Pronoia: the belief that everything in the universe is conspiring in our favour – & OTHER MESSAGES & MANTRA’S – for the LOVE BEING LIGHT-WORKERS & HUMANITY – JAN/FEB 2018

Pronoia: the belief that everything in the universe is conspiring in our favour

Love this meme! As a fully paid up ‘conspiracy theorist’ for many years I have been accused of PARAnoia often. Accusations of paranoia wobbled me, triggering self doubt and negativity. I would question what my eyes told me, what my heart told me, and what my soul told me about the injustices of our world. I went deep undercover, adopted stealth mode, to protect myself. All of this has changed for me. Spiritual awakening has propelled me on a journey of quantum awareness. Using meditation and self care to manage and minimise fear, insecurities and stress has transformed my life. Vastly increased sensory connectivity to the natural world has grounded me into this lifetime. The more I embed myself in mindfulness through gratitude, use mantras to set my vibration, the more aware I become of our innate ability to manifest. PROnoia describes perfectly how I now feel about my experience of reality.

Recently I was asked by a client if I am a religious person. Identifying as a recovering Catholic, with emotional scars from a childhood of Jesuit priests, guilt and fear rhetoric, I now see myself as a deeply spiritual person. I strive to stay connected to universal love frequency at all times. Self care, meditation, mindfulness and mantras are the tools of my spirituality. I surrender to higher vibratory fields of light and love. I consciously read my energy, adapting and adjusting my mindset to try and maintain high frequency equilibrium. Working to stay hyper aware of my mind body soul system, my world has transformed. Nature speaks to me. My gut instincts are stronger and I listen and act accordingly. My psychic abilities have increased. Reiki and meditation have zapped me into the fifth dimension and I love it here!

The internet has given us a lifeline to reach others unconvinced by the established narratives. A vast library of research at our finger tips, we are now able to burrow down rabbit holes that resonate, and draw our own conclusions. We can communicate, share and discuss with each other outside our immediate communities. In the spirit of tribal cyber connectivity I’m sharing a little personal story with my 5dhealing peeps. I have pronoia! When I maintain self care, meditate and stay in love frequency I have the increasing sense the universe is working with me. We are becoming one. I feel connected, reassured, loved and protected all the time. I am more nourished and joyful than I have ever been.

Big cosmic thankyou to all of you who have shared my journey to expansive consciousness here and on the web. Your likes, comments, shares and messages mean soooooo much. 2018 is the year for coming out my little world and sharing more healing and what I have learnt. Watch out for posts about online awakening workshops and one to one healing. If you have any ideas of what or how you would like me to reach out further, comment or message me. Guided meditations are in the pipeline as well!

Here’s to Pronoia, long may it continue! In love and light cosmic brothers and sisters 🤗😊🙏🏻.


I share love, I receive love, I am love

I surrender to universal love vibration under the protection of my higher self.

I am grateful, I am humble, I am grounded. Namaste x

Four Ways to Raise Our Frequency to the Fifth Dimension

For some their wake up call is so profound, so fifth dimensional that they can’t go back to the limited, locked down perspective of the matrix. For others the way to expanded consciousness is blocked. Fear can stop us in our tracks. Disbelief and cynical perspectives can prevent organic growth. We are the only ones who can change how we see the world. As battles rage in the skies and in the seas for our and Gaia’s sovereignty we go inward to find our truth, our power and our self love. Actions are how we change our thought grooves. What we do, say and think can be overhauled with a spiritual perspective. We choose who we are what we are, where we are and how we live. The elite need us to accept our limitations not test them, stretch our minds or expand our consciousness. The keyword through all of this is choice. Waking up is no-one else’s responsibility but our own. What we do when we awaken is our choice. Enough disclosure has occurred. Who we are, who we aspire to be, is an algorithm we can set.

Four life changing ways to raise our vibrations to the fifth dimension.

1. Meditation is the path to inner peace and cosmic enlightenment. Prayer often honours an outside source, an external being. Meditation takes us inside then out, micro to macro. It enables us to fill spaces left by negative influences with personal growth and wisdom. Meditation is key to raising our vibrations.

