Horoscopes for February 25th to March 4th, 2018 ~ Full Moon in Virgo and More to Come By Nadia Gilchrist – FEB 25 2018

FCGCT Commentary: We are moving from the mind, to the Heart. Feel, Focus and Trust the Heart.

Horoscopes for February 25th to March 4th, 2018 ~ Full Moon in Virgo and More to Come

By Nadia Gilchrist


It’s all about Pisces this week (with a shot of Virgo to keep you in the real world).

The Pushy Square

February 28th sees Mercury in Pisces square Mars/Vesta in Sagittarius, extending the influence from February 25th, when Venus in Pisces was hit with the same square. I’ve included excerpts (about Venus) from last week’s horoscopes for each sign.

The theme is similar – fixated actions are pushy as they confront vague issues. The shift from Venus to Mercury indicates that the relationship/money/self-esteem issue will be put into words, and the result will be mental tension, an argument or verbal challenge. Mars/Vesta will demand more, but Mercury in Pisces’ details won’t be corralled or hammered into something they’re not. 

Full Moon in Virgo: More To Come

Fortunately, March 1st brings a gorgeous trine between Venus in Pisces and Jupiter in Scorpio, and March 2nd offers the same with Mercury. The rough edges that Venus and Mercury experienced with that square should smooth out, with increased love, understanding or opportunity. If things are tense from February 25th to 28th, know that they should improve. 

March 1st also has a Virgo Full Moon which will oppose Neptune in Pisces. Virgo is the sign of details, corrections and reality. Opposing Neptune, it suggests a reality check – the flaw is pinpointed, the details of the fantasy are analyzed, the escapist behaviour is confronted. Sounds harsh, but this Moon is joined by the trines from Venus and Mercury (ruler of Virgo) to Jupiter. This tells us that the facts (or flaws) that are presented should lead to something more and better. Jupiter will expand Venus’ loves/wants and Mercury’s vision. Even if this Moon brings a conclusion, you will not feel limited. And, the Moon will also trine Black Moon Lilith in Capricorn, so the facts and fixes will have a savvy edge. Success for the outsider who’s had to struggle for acceptance. Using the taboo issue in a practical way, for maximum success. 

Ultra Pisces

This grounding will be necessary, because too much Pisces can leave you floating around with no goals or boundaries. And on March 4th, there’s a massive concentration of Pisces with a Sun/Neptune conjunction, and a triple conjunction between Venus, Mercury and Chiron. There are many different possibilities with this, but Chiron suggests forgiveness and healing will be involved. Venus/Mercury/Chiron is beautiful, compassionate words. Or, your eyes opened to the beauty of what’s broken. Sun/Neptune amplifies the transpersonal energy, which means this will be bigger than you. Maybe you realize that all you can do is release and accept. Pisces’ expansion always means that you have to let go of something – ego, resentment, control, anger.  

And the Virgo Full Moon gives you the tools to make sense of it all. 

On January 12th 2020, Saturn will conjoin Pluto at 22 degrees Capricorn. This will be the start of a new cycle involving authority and power – a deconstruction for some, and an official confirmation for others. For added interest, the Sun, Mercury and Ceres will be nearby. Wondering how this might impact you? Check out my downloadable PDF for a description of these influences by natal house. 


Mercury in your hidden sector square Mars/Vesta continues the influences of Feb 25th: 

“Aspects to Venus in your hidden sector can fire up your desire for an impossible dream/romance, a higher cause or something more than you currently have. Dreaming big is fine, as long as you don’t lose track of what’s real versus what’s out of reach. Your passion and devotion to something bigger than you can trigger restless yearnings – rather than banking everything on this, use it as a catalyst to explore. Travel, education, legal matters, publishing or religion are areas where you might want to push further.” 

The longing will be put into words, but the tension will still be there. Secrets and unclear communication can derail big-picture goals, if you’re not careful. Make an effort to align external actions with background ideas. 

The Full Moon in your sector of routine can illuminate a health or work issue, but the solution may not be straightforward. Improvements, diagnoses and details can expand in a beneficial way, but you’ll have to open your mind to alternative or intuitive suggestions. Watch for a workaround or acceleration that helps you transcend a problem that’s been weighing you down. There could be indirect financial assistance. Progress in your immediate environment will also support professional developments on your own terms. 

The fusion of Sun, Neptune, Mercury, Venus and Chiron in your hidden sector can open up a massive reservoir of healing, release or inspiration. One small acknowledgement or shift in attitude may be all it takes to accelerate massive changes. Don’t try to control what’s happening – events will flow as they’re meant to. 


