Horoscopes for March 4th-11th, 2018 ~ Bold, Unscripted Energies By Nadia Gilchrist – March 04 2018

FCGCT Commentary: We are moving from reminding, to reHearting… Remembrance of the ancient wisdom of the Heart.

Horoscopes for March 4th-11th, 2018 ~ Bold, Unscripted Energies

By Nadia Gilchrist


On March 6th, Mercury and Venus enter Aries. Communication and love/money/self-esteem issues will be given a jolt of fresh possibility and passion, in the sign of the warrior and pioneer. This is bold, unscripted energy that encourages impulsive words, attractions and expression. 

However, on March 11th Mercury will have his fiery words blocked by a disapproving square from Saturn in Capricorn. There will be rules or traditions that will restrict what you have to say, or pressure you to say things in a certain way. While you’re dealing with these limits, know that Mars in Sagittarius will trine Uranus in Aries, so you’ll be encouraged to act, move forward or take a risk. The key to successfully dealing with both these aspects is to honour whatever Saturn says you must say (or can’t say) while finding an active (Mars) outlet and moving forward. A square from Saturn may simply refer to an increased need for focus, proof or mental fortitude.

On March 8th, Jupiter stations Rx in Scorpio (at 23 deg). Profound growth or the exposure of dark issues will pause, so you can look more deeply at these developments. Intense events can be overwhelming (and destructive) if you don’t have an opportunity to slow down and prioritize, examine or question. Sometimes an Rx can intensify the energy of the planet in question, so there may be one, focused area that experiences concentrated expansion or exposure.

On June 29th, 2016 transiting Mars ended his retrograde when he stationed direct at 23 deg Scorpio – actions/anger/passion from that time may be connected to this Jupiter Rx. 

Jupiter will station direct on July 10th, 2018. 


Mercury and Venus into your sign can bring secrets out into the open. A hidden plan, potential or attraction can now go public. Or, you may find it impossible to keep a lid on juicy information. Now is the time to speak out, and you’ll have charm, persuasion and clarity on your side. 

However, Mercury square Saturn can suggests blocks around what you want to say, which might make you question the wisdom of speaking out. Professional rules or authority pressure you to prove your knowledge, communicate in a very defined way or, not communicate at all. But Mars trine Uranus in your sign can help – actions involving travel, education, legal matters or publishing will not only present you with freedom and innovation, you’ll find a conduit for your philosophies. Keep pushing for what you believe in, while you organize your thoughts/words. 

Jupiter Rx in your sector of shared resources asks you to reconsider the value of what’s been gaining momentum. Growth/expansion around debts, taxes, loans, your partner’s finances or intimacy may slow, and this will allow you to dig deeper and explore something that’s been hidden. This can also apply to psychological issues you’ve been churning up. An uncomfortable matter may become even more uncomfortable as you go deeper – don’t shy away from what’s sitting in the shadows. Developments could refer back to June 29th, 2016. 


Mercury and Venus into your hidden sector can trigger a hidden potential, background attraction or intriguing plan. There’s more going on behind the scenes, and while information may not be clear (yet), there are certainly signs that this could grow into something substantial. Developments will be raw and unscripted. 

However, Mercury square Saturn will provide the first reality check for the above, and this is necessary in order to test the validity of what’s happening. If you’re faced with a discouraging block, know that Mars/Uranus will encourage you to dig deeper with committed actions or passion. There’s a profound change you’re trying to bring about, and it’s not an easy task. It will demand a courageous battle with doubts, fears and compulsions. Too, you may be asked to act from a place of complete trust.

Jupiter Rx in your partnership sector can slow the momentum of a new relationship, or developments in a long-term union. An area of mutual growth or plans for the future require a closer look, to see if you’re both on the same page. One partner may not be quite ready for the all-or-nothing commitment. Or, one area of expansion may intensify. Developments could refer back to June 29th, 2016. 


Mercury and Venus into your social sector suggest more contacts with friends, groups and the public. Connections with others will be vibrant, impulsive or flirtatious, with fast-moving conversations and sudden opportunities. However, as Mercury squares Saturn you may encounter doubts, fears or psychological blocks around communication. Certain things may not be appropriate to reveal publicly. Or, you could find that private issues restrict public discussions. Mars/Uranus suggests a partner, or your one-on-one connections can offer a workaround – someone close to you may step in with enthusiastic assistance/cooperation. 

