“The Alliance has been Usurped!” by Carden – 3.16.18

“The Alliance has been Usurped!” by Carden – 3.16.18


Entry Submitted by Carden at 2:03 PM EDT on March 16, 2018

The ALLIANCE has been Usurped!

What the heck is going on? There’s a chimera, a chronic mirage with hustle bustle, scurrying hither and fro and nothing materializes. It’s a constant build up and let down. Many brave, hearty souls have given up and tossed in their towel. They’re out of the fight. For Good. I’m going to go into automatic writing here and see if I can make sense of this life path I’ve chosen. NONE OF THIS IS STATED AS ABSOLUTE TRUTH AND IS ONLY CONJECTURE ON MY PART. (LOL, yep, a caveat is needed, even here!)

“The Alliance” has been Usurped, with a Capital “U”! (Darnit!)

The definition of Alliance is: 1) a union or association formed for mutual benefit, especially between countries or organizations. 2) A formal agreement or treaty between two or more nations to cooperate for specific purposes. 3) A merging of efforts or interests by persons, families, states, or organizations: an alliance between church and state. An Alliance can be multiple parties or just two. In our case, “The Alliance as referred to by those in whispered conversations discussing the NESARA/GESARA, it’s between various entities. And, this word, “Entities” is used to describe companies/corporations, governments, royalty/oligarchs, On World and Off World; each and every one of them holders of Official Papers (whatever that entails).

Official Papers”, my catch-all phrase to state, we are following Laws of some kind, from some governing body, somewhere. Could be International Criminal Court of Justice. Could be another that has not been named yet and agreed to among the parties to “The Alliance”. Hard to follow without a roadmap and the NDAs these people are using are no doubt, clearly prohibitive and exclusionary. I mean, it’s typical, right? These guys never let anyone know what story they want told until the victor can write the history books… LOL. Been there. Done that.

Which “Alliance” are you referring to, Skippy?

Right, the real question is, Exactly how many “Alliances” are there? Will you people please stand up so we can get a headcount?????

Since this isn’t happening I’ll do some simple math: 1) There is an Alliance between Bush and Cheney and all of their corporations profiting from 9/11 and subsequent wars, and Blackwater (family)… Academi is an American private military company (AKA MERCs, or “Soldiers of Fortune”) founded in 1997 by former Navy SEAL officer Erik Prince as Blackwater, renamed as Xe Services in 2009 and now known as Academi since 2011 after the company was acquired by a group of private investors.

Founded: 1997
CEO: Craig Nixon (Feb 28, 2013–)
Headquarters: Virginia
Founders: Erik Prince, Al Clark
Parent organization: Constellis
Subsidiaries: International Development Solutions LLC, Blackwater Security Consulting, Academi Training Center, Inc.

These are the very corporations that have our government issued “Paper” to, licensing them as “sub-contractors” and allowing them to enslave people in stultifying jobs that rob us of our souls. These are the very corporations that funnel money to government representatives to influence laws that further enslave humanity, all over the world. All backed by the muscle of special forces, special black ops trained bullies operating under the Law of Paper Issued by Authority. That sums it up nicely, yes. Our Glorious History. And every politician is under their thumb. Our laws support this, toxic polluting medicines, airlines, automobiles, etc., etc. Bastards, every one of them, yes. For the most part though, these slaves working for these companies are only doing what they must do to keep their families fed and healthy and safe and together. We can consider that Noble, at least and forgive them for their lies and going along to get along BS.


2. Next there is an alliance among “The Chinese” together with “White Hats”. This one is more difficult to define. Got to start with this collective known as “The Chinese”. There’s the communist China government, led by former military generals, and their immediate descendents. Some are well educated, some are simply connected and/or bullies that everyone is afraid to challenge so they are escalated to some lofty position and hopefully manage. These people just want to be paid. They want “their share” of everything, typically 50%. They have allowed and supported and participated in “The Systemfor 70 years, since Mao took over the country and enslaved all of the Chinese people (a kind and generous people). The subsequent mental torture and mind control is not to be discounted. Yet, IMO these people have survived and grown into a deeply spiritual, kind people (65% of the population are Christians, believing in God), that are deserving of our help. They are as trapped as we are. The China government is being slowly changed to reflect a New China. We can encourage this continued growth.

