Conscious Creating with the Divine Mother February 5, 2018

Conscious Creating with the Divine Mother

Conversation after the Saturday conference call channeling.  Linda sharing how this new webinar will unfold

Linda: I know that there’s always more, but this Conscious Creating with the Divine Mother is the name of the new webinar series.  And it feels like the crown jewel in so much of what we have been doing and been working on for a long time.  This was not the class that I was planning to teach this year.

Several months ago now, we did the Inspired Self [webinar] which basically is beginning to claim your ascended self…that class is On Demand now.  And, it’s such an expansion of all the understandings that we have used.  I thought, ‘okay, that’s it,’  that’s where my energy is going to be and to stay.

This [new] class, of course, doesn’t negate or override…this is going to become a trio of classes…but this new class, the ‘Conscious Creating’ class, and notice that it’s ‘creating’ not creation, is real action oriented.

It started off with Sanat Kumara coming on HWAA when he was discussing Universal Law and saying, ‘we’re going to do a class on Universal Laws early in the new year.’  And, it’s like – I am Linda and sitting here going, ‘what?’

This wasn’t on my agenda.  But my agenda really doesn’t matter.  And so, I thought, ‘okay, this is good, this is cool’… and that was like December. So, we got through the holidays and early in January I wake up – you know, my 3:00 am wake-up call – and Mother Mary is standing by my bed and is saying that She is not only expanding this class but that it is going to be taught by Her.

Now, often Mother Mary, She oversees things and we are certainly, in this class, also going to be taught and over lit by Sanat Kumara and by St. Germaine.  But She is literally formulating the agendas, giving me all the information, giving me the words.  And this is Her class.

And what it’s about is taking the creation formula that we have talked about since 2003…so, this class has been a long time in preparation…taking the creation formula of how you create, taking the Universal Laws, marrying them and actually going forward to physically, tangibly create something.

How this class is going to work is at the beginning, in the very beginning, She’s teaching us about how we even formulate.  And when I say that the theme right now is, ‘what do you want?’  ‘what is your heart’s desire?’  This is relating to, ‘what do you want to create?’  So, how She has structured this is that there are going to be three creations, each and every one of us in the class, and I’m already working on mine.  She always walks me through before-hand.

We choose a creation.  One is a personal, tangible, physical creation that’s something that your heart’s desiring.

The second is a bigger personal creation that may be tangible or intangible.  So, for some of you, as an example, it might be, I want a sacred partner.

And then the third thing that each person is going to be working on is a universal creation, such as universal abundance, or universal world peace.  Something like that.

Then what we are going to do is take the creation formula for your creation and then each week we’re going to walk through…and there is an e-book that goes along with this…walk through each of the Universal Laws of which – so say we start with the Universal Law of Sacred PurposeHow in your creation does this Law apply?  How do you bring it in to help you in the creation formula to work with bringing your creation to tangible reality within a space of nine weeks?  Because at the end of the class, She tells me and I believe, that you will have your tangible creation.

So, then how do I take the Law of Transmutation and literally apply it to what I want to create?  How do I take the Law of Change and apply it to actually bring forth?  So, we’re not just talking about invoking a Universal Law and saying, “Okay now it’s done.” No, we’re actually getting down to the nitty gritty and how do we work with it.

So, it’s going to be a heck of a lot of fun.  It’s not a class about processing.  It’s not a class about channeling.  It’s a class about creating.  So that’s this class, “Conscious Creating with the Divine Mother.”

We start on February 24th and we finish on May 2nd, I believe.  The literal classes, the video classes which are an hour and a half long are every alternating Saturday.  But for those of you who have done Council of Love classes before you also know that there is a live, very active, interactive forum where we discuss things every day.

And there are, as I said, there is an e-book.  And that’s only on the Universal Laws piece.  There’s a ton of information.  And you don’t have to worry about, ‘oh, I have to go to my sister’s wedding on April 3rd, because every class is videoed.  So, if you miss a class or if you think, ‘you know, I didn’t quite get the full impact of that, I need to go back and watch it or listen to it again.’  You can do that. There’s also a bunch of meditations that are part of the class, and assignments.

This is us coming together as a circle.  Just as we’re supporting CA in becoming an opera star, we’re going to support each other to bring forth what our heart desires.


Q: How do we sign up for the 9-week webinar?

L: Where you go is, Isaac is in the process of creating a banner ad on the top of the website.  It’s the Council of Love website –  But on the right-hand side of our website, on the top, you will see a little box there saying, Conscious Creating with the Mother and he fit it all in.  That’s where you go.  Go to the website.

Q: There will be three focuses on what you’re manifesting.  And I really didn’t understand the difference between the three.