2. Self care creates self respect and self knowledge. By prioritising self care we draw a line under those relationships and environments that are not good for maintaining our health, our equilibrium. Self care safeguards us from hostility and attack. Self care teaches us about ourselves. It is key to unplugging from the matrix and cleaning our mindbodysoul of toxins. Self care enables us to make fundamental, positive changes in our lives.

3. Mindfulness moves us into the present engaging our senses with Gaia, our world. We begin to inhabit spaces of gratitude as we worry less about the past or future. We connect in every way to the present moment. This is surrender. To relinquish fear of the future or stress from the past. When we immerse ourselves in mindfulness we understand and embody non attachment. We become one with universal love flow, fifth dimension existence.

4. Mantras are a good place to start. They focus our mind, our intention, and tune up our frequencies. They are easy and can be used throughout the day or night to balance and realign our energetic systems. Mantras teach us the power of language to tune our frequency dial. Mantras show us we are manifestors, cocreators of our reality.

Releasing stress, pain and fear is the only way to create spaces for joy, love and light to fill. We study our lives, we pare back, simplify and declutter. We identify sources of stress and anxiety, of fear and anger in our daily lives. We rearrange the furniture of our lives creating space for peace, joy, happiness and creativity. We let go of sources of negativity. The spaces left, the vacancies in our lives, we fill with high vibration living. Hobbies, adventures, creating and exploring, nature, soul tribe and solitude. Our energy resonates with those at a similar frequency. We will meet and draw people, places and activities into our lives that will nourish us and help us grow. Embedding us in the present in our world able to receive love, to open up and allow higher wavelengths in.

To laugh without fear, to cry without fear, to love without fear is a scary thing! Yet it isn’t. It’s only scary in the matrix where we are programmed to expect tragedy, troubles, drama and hostility. In the fifth dimension this stuff melts away. The higher we vibrate the less negative frequencies can handle us. We realise some people are averse to us, just as we are to them. And this is ok. There is no judgement only vibration. To fill our lives with hope we have to let go fear and embrace change. Embrace new perspectives. Grow and develop not stagnate. This is what we are being offered as individuals and on a planetary scale.

The matrix thrives on labelling boxing everything in. Expanding our consciousness is stepping out of those boxes, connecting the dots to create a fuller picture. Quantum dimensional existence is the simultaneous connection to the moment and to the cosmos. Embrace, embed, integrate these four foundations to access fifth dimension existence. Let the process evolve gradually, take one day at a time. It’s all about energy, learning to listen to our own and others energy. We can find our high frequency groove by making these changes, by recognising and committing to spiritual growth. The more changes we make to unplug and raise our vibrations, the more peaceful, synchronistic and magical life becomes. Make the changes, embrace and embed upgrades through lifestyle choices, positive mindset and meditation. In love and light beautiful people.


I am having a calm/joyful/efficient/restful day.

I exhale fear/anxiety/pressure/stress. I inhale love/peace/calm/joy.

I connect at all times to universal love frequency.


Blood Super Moon Lunar Eclipse 31.1.18

As the super moon reaches her full glory Gaia is bathed in lunar light. The Trinity Gateway Portal to unified consciousness has taken us to new heights of awareness. We have been introduced to quantum existence. We are changing from the inside out. More and more people come online. The momentum of transformation has accelerated. For those waking up it is with a jolt, a powerful nudge from guides and higher self. Now is the time to do what we came here to do. For others there is consolidation, embedding of our frequencies into higher vibrations, triggered by cosmic waves of light. The portal was activated by our first super moon in late 2017 and expanded by January’s early supermoon. This third super full moon creates the final point in the pyramidal trinity gateway. We are deep in the Shift, this Portal enabled a quantum leap forward in our evolution.

We have been activated, our consciousness expanding. We experience this expansion in different ways. Our connection to nature transforms, we see through the glitching matrix hologram to the true feel, smell and sight of nature in all her glory. We learn nature rejuvenates, realigns, refreshes and centres our energetic being. We can power up, charge our batteries in nature. Trees speak to our energy, our senses, tuning up our vibrations. We are reconnecting to a past time, a time when humanity and Gaia existed together, understood each other and complimented each other. Celestial events herald future timelines where Gaia and humanity are once again connected in symbiosis.

