Relaxing Fantasy Music Instrumental Playlist | Adventure Magical Songs | Dreamy Fairy Music Mix


Published on Aug 8, 2016

1 Hour of the best relaxing fantasy music instrumental playlist. Beautiful adventure magical songs for dreamy background. Enjoy this uplifting fairy music mix for relax background as in a fairy tale full of elves. Thank you so much for watching this video by Gravity Music channel. I hope you enjoy it and don’t forget to share it and Subscribe 🙂 Music by Epidemic Sound (

The Fantasy Homes of Markus Rothkranz


Published on Sep 13, 2014

Creative Homes- live in a movie set! Be inspired by someone who does not live in normal homes. From spaceships to solar powered eco homes, here’s a guy who doesn’t let anything stop him from living in cool places- even if there’s very little money. It’s about creativity, not cost. Enjoy this video and let it maybe give you some ideas- even if you live in an apartment! Our Raw Vegan Health Cookbook: Facebook:… Videos and articles: Instagram: Markus Rothkranz website: Markus Products: Markus Products: German website:

magical houses

Published on Jan 30, 2017

From Fame To Forest – Rockstar’s Magical Woodland Cabin


Published on Aug 3, 2017

Alban “Snoopy” Pfisterer is still perhaps most well known as the drummer for the rock-band ‘Love’ who rose to fame in the late 60’s. After leaving the group though, Alban’s life took a very different turn, leading him away from life in the public eye and into a remote and beautiful cabin in the forests of Olympia, Washington. This home is filled with organic design and natural elements that gives a true feeling of belonging amongst it’s forest surroundings. Now out of the public eye, here Alban can retreat, find solace and create new music which you can find here: Become a Living Big Patron: Read More:… Facebook:… Twitter: @TinyHouseNZ Instagram: @livingbiginatinyhouse Please subscribe for more videos on Tiny Houses, design, and sustainable, off-grid living. Music in this video: ‘Living Big in a Tiny House’ © 2017 Zyia Pictures Ltd

Incredible Cob House Tour – A Sustainable Green Building


Published on Dec 17, 2017

Tour one of the most famous (and beautiful!) cob buildings in the world! The Unique Cob Cottage is on Mayne Island, BC and is the 4th most wish-listed property on Airbnb. Unique Cob Cottage on Airbnb: The Cob Cottage is a fully permitted, 2-storey, load-bearing cob structure that was built by Cobworks in 1999. Cobworks: Cob is an environmentally friendly mixture of clay, sand, and straw that can be used in many different climates to create green buildings with organically shaped walls. To learn more about cob as a natural building material, check out the video we share a couple of months ago: This cottage is on the grid with a well, septic tank, and hydro power. They use a woodstove for heat. We felt super lucky to be able to meet Alexis and her family, and tour their cob cottage. It’s an incredibly beautiful space and we hope you enjoy checking it out. It’s nice to see so much interest in green buildings, and to see that this cob structure has been standing for almost 20 years and still looks brand new! Maintenance on the cob house is done by Bryce from Dreamweavers Collective: Thanks for watching! Mat & Danielle ————————————————————- SUPPORT OUR CHANNEL! ————————————————————- Thank you to all of our Patrons who support us so generously and a very special thank you to our backbone supporters: The Burgess Family! If you like our videos, please consider supporting us on Patreon:… ————————————————————- STAY IN TOUCH! ————————————————————- Blog: Facebook: /exploringalternativesblog Instagram: @exploringalternatives ————————————————————- SUBTITLES AND CLOSED CAPTIONS ————————————————————- A very special thank you to our subtitle and closed captions contributors! If you would like to contribute subtitles or closed captions to an Exploring Alternatives video, please click here to see which ones need your help:… To learn how to create and submit subtitles and closed captions, check out this YouTube info page:… If you would like credit for your subtitles, translation, or closed captions in the description of the video, please email us with your full name, the language of your translation, and the video title that you worked on. You can email us at: ————————————————————- SPONSORS ————————————————————- We occasionally include paid sponsor messages/integrations in our videos to help fund the channel. We do our best to work with companies and organizations that offer products or services that are in line with our values, and that we think would be interesting and useful to our viewers. We will always disclose if we’re promoting products that were given to us for free, or if we’re including a sponsored message in our video. For business or sponsorship inquiries, please email us at ————————————————————- VIDEO CREDITS ————————————————————- Music & Song Credits: All music in this video was composed, performed, and recorded by Mat of Exploring Alternatives. Editing Credits: Mat and Danielle of Exploring Alternatives Filming Credits: Mat of Exploring Alternatives

