

Tell him he will be freed from past pain, and that he cannot free himself by himself. He can be innocently freed. Tell him to surrender himself to that freeing. It is his birthright to be freed.

God gave him freedom. Ralph can undo his choices and choose his freedom.

Tell Ralph that he is a beautiful soul on earth. From his pain and his misguided parents came the beauty of Ralph’s soul and his heritage on earth.

His heritage on earth is God’s love. Suggest he look up toward Heaven, and he will see his future written on the Sun.

The blessings of Mother Divine cover him with sweetness, and sweetness is Ralph’s name.

The IRS is not to worry about.


A Course in Miracles, Lesson 287:
“You are my goal, My Father … Only You … where would I go but Heaven?”


Dear Father, Who is my only goal, what would You like to tell me this morning?


Where are you but in Heaven, My Gloria? That is the reality. Anything else is a drama on TV that you play out.

Here you are with Everything, and there is a niggling spot in your heart that says you are not in Heaven. Erase that spot. It is a blot, a blotch on the heart of Heaven.

If the Kingdom of God is within you, if you are My child and have My inheritance, then where on earth can you be but in Heaven?

Remove that patch from your heart. Your heart is Mine, and My heart is in Heaven where yours is too. Some old thinking, some old dissatisfaction keeps you dragging one foot right at the edge of Heaven. You are there, but one foot dribbles over the edge. You look at your hanging foot than rather where you are. You are not your foot! Does your foot contain you? Hardly.

Anyway, all you have to do is lift your foot up. Pull it in. It has no will but yours.

So today, say to yourself:

God tells me I am in Heaven so I shall look for signs that tell me this. If I need more signs than the sun shining, birds singing, sky, trees, people roaming, then I will keep my eye out for other beauty and saplings of love. I will look at everyone’s eyes today, and I will see My Father and My Christ swimming there in them. I will see My Heavenly Mother in every heart, and I will see Almighty Love everywhere.

“First in me, I will see it. I will feel it. I will know I have an eternal cache of love in my heart that flows in and out of me. I will know that the Kingdom of Heaven is God’s and mine. I will ask myself where else can I be but where God has stationed me?

“God has stationed me beside Him. I and my brothers and sisters are His entourage. He takes us everywhere with Him, and He never goes anywhere without us. If He is everywhere, then I am everywhere. If God is everywhere, then everywhere I look, there is God.

“He plays all the parts. He is everyone I meet. His is every voice I hear. His is every word spoken. If I see not or hear not the love, I am mistaken. I have ordered the wrong thing or I have misunderstood.

“Today I firmly tell myself that God is inside me and in my house, and when I step outside my door, He is there also.

“I will anticipate and look only for God today, and therefore I will see Him at His work.

“I thank God for giving me life, and sending me people and events to hasten my awareness of Him. I will silently bless all I meet and think of, and I will receive the blessings of the Universe and toss them to others who will toss them back to me.

“I am in receivership today. I am receptive, and I receive God’s love no matter where I go and whom I see.

“I have every opportunity to love. Love flies in my face. It blinds me from distractions. My sight is saved for God. I have celestial vision, and I can see only God and His creation. My eyes are God’s, and I shall see as He sees with Love Divine.

“Today my eyes are new. They opened this morning for the first time. They have never opened before, but today they open to Heaven and its treasures.

“I welcome this day of Heaven that arises before me.

“I thank God for it.

“Today I see Heaven, and I walk in it. How light is my step in Heaven. How easy it is. The Heavens open to receive me. Heavenly angels sing songs and clap drums at my passage. Cherubs toss sweet flowers at me. The spheres play violin music, and harps twang themselves.

“I walk through the Garden of Eden today. It is my home. I see I have not recognized it before. Oh, my eyes were not opened, that’s why.

“My eyes are liquid and clear. God has cleaned my lenses. He has implanted His in mine. How beautiful is God’s world. How beautiful is my stay on earth. How beautiful is my heart, and the hearts of others.

“How beautiful is my Heavenly Day today.

“I will keep a journal of it and note all its beauty and tokens of love. I will do God’s Will today and enjoy my Heavenly tour with God as my Guide and God as my Heralder into His Kingdom of Heaven, so generously shared and offered to me.

“I accept God’s Love today as my companion, as my trumpeter, as my chariot. God’s love can only take me to Heaven because His love takes me unto Himself.

“The sun is shining God’s love right now, and it streams into my room.

“My water fountain sings a song of God’s love as it splashes. Ginger, my little dog, in her sleeping silence now breathes God’s love into the room.

“I am a part of all creation, and all creation is a part of me. Everything in this room and the exterior world sing songs of me because I am God’s child.

“All deities smile on me. Angels sweep my path for me with their wings.

“I step up to the world today with my new eyes, and my heart is renewed.

“God says I am His child and His love, and, therefore, His triumph.

“I conduct myself today as His triumph. Would His triumph look at her feet or on God in Heaven?

“God’s triumph flies through the day on wings of light and love and encircles hearts and lights ups eyes and speaks God’s song of love like a songbird, like a raindrop in a desert, like love sent to the world, like God’s love sent to make peace, like God’s love entrusted to alight on all alike, like God’s love shining on God’s creation, like God’s love mirroring Heaven on this earth, like God’s love.”


Dear God, that is a beautiful morning prayer you gave me. I love it, and I need to read it every day. Twice a day.




What else would You or Divine Mother wish to say?

Divine Mother:

It is I, Divine Mother, who speaks to you this evening.

Yours is a charmed life, is it not? Are you not charmed? Is not all golden for you? Do not red traffic lights turn green for you? Does not God follow you, or take you by the hand, and do not I? Are you not in sweet company?

So why this ache in your heart. Do you know why it is there?


I really don’t, dear Mother Divine.

Divine Mother:

Let me see. Ah, yes, a little remnant of black cloth. Some threads. A selvedge of cloth flutters your heart.


I know I have so much to be grateful for. And yet, were I not writing to you and listening to you, I think I would be weeping, and I wouldn’t know why.

Divine Mother:

You need to share God’s words more. Will you do that?


Yes. I hope to get some things out tomorrow.

Divine Mother:

Excellent. Be not discouraged, dear daughter, for God holds your heart in His hand with great tenderness, and I too reward your heart.

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