The meta physics of portals of light can be understood through the all powerful symbol of the pyramid. Three super moons mark the three points of the gateway. A triangle of light, a doorway has been opened. Gaia is moving through this gateway, she has initiated this transition, seeking liberation from predators and destruction. Each individual has a choice, to travel with Gaia or remain in the third dimension. We choose to stay where we are by consciously rejecting higher frequencies. Choosing to remain in energetic grooves of fear, greed, hate, envy and anger, the frequencies of the matrix control hologram. Our free will is a sovereign right in the infinite multi verses.

Each of us journeys solo when it comes to our choices. We set the dial of our frequency, we decide whether to embrace and embed higher wavelengths of love and empathy. We do this through our mindset, our actions and our inner emotional world. To hold love in our hearts, compassion in our words and humility in our actions is the key to higher vibrations. We don’t need to know about portals or gateways, about the war for our hearts, souls and bodies. Our frequency is our truth, it cannot deceive universal vibratory fields, dimensions of light and dark. Who we are determines where we are in all this cosmic chaos. We hold the reins, we choose our path, our destiny.

January’s blue super moon is also a blood moon. Red is our root chakra, the karmic clearing we and Gaia have pushed through recently has been root chakra work. Traumas of childhood, this life, past lives, ancestral karma and attachments ready for release. Behaviours, thought patterns, wavelengths of dense low frequencies rooted deep in our beings loosened. Stuck pockets of fear, grief, unresolved traumas and hate broken apart, aired and let go. Anxiety and stress buried deep in our psyche comes out as random memories, emotional outpouring, the dark nights of the soul for many. The release of ancestral attachments, fourth dimension shakedown has also occurred. As our internal vibration rises, when we make positive changes in our lives, lower frequency entities, cannot stay with us. We all, every soul, choose our wavelength, our path.

The lunar eclipse will act as a great vacuum for all the negative energy released during the gateway’s opening. As Gaia moves in front of the moon, like a black hole it will suck up all the dense heavy karma globally released. Alchemy, the transmutation of dark to light will occur on a celestial scale. We will be lighter, freer, there will be greater flow between us and Gaia. The grit, grime, sludge and dirt clogging up Gaia’s ley lines and chakras released. Cleansed. Gone. Slowly but surely we are getting there. This cosmic spin cycle, the energetic deep clean of a planet and her people, is quantum evolution.

We and Gaia shift up a gear. Fifth Dimension existence becomes the norm for some. The fifth dimension is the goal, the mission. It is where we want to be with this beautiful, vibrant, glorious little blue planet. To be part of her, to nourish and grow and cherish Gaia. To live in every moment of life. To create and love, to be joyful and expansive, to be wise and curious. We are the creators. We manifest our world through our vibration, through our emotional wellbeing, our mindset. We are the ones running our own show. When enough of us come together in the belief and knowledge that we can live better, healthier, creative and joyful lives then it will be.

It’s the future we see for ourselves that matters beautiful people. Breathe in rays of magical lunar light, let her energy wash over and through us, clearing our energy field, our aura, our psyche, our soul. Release last fragments of deep rooted negative karma to the power of the lunar eclipse. Let transmutation from dark to light realign our mindbodysoul system to universal love frequency. In love and light cosmic surfers 🙏🏻.


I exhale fear, I inhale love.

I release all that no longer serves my highest purpose.

I connect to universal love frequency.

I share love, I receive love, I am love.

I release all negative energies to the magic and beauty of the supermoon’s rays. I embrace love and light into my mind, my body and my soul. Namaste.

2018 Frontline Gaia Energy Update

Indigos, lightworkers, healers, channellers and volunteers are here as way show-ers, to illuminate pathways unlocking quantum potential. Warriors of Gaia are bit by bit lifting the lid on the third dimension. The thinning veils is frightening for many conditioned to fear frequency. We can expect some of this fear to translate as hostility, as aggression, as personal attacks. This is natural in a world waking from such a long slumber. A world awakening to depravity, greed and deceit at the heart of global society. We could diagnose the planet with Traumatic Stress Disorder. Its people karmically, emotionally and intellectually overwhelmed to the point of energetic paralysis.

