Starship Earth: Cobra Project 501 Update — February 3, 2018

Starship Earth: Cobra Project 501 Update — February 3, 2018

Cobra Update for Sat. February 3, 2018: Project 501 Update

FEBRUARY 3, 2018


“Maximum Compression Breakthrough velocity”… I’m liking the sound of that, but we don’t want any low orbit shockwaves… if that’s what that means. Steady as she goes.

Thank you, Cobra, and may your grieving process be brief. ~ BP

Saturday, February 3, 2018

Project 501 Update

Alpha timeline with HVBN until intersection has collapsed due to fatal security breach that erased 741.

We are left with alternative beta timeline with sporadic HV YXRs with LEVSF pivoting to next possible HVBN before intersection.

Minimum hyperphasic requirements are set at PHI 1.35-4.00, P>0.8, THETA >0.8, VTXPOS > 1.8.

PHX clearance is approved for 180205.0600Z, PHX VTX clearance is approved for tZ=0.

COBRA velocity is set to maximum speed that does not produce L0 shockwaves.

The rest of this report remains confidential.


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