Storybook Cottage By The Sea


Published on Sep 7, 2017

This small fantasy cottage by the ocean is one that you have to see to believe. Located directly on the shoreline of Vancouver Island in British Columbia, this fairytale tiny home is built from natural materials using old-fashioned techniques to deliver a home which looks as though it has fallen from the pages of a storybook. Inside, the home is surprisingly contemporary, making this not only a visually stunning architectural marvel, but also a practical dwelling designed to include all the creature comforts. Become a Living Big Patron: Read More:… Lindcroft Custom Dwellings: Facebook:… Twitter: @TinyHouseNZ Instagram: @livingbiginatinyhouse Please subscribe for more videos on Tiny Houses, design, and sustainable, off-grid living. Music in this video: ‘Living Big in a Tiny House’ © 2017 Zyia Pictures Ltd


Published on Aug 24, 2017

Come check out this amazing abandoned fairytale Hobbit House with me…CollidingPlanets Exploring and Sam from TopAbandonedPlaces. The Hobbit House is situated near the Cotswolds in England. A farmer finished building this in 1989 after 11 years of using stones form around his land to build it.Come take a look inside. Music by NCN Alan Walker.… TopAbandonedPlaces.…


Play houses that are nicer than my apartment – Lilliput Play Homes, MultiView’s Good Company


Published on Dec 31, 2014 The Pittsburg Pennsylvania company Lilliput Play Homes creates custom designed play houses that can cost as much as your car and may even rival your apartment. The gorgeous mini homes have windows, electricity, if you want even running water. Laaadeeedaaa. But seriously I think I want to live in one of these.

Free Houses! 6 Beautiful Historical Homes Being Offered for Free


Published on Feb 10, 2016

Who doesn’t love a free house? Join Elizabeth of CIRCA Old Houses as we explore 6 beautiful historical homes currently being offered for free – provided you can move them! If you want to know HOW to move one of these houses, watch our follow-up video here:… Find more old house love at For more information on the homes featured in this video, visit the following links: Osterville, MA:… Guntersville, AL:… Plano, TX:… Grimesland, NC:… (warning: PDF!) Indianapolis, IN:… Enfield, NC:…

Storybook Cottage

Published on Nov 22, 2011

This beautiful hand crafted Bavarian style playhouse has stucco on the upper level and carved wood on the lower. It has a loft inside and real safety glass windows with screens. It also has opening shutter windows, wood shake shingles and a sliding heart-shaped peephole in the door. The inside looks really nice with no nails poking through. It is 5’x5′ at the base and 9′ tall. My husband builds custom playhouses, sheds and chicken coops. If you would like, he can build to order. You can see lots of photos on our internet site. http://www.FancyBuilt.Com

Amazing Fairy Tale Houses In The World


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Published on Jun 3, 2014

Houses like you have seen only in movies you can find in real life also. It’s often said that home is where the heart is, but I’m sure that most of us would easily fall in love with these fairytale cottages and leave our old homes behind in a heartbeat.


Published on Dec 27, 2011

Here’s a few pictures displaying some MAGICAL ideas to help inspire you in creating your FAIRY TALE COTTAGE….

Top 15 Fairy Tale Cities That Atually Exists In Real Life

Published on May 15, 2016

Every fairy tale is always riddled with definitions of a beautiful kingdom full of fairy tale villages ruled over by a benevolent King or evil Queen. A place where Cinderella and Belle lived quietly, in quaint little cottages hoping that someday their prince would come. A hamlet where Hansel & Gretel lived peacefully till there wicked stepmother cast them out into the nearby woods. Well we have managed to compile a list of real –life fairytale villages that are not make-believe. If you are a fan of fairy tales and the magical feelings they evoke, then these 15 stops should be on your bucket list! If you have a fairy tale city to share, send us your photos-we’d love to see it!

Surreal Places Fairy Tale Lovers Should Visit …

Published on May 30, 2016

Our world is full of gorgeous sights: snow-capped mountains, lush green valleys, rolling sand dunes, palm-fringed beaches, waterfalls … the list goes on. But we are also blessed with places that are so surreally beautiful it’s hard to imagine they weren’t conceived in a fairy tale. I’m sure you’re going to love seeing this collection of pictures of wonderful places on Earth and they’ll have you lunging for your passport.… Check also: 9 Surreal Places to Visit in the US …… 7 Seriously Surreal Places to Visit …… Here Are the 52 Places the New York Times Says You Should Visit in 2015 …… 30 Awesome Places to Visit That You’ve Never Heard of …… You’ll Want to Visit These Amazing Ice Hotels ……

Top 9 Fairy Tale Villages in Europe You Have To See To Believe.