Mercury in your social sector square Mars/Vesta continues the influences of Feb 25th:

“Aspects to Venus in your social sector can hi-light the blurred lines between a friendship and romantic attraction, or an attractive social ideal/project. Too, you may attract others with your creativity and openness. However, there will be tension behind the scenes, as jealousy or buried anger triggers questionable situations. There can be a hot but insubstantial attraction, or you may give more/allow more than you should. Be very aware of your true motivations – a specific area involving intimacy, finances or efforts to control what’s not yours may have obsessive undertones. Too, there can be a contrast between surface innocence and subterranean actions.”

Now, a public conversation/argument based on the above will be triggered. Words will be driven by subconscious issues – use caution when speaking, and pay attention to the subtext of what you’re hearing. 

The Full Moon in your sector of self-expression puts the spotlight on children, creative work, new romance or your desire for attention/appreciation. Results can expand beyond what you expected – romance or children are especially favoured, but efforts to promote your work can also do quite well. Unusual or slightly controversial beliefs/causes can gain favourable publicity, and your courage to explore/declare your liberation will be gently encouraged. 

The fusion of Sun, Neptune, Mercury, Venus and Chiron in your social sector can bring large groups of people together, or help you reach a wide audience. This energy is calming, idealistic and empathetic – excellent for uniting people under a common issue. On a smaller scale, connections with friends can be immensely healing. 


Mercury in your career sector square Mars/Vesta continues the influences of Feb 25th:

“Aspects to Venus in your career sector can bring confusion around work and personal partnerships. A relationship in one area could leak into the other, as conflict with a partner (or competitor) challenges your goals and professional image. If you’re about to align yourself with someone at work, check carefully to ensure that this will be in your best interests. Do you both want the same thing? There may be some disillusionment as one partner’s devotion conflicts with the other’s ambitions. Too, some healthy competition may be just what you need to inspire business creativity, or push you towards that dream.” 

The above issues will be put into words via a tense discussion or announcement. Conflict and competition may be triggered, so be careful how you respond and how you phrase your comments. 

The Full Moon in your domestic sector can hi-light specific details or improvements with home or family. Career developments/future goals can see positive growth as your daily work is appreciated. Too, you can advance a home business or grow your reputation. Watch for hidden/unusual sources of strength  – taboo issues or uncomfortable knowledge can be mined for something valuable. Too, this could be about you getting a handle on hidden family issues. 

The fusion of Sun, Neptune, Mercury, Venus and Chiron in your career sector can bring a career breakthrough in the form of clarity about what you really want, or a boost in your ability to reach others. However, these energies are less about pure status and success, and more about attracting professional gains via your ability to heal, move on or help others. Others may look to you to see how you handled a tough situation or succeeded against difficult odds. Opportunities that arise will do so naturally, and will be a perfect fit. 


Mercury in your opportunities sector square Mars/Vesta continues the influences of Feb 25th:

“Aspects to Venus in your sector of opportunities can fuel a beautiful vision in the above areas, and long-distance romance may be especially tempting. However, there will be some tension between what you desire out there, and what you have to deal with in your immediate environment. A particular medical, work or routine issue is demanding your focus, and the resulting stress will simultaneously push you to want more while distracting you from what you have to do. Poorly-timed actions or careless planning can result in mistakes – move forward with caution.”

Any mistakes or carelessness from the above will now manifest as tense conversations or difficulty focusing on the facts, as the big picture overwhelms. Extra work/details/paperwork can create anxiety, and legal matters or travel plans may need to be adjusted. 

The Full Moon in your communication sector can bring an answer, turning-point conversation or official decision. What you say or learn now is only the beginning – it will continue to grow, urging you to make the most of future opportunities or areas of exploration. At the same time, your confidence and creativity can increase. Excellent for public statements, creative work and all open communication. Results can also strengthen a partnership, based on your willingness to openly and honestly declare your true self. Now is the not the time to obscure your motivations. 

The fusion of Sun, Neptune, Mercury, Venus and Chiron in your sector of opportunities suggests that travel, education, legal matters, publishing or exploration can open some new doors. As you step forward, the path ahead may be nothing like you planned, but there should be a sense of ease as things fall into place. In some cases, there may be a healing resolution in legal matters. Or, you may decide that now is the time to say goodbye – the release can be tremendously uplifting. 


