Twin Flames Physical Union He loves Me He loves me Not! PATRICIA McNEILLY = FEB 12 2018

Twin Flames Physical Union He loves Me He loves me Not!


Published on Feb 12, 2018

Physical Union – it is Reliant upon each of you divesting yourselves of the Past even while only one of you is AWAKE, and this BIG WAKE UP at Night is a Part of it! So is being aware of your ETHERIC BODY. All of this and more is a part of your PHYSICAL UNION, which does include the Romance of Flowers and Breakfast in Bed, and no arguing, and Fun and Romance on a Daily basis. Think you have what it takes? you ACTUALLY DO!!!! come and Join and Participate in your own RE-UNIFICATION so that you can take the Mystery out of whether or not: HE LOVES ME, HE LOVES ME NOT…….SHE LOVES ME, SHE LOVES ME NOT…….For GOod! Your Twin Flame LOVES you ALL THE TIME, but it may not be expressed YET in your PHYSICAL LIFE, get yourself ready for this by INTEGRATING DIVINE MASCULINE and DIVINE FEMININE DEEP INSIDE. DOnt know what this is? COme JOIN! “Physical Intimacy” Part 2 – Special webinar 3 part Series ($80 USD) This will be a 2 hour webinar, 2nd in a series of 3 two hour webinars. The registration fee of $80 USD is the cost for all 3 webinars, parts 1-3, in the series. Once you have registered and paid for one of the days for Part 2 of this series, shortly after, you will receive the links to merely register for one of the days for Part 3 – no payment will be due for Part 3. And, since Part 1 has past, you will be sent via email a recording of the Part 1 webinar. Registration for this exceptional opportunity is limited to 40 people so please register soon to reserve a place to participate in this unique series. Here is the list of all dates and times for “Physical Intimacy.” ***Part 2 Thur. 2/15 @ 8am CST – Register and Pay here:… ***Part 2 Fri. 2/16 @ 6:30pm CST – Register and Pay here:… ***Part 2 Sun. 2/18 @ 9am CST – Register and Pay here:… Remember, after you register & pay for one of the dates for Part 2, you will be sent, within 24 hours, the links to merely register for Part 3 – no additional payment will be due. Here are the dates for Part 3 you will be able to attend (one date for Part 3). ***Part 3 – Thur. 2/22 @ 6pm CST or Fri. 2/23 @ 8am CST or Wed. 2/28 @ 8am CST And, after you register for Part 2, a recording of Part 1 will be sent to you as well. YES I DO READINGS, ENERGY BODY WORK, LIVE BODY WORK and SESSIONS Enjoy Your Week, and HAPPY VALENTINES DAY! Patricia McNeilly Blue Ray Twin Flame Rod and Staff Union twinflamesmerge@gmai
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