Compassion is fundamental. Ignorance, arrogance, entitlement, intimidation, hostility and deceit may be thrown our way. We are on the frontline of a traumatised planet. We are here as organic beings to connect with her people. Some attacks may be preordained, ancestral karmic clearing. We have the power to cut cords, end contracts and exit negative spaces. The way out of the darkness is to go inside and find our inner light. We heal by releasing pain or anger or any of those other dense energies stored deep in our bones, our psyche, our gut. Using meditation, mantras, holistic healing therapies and nature to release and realign.

The matrix locks down the heart in fear, giving the ego way to much power. Our ego is our weak point, our Achilles heel, it is fragile. The extreme vulnerability of human babies and children leaves us wide open to reconstruction of our mind body soul connection long before we hit adulthood. Survival instinct has meant against the odds humanity thrives in heart led love filled tribal living. Her heart does beat with Gaia’s. Despite the onslaught of war, poverty, disease and predatory abuse humanity continues to thrive. There is anger and rightly so. There is ignorance and understandably so. There is fear and we learn as we wake up this is all instilled into humanity. We can get stuck on the ‘humans are a virus on the planet’ shock and shame part of awakening. We can resonate so fully with this that we fail to grow beyond it. We do not then recognise the innate humility in humanity. The small, beautiful, joyful interactions that pepper the planet every day in high frequency love.

Dialogue, space to communicate across the polarity chasm is the push for 2018. To recognise our adversaries, to protect and be kind. There is a dark force at work here, of that there is no doubt. Many people are caught in the karmic crossfire of the war of light and dark raging in the third dimension. The goal for the elite is to keep us all here rooted in our own dense frequencies, unable to raise our vibration to fifth dimension freedom. We have been catapulted into the Age of Aquarius and Kansas is going bye bye. Much has been revealed, disclosed, exposed. More will follow. There will be justified anger, frustration and fear. There will be vast swathes of heavy karma released for clearing, cleaning, transmuting. Empaths and transmuters will continue to work hard every day doing this monumental light work. Energy healers will steadily become more in demand as the word spreads.

The practice of self care is paramount to efficient karmic clearing. To educate ourselves, esoteric wisdom of frequency, energy fields, third eye sight and zen vibrations. The rainbow children, the indigos, the way sho-wers are born expansive. They illuminate with art, inventions, designs for a new earth, recycled, rebalanced, redesigned in harmony with nature. All of this is possible and its happening. We are here as humans. We are here as Warriors of Gaia. We are here to show the world doesn’t have to be this way. We can and are changing the world one small interaction, one creative pulse, one love filled gift at a time. Stay strong and kind. We are living the rebirth of a planet and her people, a giant quantum leap in the time space continuum. We are good people and the world can and will be a better place. Its going to be stormy and wild at times. Go within to calm, centre and thrive in fifth dimension love frequencies. Stay golden cosmic surfers. Namaste.

Awakening Energy is Everything

Tesla said Everything is Energy. We know this to be true. Everything vibrates at a cellular level. The tiniest particles that make up the multi verse all vibrate. This creates frequencies, wavelengths which translate to dimensions, planes of existence. Low vibrations exist in the lower ends of the dimensional frequency spectrum. Quantum is hard for us to get our heads round because we have been instilled with a linear 3d perspective. We see concrete, bricks and mortar as finite. Connecting to source, love vibration, inner stillness and soaring zen flow expands our consciousness. We begin to understand that what once appeared solid and fixed is now flimsy and transparent. The ethereal, impermanent and esoteric in turn become the foundations, solid points of reference.

Mind expanding experiences can show us that what the eye sees, the mind interprets, it can all be interpreted in quite different ways. The paranormal, the fourth dimension, and other worlds reveal themselves, triggering uncomfortable questions about the solidity of the reality we perceive. Doubt is cast on received narrative about our world. As does ufology, aliens, contentious topics, conspiracy theories that lift the lid on a nest of snakes manipulating our reality. All of this is awakening. Each part of the process further cracks apart the finite, the perceived facts, realisms we are force fed from birth.

