Restored Republic via a GCR as of Jan. 30, 2018

Restored Republic via a GCR as of Jan. 30, 2018

Restored Republic via a GCR Update as of Jan. 30 2018 Compiled 1:01 am EDT 30 Jan. 2018 by Judy Byington, MSW, LCSW, ret, CEO, Child Abuse R…

Restored Republic via a GCR Update as of Jan. 30 2018

Compiled 1:01 am EDT 30 Jan. 2018 by Judy Byington, MSW, LCSW, ret, CEO, Child Abuse Recovery; Author, “Twenty Two Faces,”

Source: Dinar Chronicles

A. Jan. 29 2018 12:22 pm EST: Operation Disclosure GCR/RV Intel Alert for January 29, 2018

1. The recent flu outbreak was a last resort Cabal attack to disrupt transition progress. The Cabal had suspended the flu into the chemtrail formula of only a few aircraft due to their limited resources. These aircraft had flight paths over the East Coast.

2. Chemtrail systems were installed in commercial aircraft worldwide. They simply cannot be removed without causing massive disruption in travel services.

3. The removal of chemtrails is planned Post-GESARA, while the Galactic’s continue to clean up chemtrails with sylphs. The Alliance have issued a search & destroy order to Ghost Operatives. Mission objective is to find and destroy Cabal laboratories where the flu originated from.

4. The flu outbreak is currently being contained but unfortunately resulted in collateral damage.

5. Private humanitarian groups have been informed to prepare for the RV exchanges early this week.

6. Trump is looking for a “reset” with his State of the Union address tomorrow, Jan. 30.

7. RV release window: 11:58pm EST Tues. Jan. 30, or 12:01am EST Wed. Jan. 31.

B. Jan. 29 2018 TNT Call RayRen98, Tony:

1. The new currency rates were on bank screens today.

2. Our sources still maintained that the RV would happen during the month of Jan. 2018. It is supposed to RV on Jan. 30 or 31 according to a document Iraq signed. It could still come out today, but I think Wed. or Thurs. was more likely.

3. Bankers in Iraq maintained that the RV Release has always been 30-31 of Jan. 2018.

4. Iraqi people on the street are seeing an in-country Dinar rate of 1:1.

We said the rate was $4.87 on Friday, and our guy said the rate would go back down.

5. On Sunday the banker called saying the Dinar rate was $4.71.

The guy in the Iraqi Green Zone said the rate on his card was $3.71.

My other guy is in Kurdistan, and his rate was $3.71 on Sunday.

6. On Sun. Jan. 28 another banker said the rates on the screen were:

Zim = $.10 cents, Rupiah = $1.08, Dong = $.47 cents, Dinar = over $6.

7. Yesterday another banker said the rates on the screen Sun. Jan. 28 were:

Zim = $1, Rupiah = $1.08, Dong = $4.75, Dinar = over $6

8. There are some people who will get monthly payouts, or even weekly payouts, but most will get yearly payouts. You would have to go in knowing what to ask AND have enough money to qualify for the payout schedule you want. I know some who were setting themselves up for Tier 2 interests rates, but one had two billion dollars, and the other had eight billion.

C. Jan. 29 2018 12:18 pm EST Fulford Report: Benjamin Fulford Report (Excerpt): “East-West Lines Drawn” — January 29, 2018 Benjamin FulfordWhite Dragon Society

1. It was looking more likely now that we would see a world government rather than a world war in the coming months and years based on what was happening around the world.

2. The World Forum at Davos featured Chinese President Xi Jinping as its star and U.S. President Donald Trump as the top attraction. The Chinese and Americans are still duking it out over who will be in charge of this “shared future.”

3. Pentagon sources this week were gushing over the top about Trump and his Davos performance, noting, “Trump rocked Davos, with globalist CEOs from EU multinationals promising to invest and create jobs in America.” They added that “With the cabal defeated and unable to stage any more false-flags or start World War 3, Davos established the Trump world order and may have launched the global currency reset.”