Then there are the “Royal Family” members. This is more difficult since there are many factions in this spider web. Some are labeled “Dragon Family” and it’s been grossly misused. If you are a descendent of a ruling family and have suffered under the theft of family’s assets, given fake-bonds (with typos, etc., etc.) issued by other world governments acting as a protector while planning the theft of your gold, jewels, money, valuables; etc. and of which US was principal perpetrator, you are who we are focused on here in our RVmania. We are working together to negotiate and reimburse legitimate owners, with “provenance”. This is our RV. This is GESARA.

If you are a Family member who has worked hand-in-hand with the Fed, stealing your country’s assets; your innocent brother’s and sister’s family’s wealth, you are CABAL and your days are numbered and if you haven’t already jumped ship it’s time to change sides. There is no escaping the “Quantum Computer”. Artificial Intelligence led computing, faster than the speed of light, with logic-based analysis, looking for specific, defined, bad-actor actions, is impossible to stop. All “bad-actors” will eventually be identified and dealt with. So there. I once met a woman in China who had been taken from her parents and raised in an orphanage, as directed by an “Augur” (read “psychic”) because of her mental prowess and ability with grasping numbers and the “Financial System”. Her parents were given a small stipend. She was denied any communication, love, family (ever), and held a prisoner all her days working, managing the buy/sell of financial instruments. She lived in fear of doing the wrong thing and grew into an angry/unhappy/lonely woman, until she met another psychic who helped her to deal with her life situation. What a waste of an innocent life. She was “An Elder”. Come on. Who are “The Elders” being referred to in Dinarland? This has been a constant question for me. Who is “Grandfather” that is being referred to? Because I met several in China. They are typically older men who are 2nd generation, responsible for recovering their Family wealth. Some are good and some are dangerous, falling into the same crowd this poor woman did, under the control of cruel masters dictating their every move. It’s just not an across the board type of thing! Is she redeemable. YES.

How can we decipher this minefield of confusing messages?

Here’s my take. The Alliance has been Usurped by DJT. He’s shown how he’s not going to continue with the status quo. He’s got his arms around this entire confusing mess and he’s working to untangle us from the bad-actors and evil intentions that have corrupted this Great Nation. And I am A Believer of that fact! He’s also a significant holder of several re-valuating currencies and has a personal goal to make right this country and rebuild the shambles it has become. He is now a significant Leader of this Alliance and according to many reports, calling the shots. Get this RV done!

And then there’s Kim Possible with Manna Trust… WTH? I’ve had several conversations with people asking me how is what she touts possible???? Is everything for naught? The question I am most often asked is, have I believed in RV/GCR like a lemming fool? How can we know what is true in any quarter? In answer I’d like to take an educated stab at this latest turn of events. Tank calls it a, “reassessment” and a “right turn”, as if it’s an easy adjustment to make. Sorry, Tank it’s not easy. It’s a poke in the eye. It’s feeling just like more of, “I’m in control and you’ve got to do what I tell you to do and play ball my way or not at all.” To quote a famous line, “We’re mad as hell and not going to take it anymore!”