When we step through cosmic gateways to higher consciousness our universe expands. We are introduced to concepts of quantum realities, matrix holographic control algorithms, a bending, oscillating reality. We experience connection to something that reaches beyond us to all living things. It all comes back to those tiny particles, the quarks and the atoms that make up our mindbodysoul being. Our body, our cells vibrate at a frequency we dictate. We set the dial of our energetic being. If we feel fearful we lockdown our vibration to lower wavelengths, this is where the matrix exists. Relinquishing fear, releasing negativity creates space for passions, hobbies, nature and nourishment, positive vibrations.

The first part of awakening is the hardest. To see through the constructed veils of economics, politics, the state, religion and commerce. Education, culture and mainstream everything is designed to program us into submission. Deprogramming from competition, conformity and consumerism liberates us from matrix control. Material possessions won’t fulfil us, time with our loved ones will. For those whose daily priority is survival, the game is more than rigged, it’s a fix. The never ending destructive cycle of weapons, war, money, hatred and chaos is in part an illusion in that we enable it by buying into, or being manipulated into accepting, this state of affairs.

Cracks occur in the matrix when we stop accepting the elite’s narrative in our particular religion, country or culture. When we start to rationally question rules of oppression, separation, division, and elitism. When we peer over the panopticon prison walls and see, we create our realities, we release the third dimension. We may not have the opportunity or the privilege to go offline altogether, to move off grid, untraceable, fed from the land, clean living. For most of us the day to day grind of our daily lives demands we march to the beat of the matrix drum. How do we change this? How do we take back control of our own lives? How do we set the dial on our frequency, manage and control our own energetic wellbeing, shedding our matrix avatar.

We don’t have to leave our job, change relationships or routines (although many do), we change how we approach them. By being in the moment we stop worrying about the future, the past, the maybes and the what ifs. We stop fast tracking our world or stalling our growth. We lock into our immediate reality. We see the faces of the people we are interacting with not just vague outlines impinging on our inner world. We see people not stress. We interact in a calm and present manner. We slooooooow down. This is not to say we stop working, feeding the kids, taking care of business when experiencing quantum awakening. We change how we approach the moment. By switching on our senses, tuning into our world, the energies around us. We begin to examine vibration, how we raise and lower our own and how we respond to others.

All of this is spiritual awakening. The ointment, the soothing lotion, is meditation. Healing comes from passions and hobbies, soul tribe, relaxing, laughing, being joyful, awake, connected to the experience of living. It is the opposite of stress, static anxiety tangling and interfering with our energy field and flow. Stress limits our ability to deal rationally and patiently with life. Stress stunts our creative and spiritual growth. To identify and relieve areas of stress in our lives is one of the first steps in awakening, it is self care. Using mantras to focus intention and remain love led becomes daily practise. We learn to shield and protect ourselves, to listen to the universe and our guides. We turn up the dial of our mindbodysoul being. This is freedom, it is sovereignty and surrender to 5d universal flow. People will move beyond their political awakening, their religious awakening, their personal awakening and seek balance in their mind body and soul.

We are experiencing activation of our chakra system, triggered by photon blasts of lighter frequencies flooding Gaia. Beings of ascended light embedded deep in our oceans, raise planetary vibrations. The crystalline heart of Gaia fired up, her core pumping waves of light up and out. In the skies battles of light and dark rage, the cloaks are breaking down as the tipping point gets closer. Gateways, celestial portals of high cosmic wavelengths showing us the way into the light. It is biblical. It is quantum mechanics. It is macro to micro and back again. It is geometry. It is numbers. It is science and it is energy. It’s all energy. The big picture of planetary ascension boiled down to the individuals progress from low vibration to high frequency existence.

The collective, unified consciousness kicks in when enough people have activated their energy flow. By pushing through the doors of perception, releasing karma, we raise our vibrations to the fifth dimension. This is the process we are knee deep in friends. 2015, 2016, 2017 exposed truths out there. The rainbow children show us the future. Light warriors of Gaia are here to help us through the healing process. Trust more the energy we feel, relinquish control from our eyes and our ego. Work to quieten the incessant, jabbering, negativity of the ego, begin to hear the heart, the gut, the third eye. Seek out sources of support, healing, protection and guidance. Reach out beyond the immediate reality we experience, use cyber space as a library, a resource, a way of filtering out the fear algorithms of mainstream media. Be mindful and grounded in the present, in your world. Dream of peace, dream of abundance and dream of joy beautiful people. Its all about the vibrations maaaan! Namaste.