Mercury in your sector of shared resources square Mars/Vesta continues the influences of Feb 25th:

“Aspects to Venus in your shared resources sector can increase your desire to get closer, give yourself to someone or spend unwisely. You’ll be motivated by a singular focus on passion, the desire for attention or the urge to escape an unhappy reality. You might risk everything, and maybe that’s what it will take to make you happy. A new attraction can be sizzling and intensely romantic. However, know that actions will not be harmoniously aligned with wants, or what you actually have. You can easily push too hard, or miscalculate. If you’re in an escapist mood, use caution with drugs and alcohol.” 


Venus’ desires will be communicated by Mercury. There may be some intimate disagreements, or tense realizations about what you’ve spent, can’t afford or want. Too, there could be some profound psychological break throughs triggered by anger/frustration. 

The Full Moon in your sector of personal resources spotlights what you must have in order to feel secure. The facts about your earned money, values and emotional security may be undermined by an intimate relationship, or by what you don’t have control over (debts, taxes you partner’s finances). You may become aware of what habits need to end, or what boundaries need to be put in place. At the same time, there will be opportunities to grow an area of intimacy or domestic finances, as long as you keep a close eye on what’s happening behind the scenes. Tense conversations and realizations can (if handled properly) unfold into mutual trust, deepening intimacy or expansion of home/family. This Moon also gives you a sharp sense of strategy – what must be done, in terms of daily work, health and routines, can support security efforts if you’re not afraid to push certain limits. 

The fusion of Sun, Neptune, Mercury, Venus and Chiron in your sector of shared resources can increase your desire to merge with someone, while dissolving old fears and issues of mistrust. Too, there can be opportunities for deep healing as you confront old wounds  – previous issues around violation of trust, or problems with addiction, may be confronted. The key is accepting that you only have so much control, but this doesn’t mean you have to undermine yourself. 


Mercury in your partnership sector square Mars/Vesta continues the influences of Feb 25th:

“Aspects to Venus in your partnership sector can lead to some idealistic partnership projections (and pure romance) but this energy will be at odds with domestic/family issues. One person’s devotion to home, family or the past can trigger arguments and disappointments. Too, there could be a mix of passion and dissatisfaction, as one partner pushes enthusiastically for something the other isn’t certain they want. If you’re motivated by a certain domestic focus, consider that it may not be in alignment with what your partner has in mind. Compromise is key – try to avoid obsessive fixation and must-haves. You can’t control the other person, so let go and listen to what they say. “

Mercury can open up a discussion about the above, but there will still be some tension to work through. The other person may have key issues they want to discuss, and you’ll have to step back from your “must do” fixation and allow them to speak. 

The Full Moon in your sign will bring the above issues to a head, with your worries/focus on what’s broken hi-lighting what you can’t fix. Yes, there will be a partnership issue that you can’t pin down or make better – what happens if you just leave it alone? There might be some lessons here about acceptance. The benefits can include an increased flow of love and understanding between you and another, along with plans for the future. Everything’s not perfect, and that’s ok. In some cases, a relationship ending could surprise you as it opens up feelings of optimism and forgiveness. 

The fusion of Sun, Neptune, Mercury, Venus and Chiron in your partnership sector can heal relationship wounds, or emphasize the dynamics of healer and wounded within a relationship. You’ll be taking a close look at what you give (and in some cases sacrifice) to another. These energies can help you move on from painful relationship disappointments or open your eyes to what’s lovable about another (even if they’re not perfect). 


Mercury in your sector of routine square Mars/Vesta continues the influences of Feb 25th:

“Aspects to Venus in your sector of routine can increase your desire to give (unconditionally) or give up, depending on what’s motivating you. You may be overwhelmed by the amount of duties (or a health issue) or, you may be fired up by the urge to sacrifice everything. However, know that the first impulse to give or surrender may not be in your best interests – the focus on a specific solution or requirement can be misdirected. Someone may be asking too much of you. Or, the problem that seems insurmountable may not be so impossible after all. Don’t hesitate to pull back and (temporarily) take a time out – this will allow you to regroup and use your energy more effectively. You may need to drop an impossibly high standard of service or perfection.” 

Mercury continues the above issue with a tense conversation or anxiety-ridden examination of the details. You may feel pressure to respond with a solution/plan, or there could be arguments over vague details. Know that for the moment, you may not arrive at a nice, neat solution. 

