Arcturian Conversation via Sue Lie, Part III, March 23d, 2018

Arcturian Conversation via Sue Lie, Part III, March 23d, 2018

Arcturian Conversation Part III


Arcturian Conversation: PART III

Conversation with the Arcturians

Align to the Reality of Power Within

PART III: Connect to Your Limitless SELF

This is a continuation of our conversation with the Arcturians.



That really reminds me of that very important bits of information that you like to share, and it’s where your energy lies, there you are also. So where we focus our intentions and our energy, that determines what manifests around us.


Yes, where your attention is, there you are also. Yes.


And if anybody is listening, and they would like to explore further what they are tied intoand what they desire to release, or what they prefer to be tied into with their Higher Self, they can definitely make that connection daily. They can even journal about it. Write those questions down, and ask your Higher Self to guide you, and explore those questions.


Yes, and one way to build a strong commitment and intimate relationship with your own Higher Self, is that you create a cast in steel time and place.

You want to have a place where you can have privacy and that you feel good in, and you can burn incense and candles and music and prepare that space. Find a time, whether it be a once a month or the same time every day, but be realistic. If you’re unrealistic, you’ll disappoint yourself, and that’s the opposite of what you want.

We want you to take a moment and make a realistic assessment.

How often can you put aside how much time in which you can focus on your own personal self, your own Higher Self, your own destiny and your own higher mission, the reason for your incarnation?

And we strongly advise that you write that down, or speak it into a recorder, or type it out because when you receive information from the Higher Frequencies, it will not stay in your physical brain very long. And Suzille knows that as soon as she hears one incoming, if she can’t get to the computer, then she gets a piece of paper and a pencil and writes it down right then.

Because it is that Now, and part of that lesson is there are many Nows, but each Now has its own portal. Each time that we have a portal open in front of us, we have a decision to make. Will we step through that portal? And if we ponder, the answer is No.

And if we don’t ponder, if we just say Yes and step right in, then that is our answer. And if you have to ponder, then that is very good. Why do you think you want to do that when you actually don’t want to do that? Or maybe you want to do that, but you don’t think you can do that.

Why? Write down why you can’t do what you want to do.

And if you are allowing some other person, place, situation or thing to say, “No, you can’t do that,” then you have given your power away.

We advise that you breathe that power of your own Higher Dimensional Self into your heart chakra and allow it to go up into your third eye and all the way down through your body and ground it in Gaia.

And say to yourself, “I Am Ready Now, I Am Ready Now.”

And you can even say that, not even knowing what you are ready for, but if you say it with love and you say it in a Higher Frequency of Consciousness, you will attract that which is right there just beyond the edge of your consciousness that you are ready for.

But remember your consciousness and your state of mind. How you ask is vital. So if you’re in a difficult spot, and you feel that you can’t be positive, you can’t really love yourself, then what you want to do is call a friend, go to therapy, go to a meeting, take a walk in the woods, pet your dog, hug your child.

Get your consciousness up into a high enough frequency that you can Love Yourself.That is the springboard to being of greater service to Gaia.

Because how can you love Gaia, who is made of the very same Earth – Air – Fire – Water and Ether as the physical body you are wearing?

How can you love Gaia if you can’t love yourself?  

And how can you love yourself, if you don’t love Gaia?

Did you wish to say something about that Shawnna? That was a rather long discussion.


But very important, and I think we need to honour and love ourselves. That’s such an important component, because it’s a process of transmutation. It’s a shift. It’s initiations. It’s challenges. So it’s not always a simple process, but quite complex. If you take just simple steps daily and continue to refine your path and align to your higher mission, you continue to clarify it. There’s no hurry. It will unfold in a perfect way when you trust, and make sure you focus on that power within.


Yes, and remember that time is an illusion of the third dimension.

Like you can have a dream, and let’s say you’re looking at the clock, and it’s 1 o’clock, and you fall asleep. You have this long, long ornate dream, and you could wake up and see that it’s 1:10. Whereas, the dream appeared to take hours and hours and hours, but in reality, it went beyond time.

So when you search for your answers, when you search for your Higher Self, you are literally leaving time. Because time on Earth is time on Earth. Time on Venus is time on Venus. Time on Mars is time on Mars. They’re different sizes, they have different orbits, it takes them different amount of time to go around the Sun, and they may not even gauge their time by how long it takes to go around the Sun.

So, therefore, within that Now that is always alive within you, remember to look inside and feel that Now. And have that Now be that place that reminds you that You are the Master of your reality.

You are the Master of Gaia, the Earth, the Air, the Fire, the Water, all that is around you. And remember that you are currently wearing an earth vessel, but your great Multidimensional Self is NOT limited to being an earthling.

You are Venusians, you are Arcturians, Antareans, Andromedens, Pleiadians.

On and on. And this is why Gaia is such an important planet, because it has been the focus of an inter-species, inter-dimensional, inter-planetary, inter-galactic experiment of,“Can all of these different illusions of time and space merge into the oneness of Here and Now?”

So Shawnna, is there any summing up that you would like to do now?


Yes, of course, as always, we appreciate the guidance that you share. It is helpful for us as we continue on our transformational pathway. We have much to reflect upon, and I think we have some excellent tools in which to co-create our highest possible reality.


