Restored Republic via a GCR as of Jan. 26, 2018

Restored Republic via a GCR as of Jan. 26, 2018

Restored Republic via a GCR Update as of Jan. 26 2018 Compiled 12:07 am EDT 26 Jan. 2018 by Judy Byington, MSW, LCSW, ret, CEO, Child Abus…

Restored Republic via a GCR Update as of Jan. 26 2018

Compiled 12:07 am EDT 26 Jan. 2018 by Judy Byington, MSW, LCSW, ret, CEO, Child Abuse Recovery; Author, “Twenty Two Faces,”

Source: Dinar Chronicles

Judy Note: This could very well be my last post if the 800#s come out Friday. I appreciate the honor to serve you these last few years. I thank Patrick for his unwavering dedication to “the cause.”

In all your giving, please don’t forget the children. Although they are finally catching some of the bad guys, there are still many innocents caught up in international human trafficking, child exploitation rings and local Satanic Covens. Please give freely to the unsung heros dedicating their lives and fortunes to Save the Children: Kevin Annett’s ITCCS, Tim Ballard’s The Underground Railroad and Veterans groups.

A. Jan. 25 2018 The Big Call, Bruce: Thebigcall.net712-770-4016 code:123456#

1. We are in the moment right now from what Bruce heard just before the call tonight Jan. 25.

2. Iraqi bonds were offered to Iraqi citizens Jan. 24 Wed. morning 8:30 am Baghdad time and again today Jan. 25.

3. The rate offered was the same rate that will be offered when it goes live. The Dinar is slightly under $5 for the screen rate.

4. The greater percentage you offer for humanitarian projects (and less for yourself), the higher your negotiable rate.

5. The Dong is close to $2.

6. No zeros would be taken off the Zim. It is a bond. The Zim rate may be around $1.

7. The Zim will be on a 25 year structured payout. You can negotiate less if you have smaller notes. (Your money left at the bank earns interest paid to you quarterly).

8. Your funds from the other currencies do not need to be in your structured payout on the Zim.

9. You will have a skeleton trust established before you leave your exchange. You will have 90 days to get with your attorney to set up your permanent trust and accounts.

10. If you already have a trust, bring the papers to your exchange.

11. If you take the screen rates it will not require signing a Non Disclosure Agreement – except for your Zim exchange monies which will require an NDA.

12. If you want cash you can leave with $10,000 in cash (in $100 bills). You will be given debit cards to access your monies immediately.

13. On your humanitarian project estimate how many jobs you can create.

14. Before Trump left for Davos yesterday he gave permission to Munuchin to release this from the US Treasury to the banks tonight Jan. 25 at midnight EST.

15. All the big Tier 1 banks were in a conference call tonight (3 reps from each bank for a total of 15 people).

16. Tomorrow Jan. 26 at 1:00 (6-7 am EST) Trump will be giving his Keynote Closing Speech at the World Economic Summit in Davos Switzerland.

17. Bring two forms of picture ID and a utility bill to your exchange.

B. Jan. 25 2018 3:57 pm EST Intel Alert: Operation Disclosure GCR/RV Intel Alert for January 25, 2018

1. The final sequence codes to activate the new financial system were said to have been entered two days ago, Jan. 23.

2. Back door meetings between world leaders, including discussions about the transition event, were to take place at the World Economic Summit in Davos Switzerland.

3. The door was now open for the release of the RV.

4. Several sources claim world leaders would be informed about the activation of the new financial system during the Davos Summit (which ends Fri. Jan. 26 with President Trump giving the Keynote Closing Address).

C. Jan. 24 2018 11:53 pm EST, Zap: ZAP’s Mid-Week Report – The Office of POOFness – 1.24.18 ZAP’s Mid-Week Report – The Office of POOFness – 1.24.18

1. Today Jan. 25 preliminary funds were released and would start their journey into corporate accounts in the next day.

2. Although we were moments away from first funds in accounts, we still needed to get to Friday Jan. 26.

3. Other releases on the RV were to begin the general call for TTMs.

4. By next week we would be in full swing.

D. Jan. 25 2018 Frank 26: This week the Dems asked President Trump how he would pay for the Wall. His reply: “Ask me next week.”

E. Jan. 25 2018 12:34 am EST, Banker Story Artfle Dodger Fan: “NY Banker Story” by The Artfle Dodger Fan – 1.25.18

1. On Jan. 24 I talked with an ex-banker who told me that they were exchanging ‘boxes’ of Dinar for $1b less 25%. I figure the boxes were of $250M dinar. That verifies to me that the current consensus where this could go any time is probably on the money.

2. I also asked about the Zim and he stated they have been trading that even longer. Right now they are taking blocks of 100Q. That answers the old question about whether the Zim is real. I didn’t get the price, but was told it has been going up.

F. Jan. 25 2018 3:38 pm EST: VND Bank Story from RMN Reader in Australia 1-25-18
Yesterday Jan. 24 I went to a branch of the Commonwealth Bank in Western Australia to exchange VND. I was served by the bank manager who told me that I was very lucky to have come today because she had received a memo from head office advising that Vietnamese Dong would not be accepted as exchangeable currency after 5pm today.

G. Jan. 25 2018 3:23 pm EST, Faal: Sorcha Faal: Mitch McConnell Revealed as Russian Spy Sorcha Faal, What Does It Mean

With a massive scandal brewing at the FBI due their complicity in the coup attempt against President Trump, that is now being called “to big to believe”, this report continues, this now disgraced intelligence agency now finds itself on a collision course with President Trump loyalists in the US Congress—and who have compiled a highly classified document called “The Memo” that is warned will shock the American people to their core when they discover how corrupt the FBI and Justice Department became under the Obama-Clinton regime—and that US Senate Democratic Party Leader Chuck Schumer just intoned about, too, by grimly warning: “We’re all worried about it”.