Published on Feb 5, 2017

Today we’re gonna show you the 9 Fairy tale Villages in Europe You Have To See To Believe. This video was a pleasure to make, and i have to say that i wanna add all these fairy tale Villages to my bucket list. Hope You Enjoy! SAFE TRAVELS! ► THE BUCKET LIST ► and Credits 9. Rocamadour, France… 8. Castellfollit de la Roca, Spain 7. Cinque Terre, Italy…… 6. Colmar, France…… 5. Portofino, Italy… 4. Filzmoos, Austria… 3. Faroe Islands 2. Sintra, Portugal…… 1. Oia Village, Santorini, Greece…… ———————————————————————————————————— More from me ► Facebook: ► Twitter: ► Website. ► Music:

10 Villages Around the World that Look Like Fairy Tale

Published on Mar 25, 2017

Fairy tale destinations own its name for a reason. Unique, unusual, amazing these locations make you wonder at every step you make around them. Check out these pictures and start planning your next vacation.


Published on Nov 30, 2016

FAIRY TALE PLACES YOU MUST SEE BEFORE YOU DIE… Discover The World From majestic waterfalls, lost cities, to mysterious landmarks and natural wonders, here are the 20 fairy tale destinations you should visit. We make a choice for wildlife lovers, adventure seekers and those seeking just a respite from their busy schedules. Kathmandu, Nepal, Wat Rong Khun, Chiang Rai, Thailand, San Cayetano de Tumacácori, Arizona, USA, Nasir al Molk Mosque, Shiraz, Iran, Chefchaouen, Blue City, Morocco, Kjeragbolten, Rogaland, Norway, Doi Inthanon National Park, Chiang Mai Province, Thailand, Musha Cay, Bahamas, Aogashima, Japan, Mont Saint-Michel, Normandy, France, Hoogkerk, Netherlands, Greenland, Sintra, Portugal, Colmar, France, The Faroe Islands, Neuschwanstein Castle, Bavaria, Germany, Ronda, Málaga, Spain, Angkor Wat, Siem Reap Province, Cambodia, Infinity pool in Marina Bay Sands Skypark, Singapore, The Labassin Waterfall Restaurant, Philippines The Tree of Knowledge is a place where you can find general informations about any area of interests. Our youtube channel is presenting a series of clips wich will help you to understand the facts around you.Here you can visit every section in our channel: History:… Biology:… Places around the world:… Medical basics:… Curiosities (did you know?):… The full channels playlist:… Don’t forget to subscribe! Discover The World FAIRY TALE PLACES YOU MUST SEE BEFORE YOU DIE #places #fairytale #travel #tourism #mustsee #beforeyoudie #holiday #togo #list #presentation #trip #where #road #roadtrip #atractions

Top 10 World’s Most Beautiful Fairy Tale Destinations That Actually Exists In Real Life

Published on Sep 12, 2017

Top 10 World’s Most Beautiful Fairy Tale Destinations That Actually Exists In Real Life When you think of fairy tales, what comes to mind? Breathtaking castles, quaint, colorful villages, majestic mountains, all set in a landscape that seems like something out of this world?Whether it’s royal palaces, enchanted forests or magical lagoons, traveling the world can bring your favorite fairy-tales to life! If you are a fan of fairy tales and the magical feelings they evoke, then This a list of some of the most beautiful and impressive castles still standing today that look as if they were taken from a fairy tale book.Here are 10 World’s Most Beautiful Fairy-Tale Destinations That Actually Exists In Real Life If you like my video please like share and comment subscribe to my channel Top10 Videosworld… follow me on twitter

