“Q, Ron Giles, and Mushaba” by Kat – 3.15.18

“Q, Ron Giles, and Mushaba” by Kat – 3.15.18

Entry Submitted by Kat at 9:54 PM EDT on March 15, 2018

Hi Dinarlandians,
Happy Birthday again, Patrick!! (A fine Irish name. St. Paddy’s is coming up. You must really celebrate on that day!)
Just read some GREAT Q posts out today. In case you missed them here are 2 of my faves:
Trust the plan.
Full control.
March madness.
Public will know soon.
How fantastic is that?? And how hard is it to T-R-U-S-T?!?!?  Sooooooooooo hard. 
I want to thank Ron Giles again, for reiterating abundance beyond measure. Thank you, sir, you do such a great service to us all in Dinarlandia. I always know my Spirits are going to get a light-blast whenever I read your posts. 

From Ron’s post re ZIM: “...our Sovereign Rates, not to mention the higher negotiated rates we will receive. Which historically are, $10,000 to $125,000/Zim depending on your Humanitarian Project. To the Banks each Zim has a value of $125,000. If they redeem for less, they make the profit selling it back to the Elders’ banking system. The tradeoff is having the money parked in their bank, which is of course the profit incentive that produces the money to pay interest on the structured payout. They will make much more as a parking place, and they know this.”

How thrilling is that? 

We are being asked to keep holding and anchoring the light. Countless channels and article have verified that these days, from March 15th onwards, are going to be remarkable. President Trump is asking us to “Trust the Plan” and telling us that “the Public will know soon.

As well, our Currency is asking us to keep the faith and hold the light. Yes, you heard me. Our currency. 
On September 28, 2016, Anakhanda Shaka Mushaba posted this incredible post I highly recommend everyone read. Here is a snippet:
“You must remember that Money has its own consciousness. It’s not some dumb stupid piece of paper that knows nothing.
It carries a specific energy especially this money that is coming into your life now. It will have more consciousness than ever before. It will work with you as a partner for the greater service to earth and Humanity. If you do not keep up on your part of the agreement then the money will decide to leave on its own accord.
You see, we are living in a very different time now and more are becoming aware that EVERYTHING HAS CONSCIOUSNESS even that which we feel is dead, or devoid of life or just a piece of inanimate substance. You currency holders will become the heroes to and for the people. Your heart will prevail on behalf of the people. You were chosen because of your integrity. You were chosen because of your dedication and commitment to truth and right and love of your fellow human being. You are not caught up in the deceit of separation by color of one’s skin or by the belief system one may believe in…”
EVERYONE is feeling the high energies swirling around right now. It’s such a heady experience. So much talk about “The Event” but “The Event” is WAVES of LIGHT. Not just one big wave—although it might also be the case that we see a GIANT wave—but WAVES of LIGHT are beaming to Earth right now from the Galactic Central Sun, lifting us up like boats on a very low tide that are sitting on the sand and then are lifted up by a high tide swirling in.
We are living in extraordinary times. It is such a privilege. Keep doing what you’re doing and God bless you for it. Hold the Light. Keep the Faith. Trust the Plan. Everything we have dreamed about, prayed for, envisioned and held our currency for, is unfolding.
With blessings unceasing,
xo, Kat


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