Jupiter Rx in your sector of routine indicates work or health issues may slow down. If you’ve been overwhelmed by extra tasks or responsibilities, this Rx can offer relief as the pace eases up. You’re meant to pause and pay attention to recent changes/improvements, so you can prioritize more effectively. In some cases, a specific work or health issue may intensify, demanding your focus. Developments could refer back to June 29th, 2016. 


Mercury and Venus into your career sector indicate increased opportunities and communication. There should be more attention for your work, and increased contacts with management. You may feel inspired to try a new marketing technique or reach out to a new audience. However, Mercury’s square to Saturn will bring up some tension with a partner (work or romantic) as you’re confronted with a rule, restriction or responsibility that sharply defines your professional communication. What you’re allowed to say, or how your words are received, can frustrate you. A competitor may challenge you. Mars/Uranus urges you to keep putting in the work and powering forward with your daily tasks and responsibilities –  you have the power to steer your career in the right direction, but you’ll need to put in the effort. 

Jupiter Rx in your sector of self-expression suggests a time to pull back and reconsider a recent surge of indulgence, celebration or a new romance. Things may have been very good, or completely over the top. Now, you can look more closely at what you’ve been enjoying/creating, and consider if you might be a bit more selective. If a particular area of creativity/performance/romance seems to deepen, know that this is where your attention should be focused for the time being. Developments could refer back to June 29th, 2016. 


Mercury and Venus into your sector of opportunities can signal an interest in something (or someone) new. Travel, education, legal matters or publishing may be areas where something intriguing piques your interest. Or, where you discover new information/opportunities. However, Mercury’s square to Saturn can apply some limits via daily responsibilities, health issues or obligations. There could be a frustrating problem that slows you down. Mars/Uranus can help you through this, as you’re encouraged to take some moderate risks, show off a talent or act from a place of passion. Don’t ignore the immediate rules/difficulties, but don’t let them shut you down, either. 

Jupiter Rx in your domestic sector suggests a pause in an area of domestic expansion. Efforts to relocate, renovate or add to your family may slow down, and this will be an excellent time to take stock of the changes so far. Before you add more, or move further, make sure that your existing base is secure. Too, a specific area of growth may require your attention – watch for intensified digging into the past, or exploration of family issues. Developments could refer back to June 29th, 2016. 


Mercury and Venus into your sector of shared resources can up the passion, intimacy or courageous exploration of private issues. Developments around debts, taxes, loans or your partner’s finances could be featured. Too, a relationship could go a step deeper. However, Mercury square Saturn can trigger some painful reminders of where you can’t go, don’t want to go, or what can’t be shared. There could also be some uncomfortable truths about finances or psychological issues. While boundaries must be honoured, Mars/Uranus encourages you to move forward and confront the difficult topics. If words fail you, consider if there is some action that you can take, instead.

Jupiter Rx in your communication sector suggests a time to take stock of what you’ve learned, promised or believed. The recent rush of information may slow, allowing you to focus on one issue and dig for the truth – is there proof to back things up? If you’ve already been digging/researching, it may be time to pull back or focus your attention on one area. Issues with siblings might require an adjustment or cool-down phase. Developments could refer back to June 29th, 2016. 


Mercury and Venus into your relationship sector can spark a new attraction, flirtatious conversation or passionate discussion with someone significant. However, Mercury’s square to Saturn will hi-light domestic tensions, or challenges between your rules/goals and their ideas. Compromise may be difficult, as you’re confronted with the weight of family/domestic responsibilities. Mars/Uranus urges you to take an active role in finding a solution – speak out, assert your preferences or initiate. Don’t wait for the other person to make the next move. 

Jupiter Rx in your sector of personal resources suggests spending may have to be curbed. Or, you may have to take stock of a recent influx of money – make sure that you’ve got a handle on where your resources are going. If you’ve been expecting (and enjoying) more emotional support/security, Jupiter Rx can signal a time to look more closely at one particular thing that you value, or that your self-esteem rests on. Developments could refer back to June 29th, 2016. 


Mercury and Venus into your sector of routine can provide you with more work, but also more motivation to find solutions. Excellent for upgrades, spring cleaning and self-improvement. However, Mercury square Saturn will pinpoint a specific problem, in work or health matters. Crunch time can arrive in the form of extra demands, pressure or restrictions on what you can do. Mars/Uranus offers an outlet in the form of strategic actions – you’ve probably got your eye on what you want, be it money or emotional satisfaction. Go for it, even if you have to contend with rules or delays. The key will be rolling with the ongoing changes that have been restructuring your immediate environment. 