Zombie Nation or Zen Zone We Decide

When we talk of upgrades, DNA activation, quantum spirituality many can feel confused, curious or cynical. There is truth being revealed in our 3d reality. Harsh truths of predatory control, manipulation and oppression. Our planet, Gaia, has enough resources to feed, clothe and protect us from the elements. We have been told this is not the case, programmed to accept war over resources, competition for survival. This foundation deception creates a have and have-nots status quo. Gaia is a victim in this deceitful war for resources, for energy, for our hearts, bodies and souls. She has sustained wounds, aching sores, land fills, pollution, war and destruction. It is Gaia who has had enough. Sleeping people could sleep for another thousand years unaware they have the power to change the world. Awake children and adults, indigos, are here to demonstrate a new way of living in tandem with Gaia. Way sho-wers, warriors of light and of Gaia stand against the tide of helplessness, hopelessness, fear and depravity. Here to illuminate the darkness and light pathways to manifestation.

None of this is as hard as it sounds. For some their wake up call is so profound, so fifth dimensional that they can’t go back to the limited, locked down perspective of the matrix. For others the way to enlightenment, to expanded consciousness is slower. Fear can stop us in our tracks. Paralysed perspectives can prevent organic growth. We are the only ones who can change how we see the world. Battles rage in the skies and in the seas for Gaia’s sovereignty, we go inward to find our truth, our power and our self love. Actions are how we change our thought grooves. What we do, say and think can be overhauled with a spiritual perspective. We have been karmically locked down and lost for thousands of years. Celestial events herald the arrival of the Age of Aquarius. Transmutation from dark to light, transformation and transcendence.

As organic beings we are coded with innate abilities, DNA. This coding, the sequences which activate telekinesis, energetic communication, expansive consciousness are being triggered. Photon blasts of high frequency light waves flood Gaia. Gateways to higher vibratory fields have been open for some time. Our chakra clearing and alignment has been triggered, we are able to come online as energetic beings. Consciously we make choices as to how we will respond to the changes we and planet earth are experiencing. We can choose to grow beyond the third dimension or stay where we are. We can choose to ignore our soul, our spiritual wellbeing, staying immersed in and focused on the third dimension. We may be programmed from birth to conform, compete and comply. We may be conditioned to materialism, to fake lives driven by fake desires. We may be victims of intensive mind control algorithms from religion, culture, economics and politics. This is the 21st century, times have changed. There is no normal anymore. How we respond to upgrades, our cosmic get-out-of-jail-free card, is our choice.

Unlike the matrix, the fifth dimension is accessible only when we focus our intention towards love. There is no room for superiority, hierarchy or status. We can step into those higher frequencies by changing our mindset, by releasing blocks, karmic, synthetic or man made. As sovereign beings we can choose to stay in fear frequency, sheeple in the matrix doing as we are told. Cutting off our soul or boxing it into tight little algorithms of control. Our bodies remain foreign to us owned and sanctioned by the matrix. Our minds remain closed, walled in by oppression, ignorance, arrogance and fear. We take back control through love. Loving ourselves, others, Gaia unconditionally. Setting boundaries of self respect, changing our behaviour to authenticity. Not conforming. Not being frightened. Not hating or being vengeful. The language we use sets our frequency, if it is negative we will vibrate in negative wavelengths creating and manifesting more negativity. This is the fuel that feeds the matrix. Revolution is self care. Illumination is self respect. Evolution is self love.

We may not be batteries as Morpheus claimed but we aren’t free humans and nor is our planet a free being. This is what is changing. If there is an awareness on the periphery of your vision that something has changed, shifted, opened this is what it is. Truth is cracking apart the matrix. Built on foundations of deceit, greed, power and fear, the system thrives on pitting us against one another. It grooms us into little mini Agents spying and judging one another, tittle tattling to our superiors for a crumb of acceptance. We turn on each other, we do the dirty work for the elite. We watch each other, police our neighbours, our families, our comrades and colleagues. We enable the system.

We can own the matrix. We can all be Neo. All we have to do is take care of ourselves as whole mind body soul beings. Love and respect our bodies, drawing clear lines against toxins, pollution, poisons and self loathing. We can ignite our souls with meditation. We can become whole beings connected to nature and the multi verse. We can expand our minds by walking away from mainstream media in all its guises and seeking information and truths through our own research, not relying on what others tell us. This freedom, this liberation is our right and our choice.

