Steve Beckow: Does Pope Francis Serve the New World Order? 1/29/2018

Steve Beckow: Does Pope Francis Serve the New World Order?

I’ve been asked by a reader to discuss what the Company of Heaven has said about Pope Francis. Does he serve the New World Order?

I’ve put together a look at the Pope and his work, gleaned from their messages.

What is Pope Francis’ mission?

Matthew Ward: The spiritually evolved soul who embodied as Jorge Bergoglio did so by request of the highest universal council so that later he could fill the powerfully influential papal position. In keeping with the soul’s acceptance, the universe “paved the way” for the opportunity that “fit.”

Thus Bergoglio became the pope and, despite strong opposition in the Vatican, he is acting upon what he feels is his responsibility, to right the wrongs that body has perpetrated from its inception. (Matthew’s Message, July 21, 2013, at

Pope Francis is cleaning house at the Vatican and investigations are widening into corporate corruption and criminal activities in the financial world. (Matthew’s Message, November 1, 2013.)

Like his colleagues in the Vatican and some individuals outside, Pope Francis knows of situations hidden from public view, and he has the innate goodness to feel compelled to end the most ungodly—the international headquarters of Satanism in the bowels of the Vatican. As the light keeps intensifying, that end will indeed come, but it remains to be seen if the Pope has the ability to defy those who are dead set against letting the world know that this diabolical situation ever existed within the Vatican walls. (Matthew’s Message, April 11, 2013.)

Some lightworkers believe that Pope Francis is an evil man who works for the Illuminati and sides with neo-Nazis. It’s hard for me to believe that could be true.

Matthew Ward: It is not true. This is what is true: Pope Francis has encountered relentless opposition from the Illuminati because he is doing his best to oust or demote cardinals who are high in their ranks; end sacrificial rituals—the Vatican is the international headquarters of Satanism; make the Vatican’s immorally amassed monetary fortunes available to uplift the lives of the impoverished; end centuries-old dogma devised to control the masses; and he exemplifies the spiritual aspects of the religion—love, compassion, empathy, humility and forgiveness.

All of that is completely contrary to Illuminati interests and intentions. Pope Francis’ only connection with anything Nazi is his desire to return to the rightful owners the art treasures stolen by WWII Nazis and hidden in the Vatican. (Matthew’s Message, Dec. 16, 2017.)

Absolutely he acts from purity of heart. Speculation that he secretly is working with the Illuminati is malicious disinformation, very likely disseminated by them to blur the truth that he is uprooting their centuries of entrenchment in the Vatican. (Matthew’s Message, Aug. 17, 2015.)

St. Germaine: There are many who would not only like to have Pope Francis maligned and dragged down but would like to have him removed from this office because he is a pope of the people.

And he is clearing out. What you see and read and hear about the more public actions of Pope Francis in terms of shifting, cleansing the Vatican is about 1% of what he is really doing.

There is an expression about wiping something clean, taking a new broom. We did not really have brooms in our time that were really that effective. But, yes, this is malicious gossip. (St. Germaine: Fly Through That Portal, My Beloved Friends,” channeled by Linda Dillon, May 29, 2014, at

What about the fact that the cabal say that they can produce witnesses?

St. Germaine: What we would say is truly bring the witnesses forward. Let them be examined in a balanced way. This is simply another example. Much has been fabricated. Do not allow this to stall what is happening in terms of creating Nova Earth. Do not allow it.

You collectively are practicing great discernment. Now one of the lessons, the fine tuning, of discernment is that very often wonderful human beings are not all white or all black.

And that is where so much confusion comes in, that there are what we would call brilliant good deeds and misjudgment misdeeds. Now the more that you clear your karma and field, the misdeeds become fewer and fewer as does death, destruction, lack, limitation, all of the things spoken of.

But therefore it is difficult at times. And you say, but this is a good person that is sharing this devastating information about Pope Francis.

And so you become discouraged, disillusioned. And so you buy what this good person is saying.

Might I suggest: put on your discernment glasses and understand that there are times when good people are being misdirected and misinformed. (St. Germaine: Fly Through That Portal,” ibid.)