Jupiter Rx in your sign means it’s time to take stock of recent growth. Any issue or area in your life that’s expanded (be it positive or negative) is now ready to be explored in more depth. You may have to dig deeper for a solution, more resources or the truth. Or, something that’s been exposed may have to be examined more closely so you can put it into perspective.Too, you may have to put a project/ambition on pause while you tidy up the abundance – unchecked growth eventually needs to be streamlined so it’s more effective. Developments could refer back to June 29th, 2016. 


Mercury and Venus into your sector of self-expression can pump up creativity, flirtatious moments or optimistic thinking. You may want to celebrate or publicly declare your feelings. However, the square from Saturn can present some unpleasant reminders about financial shortages or emotional barriers – there will be some limits on what you can say. Rather than allowing this to shut you down, use Mars (in your sign) trine Uranus to boost your courage and innovation. Take action and try something new  – the limits will still be there (and you may have to dial back some of your plans) but there’s no reason why you can’t move forward. 

Jupiter Rx in your hidden sector can signal a shift or retreat in the direction of a dream or hidden potential. If something seems to fade, know that this is temporary (Jupiter will station direct in July, 2018). Too, a shift in background events can deliver a surprising loophole or lucky development – events will unfold as they’re meant to, and an ebb in the tide could be in your favour. Developments could refer back to June 29th, 2016. 


Mercury and Venus into your domestic sector can trigger family discussions, plans for a home or home business, or a fresh sense of confidence and excitement about what you want to do next on a personal level. However, the square from Saturn in your sign will trigger caution and an awareness of how your existing responsibilities/limits play into this. Fortunately, you’re an old hand at dealing with limits – if you can’t push through something, it only makes you more determined to work with the rules in a savvy way. Mars/Uranus suggests unusual flashes of inspiration are on tap – pay attention to background nudges that urge you to try something new or take an unexpected turn. There’s a point where you can put the analysis aside (after you’ve made your plans) and allow instinct to govern your next move. 

Jupiter Rx in your social sector can delay expansion/opportunities in the areas of friends, groups and public connections.  New developments may be put on hold, or events may cause you to pull back and ask some questions. You’re meant to take stock of public growth or new friendships, while looking more closely at one person or area – there’s more beneath the surface, and you may have missed this during the intensified period of growth. In some cases, a public reveal or purge may need to be reined in and examined more closely. Consider the weight of what’s been revealed, and the future ramifications. Developments could refer back to June 29th, 2016. 


Mercury and Venus into your communication sector can open up bold and intriguing conversations, meetings and ideas. However, the square from Saturn will bring up reasons why a certain idea won’t work, or has to be delayed. You may need to think it through more carefully, or deal with hidden obstacles/unspoken fears. Mars/Uranus offers solutions via a friend, group or public connection. Reaching out to others can provide more inspiration and reasons why you should move forward. 

Jupiter Rx in your career sector suggests growth/progress in areas such as a new job, job search, your current job or plans for the future may be put on hold. This doesn’t invalidate the growth that’s happened so far, it’s simply a call to double- check new opportunities and/or concentrate more fully on one, particular opportunity. Make sure the new ideal, or vision of success, is still aligned with what you originally had in mind. In some cases, your hopes for the future may have to be adjusted. Developments could refer back to June 29th, 2016. 


Mercury and Venus into your sector of personal resources can invigorate your drive to earn more, or speak up about your baseline needs. You can attract new earning opportunities, and new financial discussions may be part of this. However, the square to Saturn will hi-light certain limits or difficulties around what you want. The terms of an agreement may not be to your liking. Or, you may find that your requests (regarding emotional necessities) are rejected. Don’t give up – Mars/Uranus encourages you to fire up your ambitions and keep moving towards that future goal. Career, money and confidence in your future are favoured if you take charge. You’ll still have to deal with certain limits, but this shouldn’t shut you down completely. 

Jupiter Rx in your sector of opportunities asks you to pull back on expansion. Travel, education, legal matters, exploration, publishing or ideals are areas where you may have experienced a surge of possibility. Now it’s time to pause and consider all the new energies that have entered your life – delays in the above areas can cause you to question your faith in new developments, but the questions are part of the process. Something that’s valid should be able to stand up to examination. In some cases, the exposure of a dark truth or injustice may require closer examination (and perhaps more research) before you can move forward. Developments could refer back to June 29th, 2016. 


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