Way sho-wers light the path, we choose whether to listen and expand or remain where we are. There is no judgement only choice. We choose who we are, what we are, where we are and how we live. We can blame our governments for incompetence or abuses, we can feel justified in our anger at corporate control and manipulation of our lives. We can reject religious rhetoric, rules and restrictions that reveal a sinister agenda in organised world religions. We can choose not to spend time trying to please people who see themselves as superior, standing in judgement of others. Or we can choose to reject sections of global society, adhere to the matrix narrative of bigotry, polarity, prejudice and separation. We can choose to remain frightened, seeing risk everywhere. We can choose to bury our heads in the sand with matrix distractions and toxins. We choose who we are and what we do.

Enough exposure has occurred, enough disclosure of intergalactic communities visiting us and affecting our planet. The excuses we had, mind control algorithms, fear conditioning and sheeple programming won’t cut it for much longer. The matrix still holds us in its grasp but nowhere near to the extent it did. The fifth dimension is here, Gaia has reached a plateau of higher wavelengths. Humanity now makes her individual choices. The onus is not on warriors of Gaia to convince or persuade people of inner light and cosmic potential. Way sho-wers live the life of the adventurous, the curious, warriors who do not fear the matrix though they respect it’s power to destroy lives. Warriors of Gaia fight for truth, freedom, equality and ecolution. The world has already changed.

Whether we jump on our cosmic surfboard and join the recalibration game of quantum life or remain as we are is our choice. It is not up to others, to wrap us up in quantum quilts, easing us into fifth dimension light. Each individual makes their choice and their choice is inward, it is the nuts and bolts of our energy. Do we run positive or negative? Are we bitter, cynical, judgemental, angry or hate filled. Do we exist paralysed by fear? Do we aspire to control and oppress others to make us feel better about ourselves? Do we gossip and judge others for their beliefs, actions, words and choices. Or do we live and let live. Concentrate on our own development, go inward to get to know who we are, not the matrix avatars we were given. Do we choose solitude for meditation, expansion of consciousness and growth? Do we choose self respect and self love to detox our bodies from matrix muck, cleaning out our systems? Do we choose to notice synchronicity, communication from other dimensions and from loved ones passed on? The keyword through all of this is choice. It is no-one else’s responsibility but our own. Who we are, who we aspire to be, is an algorithm we can set.

The answers are not on tv, they are not in sanctioned religious narrative or politicians deceit. The answers are inside us. To feel part of something bigger, greater, more vast and beautiful than we can ever imagine, we go inside. We quieten our ego with love and reassurance. We activate our soul with gratitude, mindfulness and releasing fear. We go inside to meet our soul, to get to know who we are from past lives, quantum worlds and inner equilibrium. We expand our minds by unplugging from the matrix. By seeking stillness within. There is no red pill to be handed by the great Morpheus with a pat on the back. There is no scripture that will give us a blue print on how to live in the fifth dimension. No ascended being can magically transport us to higher dimensions. We do it. We make it happen. We let go of fear. We surrender to the Zen Zone.

The game of quantum evolution is our planetary energetic space. How we play, what moves we make are up to us now. There has been enough disclosure to warrant truth in the matrix. Do we have excuses anymore? To ignore depravity, destruction, disease and poverty? To allow prejudice, hate and fear to control our lives? Who are we? Are we warriors or zombies? Are we freedom fighters or complicit? Do we continue to expect others to fix us, enlighten us, change us or do we begin the journey inwards to enlightenment and empowerment under our own steam? This is our choice. Zombie Nation or Zen Zone love vibration? We decide. We hold the reins. We hold the power. Go inside, find our groove. March to the beat of our own drum. Be fearless. Be loving. Be grateful and humble. Be graceful in all we do. Our angels, our guides, our higher self are all cheering from the sidelines. In light and love beautiful people.


I am a sovereign being of light and love.

I choose freedom, I choose love, I choose life.

I am grateful for all the beauty, love and light in this world.

I activate flow in my chakra system under the protection of my higher self. Namaste.


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