4. The sinking of an Iranian oil tanker off the shore of Shanghai postponed the start of the gold-backed petro-yuan as a replacement for the U.S. petro-dollar. As things stand, the still-bankrupt current U.S. regime has only bought time until Feb. 8.

5. It was clear that the United States, the most indebted nation in world history, was untenable and needed a complete reboot of the current world system in order to survive. The Chinese were the biggest beneficiaries of the current system and would like it to continue to evolve in their favour, as it has been doing for years.

6. What to do about this situation would be the topic of high-level talks this in Asia this week on the day of the Jan. 31 Super Blue Blood Moon between representatives of the White Dragon Society (WDS) and representatives of the 13 bloodline families who controlled the current system.

D. Jan. 28 2018 11:52 pm EST, Isa2bc: “Trump to Hit the Reset Button?” – Sun. PM TNT Thoughts/News

Jan. 28: ABC news just said that Trump will hit the “reset” button on Tues. Jan. 30 at 9:00 pm EST during the State of the Union Address.

E. Jan. 29 2018 12:03 am EST: “For What It Is Worth” – Weekly ZAP – The Office of POOFness – 1.28.18

1. Poof: The monies were en route although I can’t give you specifics.

2. Susan: It’s obvious that the RV and the Prosperity Programs are tied to the hip and one compliments the other.

3. DJ: Once again rumors circulate that Exchange/Redemption has begun in earnest.

4. There were reports of SKR’s being given throughout the world pending release codes on accounts with administrative holds.

5. Speculation that China had to announce its gold backed currency on Jan 18 in order to move forward.

6. Bond redemptions, currency exchanges, private party flippers, sovereign buyers, consortium buyers had one thing in common: Banks.

7. All sources available agree that this was done and that all treaties were in place, all agreements signed or acknowledged. Funds were available and hedged against the global collateral accounts or platform production, foundations set and in place to deliver the funds. So where is the money? In the BANKS!!!

8. The major revenue source of most all banks is their capacity to administrate their deposits or “Administrative Revenue”. The banking industry has had a blanket autonomy to maneuver and play with deposited funds since the banking system was first engaged. They create their own laws, rules and penalties within which they operate. Remember a bank’s one and only function is to “ Make Money”. They have brought the world to the point of financial collapse due to their greed and corrupt behavior. Systems and processes had to be implemented to counter this activity

9. The new Hercules I.T. is a quantum A.I. system will eliminate the administrative strangle hold the banks currently enjoy, from which their revenues stream. So yeah, there is an all-out push back and interference from the banking community to disrupt the delivery process of these funds . Even when the proper delivery and receipt codes are issued, due to the administrative capacities the banks have built into the global financial networks, they still block or hinder the release of funds to the consumer levels.

10. Now every time they block or delay funds that have been given the proper codes for release, another ‘bad’ is caught and removed. Now instead of fines or penalties, Obstruction Charges were being levied and criminal charges brought. Finally these dummies are starting to get it and realize they can go to jail for their behavior.

11. ZAP: We have received firm confirmation that our funds were moving forward in the next days.

12. The funds were released last week but it would take a few days to process and get them out. We expect our first funds in the next days.

13. The general consensus out there was that all was moving forward at a good pace and results were expected very soon.

F. Jan. 28 2018 Potus to Sessions “Release The D@MN MEMO”:……

G. Jan. 28 2018 5:17 MST April LaJune, DACA Not an Executive Order, Nunes Memo and FBI Deleted Messages:

1. Democrats are trying to shut down accounts tweeting #Release the Memo.

2. Memo implicates many in criminal activities including Lynch, Comey, McCain and Graham.

3. Over 50,000 text messages deleted, now recovered about Clinton scandal, Russian collusion.

4. DACA is not an Executive Order. It is a memo.

H. Jan. 29 2018 11:04 pm EST: White Hats Report #63: Arrest the Fed

I. Jan. 28 2018 TNT Update, NMMontana: More banks named in forex collusion case:​-forex-collusion-case-20180128

Summary Updates for the last seven days:

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