Is it possible that one person controls the off ledger, Fed gray screen accounts? The accounts where all the buy/sell financial instruments trade proceeds are hidden and held? Where every player in the global financial marketto the tune of 30 T a day are found; including: BIS, IMF, UN, UST, EU, BOE, China Govt., Royal Families, etc., and all of their off ledger assets are held? (How many zeroes does that represent? Hmmmmmm?) Is it possible that this person can be a simple woman that came out of nowhere, without a Family name and without any fanfare? Is it possible that this one simple woman can have control of a super quantum computer that listens only to her and drives the global market? Yes. It’s all controlled by Paper, and if it’s legally issued, legally adjudicated, legally mandated with proper seals and signatures, then what world government can find fault with it? I’ve got to add the fact that every one of these trades were negotiated under absolute silence via NDA. Can’t talk about these hidden assets to anyone. Can’t show these hidden assets to anyone. Besides the account owners and their assigned trustees, only the bankers were in the know. It’s a deep well of hidden BS paper. There’s the challenge. Following this rabbit down this deep hidey-hole takes some serious digging. Proving up provenance is more difficult since this is often built on a pile of rubbish paperwork created by cronyism and plagiarisms 50 and 60 and 70 years old. I mean, we’ve slept since then! So, yes, Kim Possible, is possible. She could be The One that controls this machine with this reach. I, personally don’t doubt her. What I doubt is that this is the end-all-be-all and, “The Word of Kim” becomes our new bible.

Kim has stated, there’s no way the ZIM is going to be worth trillions of dollars to one person holding a $10 instrument. It would create massive inflation. Here’s where I pick up the glove. Remember, there’s always a Captain Kirk somewhere and a Kobayashi Maru. There’s no way we are going to let this RV/GCR for humanity be stolen by any single entity. This must be an ALLIANCE of authorities for the benefit of THE WORLD.


President Trump is working together with other global leaders, arresting and corralling the “bad-actors” that would corrupt this country further while trying to legally wade through the many “Trustees” legal claims and demands and there are so many. We’ve seen how many. My preference would be to wipe the slate clean and start fresh. Blow off theFed Gray Screen, Off Ledger Accounts” as just so much detritus and begin anew with a new legal currency based on each country’s hard in-ground assets, OWNED BY THE PEOPLE OF THAT COUNTRY. Forget about the corrupt Trustee practices controlling these off ledger accounts. Put an end to the buy/sell financial instrument ponzi scheme that has corrupted this world. Put an end to the slavery of individuals globally and the leveraging of their future assets. PAYOUT WHAT IS RIGHTFULLY EACH INDIVIDUAL’S.

Bankruptcy, Baby! Bring it on!!!! We didn’t agree to this deal so why are we being negotiated as a part of it?

We’ve been hard at work on preparing for humanitarian projects. We’ve practiced our exchange dialog. We’ve got our paperwork in order. We’re prepared to get to work and we will have our legal, fair, exchange. Now. Not later. RIGHT Now. President Trump, with his December 21st EO has control of every bank account anywhere in the world and those with any taint of corrupt illegally earned, laundered money have been put on hold. This is safely controlled. The bad-actors are corralled. I suggest that Kim Possible get on board with the program and cooperate with the A Team to bring about this Great Sea Change for a Beneficial Humanity. This is being handled with or without Kim. Kim’s cooperation will make it a lot easier, I understand. She’s had the benefit of cooperation of our Secretary of the Treasury and has walked away instead of cooperating and negotiating. She’s flexed her muscles and demonstrated her computing prowess and is standing in a vulnerable place. She will be left to play with herself if she can’t get with the team.

Now these are just my ramblings. Nothing against Kim, I’m sure she’s a wise person and has noble intentions. No one wants to be lied to, cheated, stolen from, beat up, threatened, etc., etc.; the typical knee jerk of these CABAL bastards and their cruel tricks. Still, there’s another way here and it’s called cooperation, oversight, management, working hand-in-hand. Be open to the FACT that there are many good, good people working to bring this change about.

If “The Alliance” has “Galactics” in cooperation, as I have heard, then these PURPORTEDLY wise, superior beings need to step in and support the freedom movement with a major exposure. No more hidden, clandestine controls. We’re sick over all this hidden BS and not going to take it anymore.

We’re ready to live.

We’re here to THRIVE.

We’re here to live in cooperation and love each other, not distrust every motive, every story, and every authority. We’ve been lied to and treated to subtle propaganda long enough. It’s time to believe that someone has our back. It’s time to believe that we are honest, that we live with integrity, and love each other.

I believe that someone has my back.
I know someone has yours.




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