Best Places that Feel like a FAIRY TALE


Published on Aug 16, 2017

From strange islands, to incredible hidden and secret locations; these are 17 Places That Feel Like a Fairy Tale ! Learn about the BIGGEST of everything Monday, Wednesday, and Friday just subscribe! # 8 Angkor Wat Welcome to the City of Temples, otherwise known as Angkor Wat. It is a religious center in the middle of Southeast Asia and has since become a symbol associated with Cambodia. It is, of course, majestic and beautiful, but is perhaps more striking because of the way the architecture is destroyed. After decades of falling to neglect and ruin, part of the Angkor Wat was reclaimed by nature. Huge trees and roots cover parts of the buildings and even create new forms on its own. # 7 Wistman’s Wood This is Wistman’s Wood, a place known as an Oakwood that is the highest oakwood in terms of altitude in England. It has been mentioned in writings for hundreds of years. It’s probably the leftovers of an ancient forest that once covered much more area than it does right now. While the Wistman’s Wood is no longer the big and glorious forest it once was, it is still pretty magical. It is known for its mystical green looking oak trees that seem like something from a more fantastical past. # 6 Shiratani Unsuikyo Ravine Japan is home to many famous landmarks, but it is also home to some magical places that you probably have never heard of. This is the Shiratani Unsuikyo Ravine that is known for it’s strange, naturally formed shapes. There are some hiking trails through the forest which actually date all the way back to the Edo period, which was the 17th to 19th century. The moss covered forest is actually known to muffle the sound of footsteps and voices, creating a mystical bubble of silence around you once you enter. # 5 Saut de Brot Tucked away near the bottom of the Areuse Gorge in Boudry, Switzerland, is the Saut de Brot. It is a beautiful stone bridge that makes for a whimsical scene and photo-op. This gorge is a very popular place for hikers to visit because of how cool it looks. Surprisingly, no one really knows the origin of this Tolkien-esque structure, which just adds to the magic of it all. # 4 Crooked Forest The Crooked Forest is a truly strange place that seems like it could only exist in a magical fairy tale world. For many years, people didn’t understand why these trees are curved into such strange shapes. It looks almost as if someone casted a curse on this forest found on the border of Poland and Germany. Some suggest that the trees were buried under a very terrible snowstorm when they were young, but there is an explanation that is much fascinating, involving a forester who manipulated the trees into a certain shape hoping to make furniture out of them. No matter what happened to this forest to make it look the way it does, it is a mysterious and magical place to see. # 3 Jigokudani Monkey Park Jigokudani translates into “Hell’s Valley”, named as much because of all the naturally occurring hot water springs that cover the whole valley. It’s a strange and magical place that is both hot and cold. Because it’s so high in the peaks of the mountain, it’s pretty much cold and snowy year round, but the local monkeys have evolved a fun way to resist the cold. They all take long dips into the natural hot tubs that can be found all throughout “Hell’s Valley”. If you happen to find yourself hiking through this valley of extreme temperatures, you will get to see the whimsical sight of red faced monkeys soaking in a hot bath along with piles of fresh snow and beautiful mountain views. # 2 Fairy Chimney Inn With a name like the Fairy Chimney Inn, it’s hard to not think of a place out of a fairy tale. This strange hotel is actually carved out of 1500-year-old Byzantine caves that people once used to live in. If there’s anything that seems like it’s straight out of fairy tales, it’s thousands-year-old cave tunnels that people used to live inside of. # 1 Wisteria Tunnel What could be more fantastical than a tunnel of multicolored pastel flowers? This is the Wisteria Tunnel in Kawachi Fuji Gardens in Japan. It is a tunnel that is covered in hanging lavender flowers. Possibly the most magical part of the Wisteria Tunnel is that for most of the year, it looks completely different. In fact, you might think it looks completely unremarkable and ugly. It is covered in these flowers that bloom for only a few weeks every year. When the tunnel IS in bloom, though, it transforms into this magical and beautiful tunnel.



Published on Dec 24, 2011

Every wish you could have a fairy tale cottage of your own? A Magical place nestled in the forest… A beautiful garden filled with whimsical flowers…Anything is possible…You just have to make your Dreams a Reality!

Epic Fairy Tale Houses


Published on Apr 23, 2015

Beautiful picture collection of most epic fairytale homes. Music: In The Hall Of The Mountain King (by Grieg) Downloaded it from the YouTube Audio Library

“Fairytale” Homes Design Ideas


Published on Feb 19, 2014

Fairytale Homes Once Upon A Time… The charming homes featured in this article and this video is perhaps, the proof that fairy tales are indeed … real. Music Credit: “Harmony” by wellman 2010 – Licensed under Creative Commons Attribution (3.0) is licensed under a Creative Commons license.

Fairytale Cottages – Magical Homes


Published on Dec 5, 2015

Fairytale Homes Once Upon A Time… The charming homes featured in this article and these videos are perhaps, the proof that fairy tales are indeed … real. They are carefully chosen from many thousands of houses for their lovely charm from the cottages of Provence, France, the English countryside and the Pacific seaside of the United States and Canada, CREDITS: Music: Sally Gardens by Sláinte “Sally Gardens” by Sláinte (…) Fanny Power by Sláinte “Fanny Power” by Sláinte (…)

Fairy Tale Cottage


Published on Feb 21, 2017… MLS# 959347 Alan Johnson 360-620-4403 Penny Montminy 808-725-7148 For any and all of your real estate needs This is the most amazing storybook home you’ll ever find. Words can’t describe the meticulous detail that went into building! There’s not a square corner anywhere. Each door was hand built with extensive iron work. Wood beams were hand carved, stained glass windows are everywhere, and the walls appear to more like a magical cave. Perfect for a B & B or a wedding business. Come witness the fantasy!!! 4 bedroom 4.5 Bathrooms 2800 square feet 7.52 acres

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