The Full Moon in your hidden sector can encourage you to let go of preconceived notions and allow change/release to infuse health or work issues. Something hidden or previously unacknowledged will be at play, so you may not have control over the final outcome. There is room for the expansion of positive potentials or unusual workarounds, although in some cases this can also mean more work. Too, you could find that a challenging health or work issue simply unfolds in the best way possible, without your direct intervention. Difficult domestic or family issues can be resolved easily and naturally. 

The fusion of Sun, Neptune, Mercury, Venus and Chiron in your sector of routine suggests healing for you or someone you’re taking care of. These energies can bring immense relief (even if there’s no cure) with the acceptance of the situation as it is, right now. There may be a call for you to give selflessly, with no appreciation except your own realization that you’re doing a good thing. If this is the case, make sure you’re truly prepared to receive no acknowledgement. In some cases, this can mark a turning point in your care for someone who’s ill, or in your own personal health/diet/exercise overhaul. You’re encouraged to be gentle with yourself, especially if you’ve been feeling overwhelmed or discouraged by work. 


Mercury in your sector of self-expression square Mars/Vesta continues the influences of Feb 25th:

“Aspects to Venus in your sector of self-expression can trigger a passionate attraction, or a powerful desire to spend/indulge/show off. This can be a hot aspect with the potential for really cutting loose. However, know that your focus on financial or emotional security can be undermined if you push the limits – your desire for the ultimate experience/love can blur the boundaries between what you have and what you want. The intersection between the two is where you can get into trouble.” 

Mercury puts the above into intensely romantic/creative words that must be spoken. Indeed, it may be impossible for you to keep quiet, because you’ll feel compelled to announce what you want. Just remember that you can’t force the issue if it’s not meant to happen, no matter how convincing you sound. 

The Full Moon in your social sector can make the above situation public. The responses of others will be key, as will your public image. Fortunately, Jupiter in your sign is on your side, smoothing out any rough edges around the Venus and Mercury squares to Mars/Vesta. If you said too much, displayed too much or overindulged, Jupiter won’t erase what happened, but there can be a softening of consequences. However, since Jupiter expands everything, know that you may find it easy to just keep going down an unwise path. Before you jump in, make sure your initial words/desires are well thought out. You will gain more public attention, which can be positive or negative, depending on what you’re getting attention for. 

The fusion of Sun, Neptune, Mercury, Venus and Chiron in your sector of self-expression can indicate the ultimate dream romance, powerful creative work, love for a child or moment of healing (for yourself) as you accept your flaws/insecurities and realize you can shine despite them. These energies are about loving and celebrating what’s beautiful and wounded. 


Mercury in your domestic sector square Mars/Vesta continues the influences of Feb 25th: 

“Aspects to Venus in your domestic sector suggest an idealized time with family or a  dream home vibe. Too, there can be visions of the “perfect” family, or domestic moment. However, the square to Mars/Vesta in your sign suggests that your efforts to make this happen will be at odds with what you (or a family member) really want. Your extreme focus on what you think must happen can actually stir up family discord or result in inflated household expenses. The ideal is beautiful, but your enthusiasm may push things too far. Consider looking beyond what you’re focused on.” 

Mars/Vesta in your sign suggests you’ll be pushing for an answer, but you may end up with an argument. Or, you’ll feel defensive over a family member’s vague response/plan. You can’t hammer diffuse information into something it’s not. And you can’t force someone to change their mind. 

The Full Moon in your career sector will illuminate the above issues in the context of your future goals, a job situation or relationship with someone in authority. Facts, solutions or the urge to make corrections will be key, along with some savvy financial insights about how you can put yourself first. And there is certainly abundant potential for improvement. Assistance from a hidden or background source, or your powerful sense that you’re on the right track, can carry you forward and help events work out in positive ways. Maybe the plan you were agitating for earlier in the week doesn’t work out, but this turns out to be a blessing in disguise. Exhale, and allow events to unfold.

The fusion of Sun, Neptune, Mercury, Venus and Chiron in your domestic sector suggests a simultaneous release of past/childhood wounds and an embrace of future potentials. Love and compassion can be mixed with painful memories, as well as encouragement to forgive. Time spend with family can be relaxing and healing, and if you’ve been struggling with physical or emotional pain, these energies suggest time at home/with family can be restorative. The key is your realization that things will not happen on your schedule – you don’t have control over this. Once you stop pushing, you’ll see that events unfold perfectly. 


