Anna Von Reitz: Banking for Bankers 3/21/2018

If one is CLAIRAUDIENT, they will hear HEAVEN first, and then ONE “FEELSHEAVEN in their HEART with absolute PEACE & JOY! Human LOVE is BEAUTIFUL but DIVINE LOVE is EXQUISITE.

FORGIVENESS to others is essential, WE have all done things that ONE is obviously NOT proud of. But it never hurts to CORRECT your course.

Yet the sad thing is, the BANKSTERS have a LOT of HUMAN BLOOD on their hands for PAYING for ALL of the WARS, both sides to get RICHER and NOT CARING, WHO they ROBBED and HOW they ROBBED and WHO they KILLED or HOW they KILLED. With or WITHOUT these EVIL ENTITIES on this PLANET, all DEBT should be REMOVED and RELEASED. For the simple fact that THESE DARK CABAL INVADERSWHO STOLE THIS PLANET, had NO RIGHT to STEAL a PLANET off of GOD and those who were doing their 3D learning. WHEN they turned GOD’S PLANET into a “PRISON PLANETNOT CARING, ONE IOTA – WHO LIVES and WHO DIES, with NO mercy or LOVE or CARE for the LIGHTWORKER’S and their LIVES and WEALTH that they MURDERED to get ahead and commandeer a PLANET, an EXQUISITE PLANET that never belonged to them . In other WORDS, the DARK CABAL uninvited INVADERS who stole this planet are in DEEP trouble not only in the DIVINE and HEAVEN REALMS but the GALACTIC realms as well.

IF any of US behaved like they do, they would toss us in JAIL in a HEARTBEAT and YOU KNOW IT. So WHY aren’t ALL the BANKSTER MURDERERSALL in JAIL RIGHT NOW, every vile HEAD BANKER ? MANY are, but have WE DONE an ACTUAL HEAD count on this ? Or will these BANKSTERS have a CHANGE of HEART FINALLY and “DO THE RIGHT THING?Well I haven’t SEEN IT YET ? Have I been paid back all the FUNDS for having MY HOME stolen ILLEGALLY, even When they sucked me in for an extra 3,000 for Mortgage PROTECTION that should have covered my home ? That did ABSOLUTELY NOTHING for ME, my home was stolen and they still wouldn’t PAY it back either.

THEY have to COME CLEAN with GOD and DO the RIGHT THING.

They WOULD have to BOW down to MOTHER and FATHER GOD and APOLOGIZE and LET GO of their old crooked banking systems, so WE as the NEWLY ASCENDING HUMANS have a CHANCE at SURVIVING.

NONE of US has the actual FINAL SAY as to what happens to these “ALIEN ENTITY BANKSTERS” except MOTHER and FATHER GOD, the GODHEAD etc. I am sure that GOD is NOT going to let them get away with killing well over 2 billion souls in the last 100 years or so in their LIES for WARS, to SHED our ANGELIC HUMAN DNA and BLOOD.

Which they have also been SELLING US to MANY other PLANETS as FOOD, SEX-SLAVES and for our obviously magical GOD-human DNA.

YOU can FORGIVE them all you want, but this “IS GOD’S PLANET !” And MOTHER GOD said that SHE would like to be PRESIDENT in ONE of HER VIDEO’S and I am BEHIND her ALL they WAY. Since there will NEVER be any WARS with HEAVEN at the WHEEL, MOTHERGOD can STEER HER PLANET back to where is was ORIGINALLY, an EDEN.

Saint Andrew


Anna Von Reitz: Banking for Bankers


Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Banking for Bankers

By Anna Von Reitz

More than a year ago, I declared the beginning of the long-promised Thousand Years of Peace. I delivered the Payment Bond and the Bills of Lading to the Vatican Chancery Court. A Year and a Day later, on January 7, 2018, the Final Transaction Cured and, not coincidentally, the Age of Aquarius officially began. As a further result, the Draconian Law was set aside and the Aquarian Law of Love and Balance was declared.