Is Pope Francis the only one in the Vatican who is prepared to act on the crimes that have been committed and continue to be?

Matthew Ward: Pope Francis acts with genuine caring, honesty, humility and soul-level inspiration. Others in the church hierarchy act from fear that any deviation from dogma could weaken their control over devout adherents and worse, lead to more revelations about long-hidden truths.

After disclosure some years ago that pedophiles in the priesthood were being protected by the Vatican, that body was determined to prevent any other secrets from emerging. To wit, it is the international headquarters of Satanism and houses art treasures and gold gained by collaborating with the Nazis during WWII; some cardinals are Illuminati; Christianity’s foundation was devised by early rulers of state and church to control the beliefs and pocketbooks of the masses, and through the centuries since then Catholicism added blatant falsehoods to cement control over their global congregation; popes who advocated reforms were assassinated. When those truths come forth, only spiritual aspects of that religion, and all others as well, will be retained. (Matthew’s Message, November 14, 2014.)

Pope John Paul had the same intent. Against his will he was cloned before being poisoned. Had Pope Francis resisted involvement, the same fate would have befallen him—to expose this evil long-perpetuated by the Vatican hierarchy, he had to stay alive. (Matthew’s Message, June 2, 2014.)

What was his desire in stepping forward?

Sanat Kumara: This man steps forward with a true desire to serve and to transform an institution that is in dire need of transformation. (“It Is a New Day: Sanat Kumara on Pope Francis, the Process of Ascension, the Earth’s Place in Ascension, Etc.,” March 13, 2013, at

Sanat Kumara: What I am asking of you, of your hearts and of your beings, is first and foremost to look at the purity of this individual. And it is seldom that we would use these words. Now, has this one been positioned in a country and in a nation, and yes, even in an order where there have been numerous human-rights offenses? Yes.

But when you are also looking and wanting to seek out and try and discern and discredit an individual who has been chosen – is chosen – and I’m not talking about chosen by a college of cardinals, I’m talking about chosen in a much larger sense – and your beginning point is to discredit and pull down this individual, then what you are also doing is, first, you are staying stuck in the old reality of the Third Dimension and you are looking for reasons to anchor there and to anchor him there when that is not where any of you belong. …

I am telling you that this individual has not been responsible for human atrocities. Has he been affiliated, and in a position where he has been holding the light and shifting the energies? Yes. Has he been in a position where he has been humiliated, where he has humbled himself to serve? Yes. (“It Is a New Day,” ibid.)

On balance, then, how is he doing?

Archangel Michael: He is doing phenomenally well, superbly. He has begun a very radical shift within what you think of not only as Catholicism but what we would refer to as spiritual enlightenment. He has started out, from our perspective, small, but it will continue to speed up. Watch Francis closely. He is setting the new grid. (Transcript – “Archangel Michael: Expect Miracles – Part 3 The Reval, NESARA, President Obama, and Containment,” channeled by Linda Dillon, August 5, 2013, at

What will his primary focus be in the years ahead and how can we support him?

Sanat Kumara: The primary focus of this Pope, yes, of course will be to clean up the atrocities, particularly the sexual abuses that have been and continue to occur, and the hiding of those abuses, but it will also be to build and to rebuild the sense of community, and not in ways that build the coffers of Rome, but to share the wealth of Rome.

It is a time of magnificent change. So often you have said to me and to the Company of Heaven and to the Divine Mother herself, to our beloved friend Michael, “Show me a sign.” Well, dear heart, this is one of the biggest signs of institutional change that you can witness. So pay attention. Pay attention in the coming months. We are not saying that this is going to be a process that he is going to stretch out.

Oh, will there be a lot of kicking and screaming by the power mongers? Yes. What you see in Francis is a humble, tolerant man with a will of steel who will simply dismiss what is not of love. He will not tolerate dragging of feet or subterfuge.

So what can you do other than simply observe this one? Send him your love and support, because as you know, as change occurs in one area, the ripples go out all over the pond, all over the planet. This is a catalyst for massive change. It is good news! (“It Is a New Day,” ibid.)


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