Mercury in your communication sector square Mars/Vesta continues the influences of Feb 25th: 

“Aspects to Venus in your communication sector can add a tremendous boost to the above, with beautiful stories/plans, or intensely romantic words. However, hidden motivations (or an unconscious focus) can amplify what you’re hearing/saying to the point where reality and fiction become interchangeable. Actions will not be aligned with words. Before you say “Yes” make sure there’s proof of intent. Otherwise, simply enjoy the beautiful (and temporary) pictures that are created.”

Mercury will continue the above influences, with a specific promise, fantasy or story. A tense conversation/reaction can be passive-aggressive, with undercurrents of hard-to-define anger. 

The Full Moon in your sector of opportunities trines Black Moon Lilith in your sign, giving you a sharp edge for survival and progress. Something new, risky or unusual that you’ve had your eye on can unfold nicely, and will illuminate a specific dream or ideal. At the same time, you may need to confront a hard truth, but you’ll be more than equipped to deal with this. Watch for opportunities to reach a wider audience with your words, make new and beneficial connections or gather support from others. 

The fusion of Sun, Neptune, Mercury, Venus and Chiron in your communication sector suggests a profound apology, decision to let go or healing/uplifting conversation. Empathetic words will be suffused with unconditional love or creativity. If there’s someone you’ve been thinking of reaching out to, or you want to get something off your chest, this is your time. 


Mercury in your sector of personal resources square Mars/Vesta continues the influences of Feb 25th: 

“Aspects to Venus in your sector of personal resources can encourage you to aim big when it comes to a purchase, gift or financial goal. What you want (or want to give) could seem limitless and wonderfully possible. Is the dream becoming a reality? Well, what you do to get what you want (or what others are pushing you to do) will not quite fit with the available  resources. It will be easy to spend too much, give what you don’t have or push for something that simply isn’t available. There could be a specific public goal that’s taking all your attention, and this is what you’ll have to take a step back from – either you’re misjudging what’s possible, or someone else is taking advantage of you. There’s potential to accomplish something significant, but you’ll have to pay attention to financial and emotional boundaries.”

Mercury extends the above into a tense conversation or request, driven by higher ambitions. Or, you may feel pressured by others to respond with information concerning your money, values or needs. It is time to get clear on your basic necessities, but don’t allow others to bully you into saying or signing something you’re not comfortable with. Use caution if financial decisions are involved. 

The Full Moon in your sector of shared resources presents a culmination around debts, taxes, loans, your partner’s finances or intimacy. The specific details about something that makes you uncomfortable (something you’ve been avoiding) may trigger a reality check. Too, there can be a confrontation with larger, deeper issues or endings that you cannot control. Fortunately, events can contribute to your emotional and financial growth – watch for new opportunities in career, or around your future goals. You may have to let go of something before you gain, but it will be worth it. A financial agreement/discussion could smooth out nicely after the tension with Mars/Vesta. The key is your ability to look forward, beyond your immediate fears of loss. 

The fusion of Sun, Neptune, Mercury, Venus and Chiron in your sector of personal resources continues the theme of releasing something to gain something else. Old definitions of security no longer apply – as you confront fears of not having enough, or losing control of what you have, you can expand into a new chapter where emotional/financial growth looks very different. Watch for new sources of income, new values and new compassion (for yourself). 


Mercury in your sign square Mars/Vesta continues the influences of Feb 25th:

“Aspects to Venus in your sign can clue you into a fabulous goal in the personal or professional realm. There’s nothing wrong with setting your sights high, but be aware that your ambitions may actually interfere with what you want. This may be due to how you present yourself (your professional image) or perhaps your focus (regarding future goals/career) needs to be adjusted. Too, these energies can up your attraction factor, but you may not be totally comfortable with who you attract. Pay attention to the signals you’re sending out and make sure your intentions (personally and professionally) are crystal clear. Others may project what they want onto you.” 

Mercury makes the above about a specific conversation or document. You may feel pressure to sign/respond, or you could feel challenged to answer someone who’s bullying you with their authority. Too, it could be time to align words with actions, if you really want to succeed. 

The Full Moon in your partnership sector brings a culmination around a specific relationship. The truth about your ideal will be revealed, and even if you don’t like all the facts that come out, the result should give you a sense of hope and possibility for the future. A relationship could move forward, based on this new reality. Or, you could align yourself with someone who helps you see greater possibilities in areas you haven’t explored. You could see benefits with travel, education, legal matters and publishing. 

The fusion of Sun, Neptune, Mercury, Venus and Chiron in your sign can bring a key moment of release, healing, forgiveness (for self or others) or deeper awareness of your talents and capabilities. As you accept a wound or vulnerability, new doors will open up. 

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