Now, to some of you, this sounds very foreign and “airy-fairy” and you must be wondering— “What’s wrong with Grandma? Has she gone soft in the head? Fallen for all this New Age garbage?”

But it is nothing of the sort and nothing soft-headed about it. It is material fact. And it’s a good thing for everyone on planet Earth.

All these years everyone has been thinking that the Kingdom of Heaven was something immaterial, something we couldn’t see or touch or feel directly. We have been “seeing through a glass and darkly”, but now, that glory is to be revealed and many things that made no sense will suddenly make perfect sense to everyone.

Right now, I want to just briefly observe some consequences to the bankers of the world, who have profited themselves by keeping everyone (falsely) indebted.

All that debt and all those “debt notes” that the banks have been holding over everyone’s head are in fact negative numbers.

A negative number is by definition less than zero. And the bigger the negative number, the less than zero it is.

A minus seventy-seven trillion ($77,000,000.000.00) is a LOT less than zero. That’s how much that debt is really worth.

The only way that such a debt can be converted into credit, is if it is forgiven.

And the only way it can be forgiven, is for the living people and unincorporated governments of the world who are actually owed the debt, to forgive it.

Otherwise, what such a debt represents (besides being worth less than zero) is guilt. Because the only way that such a debt could be accumulated is by crime.

Let me explain a bit more about that.

Since 1946, we have all been living in a debt-credit system of money and finance. All transactions taking place in such a system are zero sum or an accumulation of debt. No credit is possible, because of the use of debt notes as currency.

Think about it. If I give you $5 and you give me a hamburger in exchange, the “value” of one thing has been converted into the “value” of the other. There is no net change. At least in our minds and in terms of our agreements, the value of the $5 and the value of the hamburger are equal. This is a “zero sum” exchange.

The only other possibility is the receipt of something of more value than we give credit for or to put it another way, the receipt of something of actual value in exchange for something of little or no equitable value.

And that is a crime.

So all those bankers who think that they are so rich because they have placed so much debt on everyone else through the use of debt notes as currency— think again. A negative number is still a negative number. And the guilt of whomever is holding such debt notes against others is apparent.

As anti-intuitive as it is for most people on Earth, the only way to convert debt to credit is via forgiveness. The credit of those who have been cheated has to be brought forward to cover the debts of the guilty, plus reinstate the credit balance of the world.

Those who have been cheated are owed by the guilty parties’ own admission the return of all their property free and clear of debt, plus an amount equal to three times the losses they have endured. Thus, upon our forgiveness of the world debt, the debt goes away, everyone’s property is returned free and clear, and an amount of credit equal to three times the total amount of the old debt becomes available for relief, restitution, reclamation, and reinvestment.

So, bankers, do you want to be trillions of dollars in debt and facing criminal charges, or do you want to forgive all those trillions in debt so that you can in turn be forgiven and receive an equal amount of credit?

That takes one complete zero sum exchange on the ledger.

And leaves three times the credit — free of usury — to rebuild the world. The living people and their sovereign governments are the ones who are owed and the ones who can forgive all these debts and convert them to credits. And this is why it is written to forgive so that you, too, can be forgiven.

The Kingdom of Heaven’s credit and resources are limitless, infinite. There is no material you can name, that cannot be provided in staggering amounts. So it now makes sense that such credit is “asset backed” and that we are no longer subject to the Doctrine of Scarcity and the False Values we have been taught.

The rest is up to you. You can sit there like spiders clinging to debts that are worth –by definition– a great deal less than zero, or you can forgive those debts, zero out your ledgers, and receive asset-backed credits instead.

I am here, The Fiduciary sent to settle these issues and convert the debt system to a credit system. My mission will be accomplished no matter what anyone says or does about it. You might as well step back, think about it ten minutes, and start feeling both free and happy again.


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Source: Paul Stramer


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