H. Jan. 22 2018 1:10 pm EST, Fulford Report: “Future of the World Being Negotiated” – Fulford Report (Excerpt) – 1.22.18

1. The U.S. government shutdown was likely to become permanent as top-level negotiations discussed its replacement. The Western old-world-order leadership was gathering this week in Davos, Switzerland to debate the issue.

2. Pentagon sources say “the shutdown was orchestrated so Congress can be arrested, as they lose immunity while not in session.”

3. President Trump “was summoned to meet top brass at the Pentagon on January 18th, as the Navy hunted for rogue submarines and the military uses the shutdown to arrest cabal, terminate the corporate government, and launch the Republic to usher in the global currency reset (GCR).”

4. The House may release the FISA memo, which will take down criminals in Department of Justice, the FBI, the Democratic National Council, the CIA, plus the Obama and Hillary Clinton organizations. “Trump may even read the memo at the State of the Union address on Jan. 30,” the sources added.

5. Zimbabwe opposition leader Roy Bennett was killed in New Mexico to solidify the Zimbabwe dollar and pave the way for the GCR.

6. It is still far from certain that the GCR will take place as envisioned by the people in the Pentagon and agencies, since worldwide, the situation is extremely volatile and slipping out of U.S. control.

7. The Pentagon, in its first-ever audit using outside auditors, has already found that $21 trillion went missing between 1998 and 2015. That is more than 35 times the entire official U.S. military budget for 2016, multiple sources report.

8. CIA, MI6, and Pentagon sources say the missing money was spent on building up huge mercenary armies outside the control of official government structures. These are the people behind ISIS, the war on Yemen, Blackwater/Academi, etc. Also, the sources say, much of the money was spent on the “Secret Space Program.”

9. Elon Musk with his Tesla Motors and SpaceX programs, was a prime example. Tesla Motors’ market capitalization of $350 billion is 50 times its sales and 218 times its earnings. Traditionally, market cap was considered to be reasonable at around ten times earnings. Clearly Musk is a major money-laundering channel for all that privately-owned central-bank funny money that has been conjured up recently. It is also important to remember that sources in the Pentagon and the NSA both agree that SpaceX and Musk are the real suspects behind the recent North Korean missile “threat.”

10. Then there was Alphabet/Google, whose recently fired chairman Eric Schmidt visited North Korea in 2013 before the recent missile brouhaha started. Google has now been linked to missing Malaysian Air Flight 370/17 and the connected disappearance of microbiologists and computer engineers.

11. We have seen countless attempts by Khazarian mafia cabalists in recent years to set off nuclear weapons and start their “Armageddon,” only to have them stopped each time by often mysterious forces. Pentagon sources admit that “the Secret Space Program may have been used to down nuke missiles aimed at Hawaii and Japan and to stop the Cabal.”

12. U.S. West Coast oligarchs are under attack in their California strongholds. The recent mysterious fires in California are now followed by equally mysterious earthquake swarms in Reno, Nevada, Reno was the last major unregulated “offshore banking” center on earth, where the Rothschild family have been gathering.

13. The underground base in Reno has been tied to anti-gravity disc technology and Nazi activity in Antarctica as well. A link with evidence of this was removed from the Internet just as this newsletter was being published. Perhaps that is why a senior CIA official, who is a relative of Admiral Byrd of Antarctic exploration fame, has requested a meeting with representatives of the White Dragon Society before and during the Jan. 31 Super Blue Blood Moon event to “discuss the future of the planet earth.” The meeting will take place next week at an undisclosed location in Southeast Asia. Hopefully, we will have a detailed report on that meeting available for our readers in a Feb. 5 newsletter edition.

14. Rural California is moving to secede from the San Diego, Los Angeles, and San Francisco coastal enclaves of the super-wealthy. As this happens, the California government and local mayors have come out in open revolt against the U.S. federal government. That’s why U.S. military forces have followed their arrests of East Coast Khazarian oligarchs with mass arrests in California, Pentagon sources say.

15. Internationally, the current U.S. corporate government is losing support around the planet. Here are some examples:

a. U.S. NATO ally Turkey has begun attacking U.S.-backed forces in Syria.

b. Long-time U.S. ally Pakistan has publicly ended its alliance with the U.S.

c. North and South Korea put together a joint Olympic team to send a message to the world that they do not want to be artificially divided as a people and used as an excuse to start World War 3.

d. Canada, India, Japan, Brazil, China, and the EU attack Trump’s protectionist trade policies.

e. EU central banks are switching their reserves from U.S. dollars to Chinese yuan.

16. These death throes of the U.S. corporate government has given urgency to this week’s gathering of Western (Atlantic alliance) powers in Davos, Switzerland. There, one faction is pushing for a restoration of the Republic of the United States of America. Another faction is pushing to finance a friendly takeover by Canada and the creation of a competently governed United States of North America. What both factions share in common is a wish not to have U.S. hegemony merely be replaced by Chinese hegemony.

17. The Chinese are saying they want to help create a world government that is friendly and fair to all peoples of the planet, according to senior members of Asian secret societies. They insist they do not want or seek Chinese hegemony. However, certain factions make it clear they think it is China’s turn to rule to take over ruling the planet from the West.

18. The more time that passes, the stronger China gets and the weaker the West gets. Western societies are now drowning in debt, have socially destabilizing wealth disparities, and have shrinking, aging populations. This is why the West needs to fundamentally reform its governmental, social, and economic architecture. The alternative to a reboot, including a jubilee and one-off asset redistribution, will be a steady decay that will end in widespread collapse of current structures. California is just a foretaste.

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