L: Okay, so each person is going to work on three things.  So, each person, each participant is going to, as part of your formulation, because the creation formula…to bring you back or to remind you…the creation formula is:  intent + stillpoint + action = creation.

So, think about, part of your intent and what Mother Mary has already expanded it, is actually going to inspiration.  What are you inspired to create at this moment in time?  Because what you’re going to learn in this class is what you’re going to carry forward for the rest of your life.

So, you’re choosing something that might be on your personal radar that you want to create, that you might think is a little creation…because you need those little successes.  You need those tangible touchstones to be able to say, “My God, I created it!”

So, let me give you an example of what Mother Mary and I have been working on.  I have a garden right outside my front door that basically, because the gardener, when he was trimming things, mistakenly cut my irrigation hose.  That garden is a wreck and it’s mostly dirt.  But, that’s okay because what I wanted to do was create a rose garden.  Everywhere I ever lived I always created a rose garden and left it and left it behind as sort of a gift from the Mother to the next occupant.

I’ve had no luck with roses in Florida.  They don’t do so well.  But, I still want to do it.  So, say my little creation was this rose garden.  It’s just a little patch of dirt.  And, Mother Mary’s saying to me, “Okay, this is your inspiration and your co-creation with Me and your intent.”

But Linda, as part of this…think of the action piece, because I found a nursery that actually creates hybrid roses for Florida.  She said, “You haven’t scheduled the landscaper back to fix the hose.  You haven’t schedule the time to research the roses that are going to work with what you want.  You haven’t scheduled the time to go to the nursery and just look at the roses and buy the roses, let alone bring them back and plant them.”

So, that to me is like a little creation.  That’s a practical thing that I really want.

Then there’s a bigger thing that I want and that is, say, to work on classes that reach tons and tons and tons of people.  So, I’ll be working on that as part of a tangible creation that might take longer, but that I’m working on it in a real practical way bringing the Universal Laws.  Maybe using the Universal Law of Elimination so that I can ‘poof’ not only any resistance that I have in reaching millions of people, but ‘poofing’ their resistance of taking the next step.  So, that would be a big creation.  So those two things, for me and for whoever was taking the class, would be personal creations.

And, let me tell you, I think Diane was on the line, because Mother Mary has reminded me continually in thinking about this bigger creation how years ago I said and I declared and I think it was on one of these calls, that I wanted to be the webinar queen.  Diane and the group gave me a tiara, a sash that said ‘Webinar Queen’ and a magic wand.  And let me tell you, here we are several years later and everything I do now is webinars.  So, She’s reminding me of that and how we just take the next step in our creations.  So that’s a creation.

And then my big creation is about World Peace.  And I’m not running for Miss America but to really have that inner peace, that sense of peace.  So many people are struggling.  Whether it’s in Yemen, or Chicago, sleeping under a bridge in New York.  I mean, I want that World Peace.  So that’s something – and that’s probably a lifetime creation that I obviously…because there’s a whole bunch of us that care so deeply about that…work on with the collective.  Does that answer your question?

Well, I’ll tell you, another thing is that on Monday you will all be receiving your Monday morning newsletter blast from me.  In that, there is the link to register for this class.

And if you can’t find it, call Isaac.

Q:  For many, many years you’ve been saying, you’re ascending, you’re creating Nova Earth, times are changing and we are leaving behind the old patterns and all of that.  But, in doing this creation class now, to me is the proof that it’s here, we’re doing it.

L: We’re doing it.  In the Inspired Self we were claiming it.  And now it’s like, you claimed it, now what are you going to do with it?

Q:  And one day you know the Mother told me that She feels nothing but gratitude that when we go ahead and create our dream that She gets to create through us.  So, I am not surprised that She is doing this class.

L: That’s beautiful.

Q:  I was in tears.  I used to feel like, ‘oh you know ….. me, this lowly little person.’  I’m feeling the Mother to come to me but She said, “You know what you are forgetting? I’m grateful that I’m able to do this through you – you are part of me.” That was quite overwhelming for me. She’s going to create what we’re going to create.  She’s going to say this is your personal thing little thing, but She is creating through us and She’s bringing Nova Earth.

L: It’s strictly the Mother’s thing.

Q: The hands and the legs and the mouth pieces, I guess…

L: Well it’s funny because Mother Mary was very clear with me and thank God for Isaac because he found the right picture.  But, the picture She wanted for the class, the graphic was ‘our hands on the inside and her hand-on top of ours doing pottery, creating everything.’  She’s the one that chose the picture.  She was very clear what She wanted.  She’s creating with us and we’re doing it on Her behalf.  It’s humbling isn’t it?

Thank you

By Linda Dillon

© 2018 Council of Love, Inc.


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