Yes, and thinking always and never forgetting that you are an Interdimensional, Multidimensional being of Multidimensional Light and Unconditional Love.

Your primary job initially is to remember who you really are, and each time you remember it, share it, and that will assist you to remember more. You’ll then share more. Go into the process of remembering and sharing, and sharing and remembering, and remembering and sharing.

And then you became, and become, and will become a wonderful emissary of Light, Love and Truth.

Thank you so much for joining us. We greatly appreciate that you’ve taken the moments of your Now to listen to that which we wish to share with you.

We are the Arcturians, and we have sent our message through Suzanne Carroll Lie.

Blessings. Shawnna would you like to say goodbye to everybody?


Oh yes, and thank you again for your attention to these important topics. The fun part is exploring all of our individual puzzle pieces and putting them together to see what kind of story that we create together.

Thank you all.


Absolutely. As each of us have honed our puzzle piece, then we will move in to other puzzle pieces and create this beautiful picture of Fifth Dimensional Gaia.

Blessings to you all, and thank you for taking this Now to listen to our message.Ar

The Arcturians via Suzanne Lie, March 24th, 2018

Message from the Arcturians:
Greetings, we are the Arcturians,
It is the NOW to find and/or remember your REASON FOR INCARNATION. It was easy for your higher dimensional SELF to look down to planet Earth, which was so small and so far away, and write your “Reason for Incarnation.”
None of us Galactics could really understand, and/or remember, how it felt to be a human. But now, YOU, the ones who chose to travel away from the safety of our higher dimensional reality to take an incarnation on a living on a planet in the midst of change , and are remembering who they were,  who they are, and who they want to be in order to assist Gaia with Her Planetary Ascension.
Many of you chose to incarnate on Earth during this NOW to assist Gaia with this “time of great change” which could move into the light OR into the darkness. You knew that this NOW would be a great challenge for Gaia, as Her humanity, is wavered on the edge of destruction AND/OR the the cusp of ascension.
Please realize that ascension is as difficult for a planet as it is for a human. If a human, or a planet, is weak and ill, then ascension seems “far away” or “just a myth.” You, and/or Gaia, can easily think. “Third dimensional life can is so very exhausting and challenging.”
That is especially true if you have forgotten that YOU are MULTIDIMENSIONAL BEINGS who chose to take human forms to assist with Planetary Ascension. We, your Galactic Family, who are actually the higher dimensional versions of your third dimensional SELF, are with you always to assist and guide you.We are also here to remind you that YOU chose to take a human form to assist with Planetary AscensionAs you all know, the darkest night is just before dawn. Is this NOW the darkest night OR is it “just before dawn?”

The answer to that question has much to do with the NEW, Multidimensional  Light that you bring in each morning, as you return from your visit Home from your Starship or Home World during your nightly adventures?

During your night visits “HOME,” you are often reminded how you can send NEW, higher dimensional light into action, not for your own self, but for the ascension of your planet Gaia!

Can you remember that your human self is
merely one of the lowest vibrations of your full Multidimensional SELF?
Can you remember what vow you made before you took this form?
Have you lived via this vow, or did you forget it?
If you can remember that you forgot your vow, then you can remember to trace your journey back Home into the Higher Dimensions (usually via your meditations) to remember you pre-birth vows so that you can fulfill then NOW!
We, your Galactic Family, want you to know that we are with you always.
We are ALWAYS there to communicate with you and to guide you.
However, Gaia is a free will planet, and you, the humans, who were meant to be the most evolved creature on Earth,” have the power, and the responsibility, to assist with the Awakening and Expansion of third dimensional Earth back into Her Higher Planetary Expression of:

Fifth Dimensional NEW EARTH!

We, the Arcturians, as well as your entire Galactic Family, are HERE NOW to assist YOU to assist dear Planet Earth. You can all see the many “disasters” occurring on Earth within your NOW. View this problems as a “wake up calls to humanity.” We the galactics could “fix the planet,” but brave Gaia says NO!
Gaia, took this planetary body, to assist this great orb of light and dark, then light and dark, and back to light and dark into an era of pure LIGHT.
However, the LIGHT of which we speak resonates to a frequency that is far too high for such a wounded planet.
Gaia, in all Her bravery, chose to be a “free will planet,” so that She would better serve as a teacher and as an example of how “energy out equals energy back.” Gaia is here to teach Her humans that they must give to another what they wish to claim for themselves.
Are you ready, dear awakened ones? Are you ready to FIND YOUR VOICE  and speak the TRUTH that you have learned during your higher incarnations? Are you ready to be the teacher who teaches the truth to the humans that are lost in the third dimension?
Some of the humans you will meet, are old friends from your Home Worlds who are also wearing earth vessels. However, others will be your enemy. “How do you tell the difference?” we hear you ask. Our answer is that you don’t tell the difference. You just “keep on keeping on as you speak your TRUTH in a manor that is loving and kind.
Then, since energy out is energy back, the truth that you sent out, will return to you! A life based on the truth may be more difficult than a life based on mis-truths. However, a truthful life will remind you more and more of WHO you are, WHY you came to Earth within this now, WHAT mission you choose before you took this form, and WHEN it is the NOW to fulfill that Mission!
Blessings to you all. Remember that you will find the truth of your NOW within your SELF!
The Arcturians, and your Galactic Family, are with you NOW and ALWAYS


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