Darkness trying to start Civil War in Awake Community. Battle Over Henderson, Nevada Explained. Learn To Transmute Negative Entities On The Fly [Free Exercise] + Planetary Liberation News Analysis. – February 26, 2018

Darkness trying to start Civil War in Awake Community. Battle Over Henderson, Nevada Explained. Learn To Transmute Negative Entities On The Fly [Free Exercise] + Planetary Liberation News Analysis.

February 26, 2018


The Unknown Lightwarrior

Last week’s talk with James Gilliland was quite an eye opener, with topics like:

  • members from the various black-ops factions visiting him on his ECETI ranch, then quitting their jobs upon returning

  • ‘the grandfather’ (300-400 year old head of the Dragons in China) contacting him personally, having conversations, with one main message for turning everything around.

  • plus much more. Download or stream the recording here for free after you’ve read this article.

Onwards, to this weeks’ events & show…

So there’s another attack on one of the primary sources of intel for the awakened surface portion of the population. But to bring clarity to the full implications and ramifications of this, and how to best handle it for all of us to win, some background info is needed first.

One of the biggest fundamentals of energy work, and being aligned with your True-Self (the only place were your power,  freedom & abundance lies) … is to learn to not only operate from your true-self (Higher-Selves & I AM Presence) …

as opposed to your false – programmed – egoic – personality (that’s mostly shaped by negative experiences, false beliefs, and ingrained wiring from your current incarnation) …

… but to also recognize that many thoughts & emotions that enter your consciousness, are not actually yours. It’s from darkness/an entity. We just assume these feelings/thoughts are ours, just because they’re there.  

The biggest issue with not having robust enough clearing resources & help, is that most Lightworkers are not cleared enough to perceive external information without said information getting skewed by an:

  • internal wounding

  • trauma

  • false program/belief

  • infection

  • many other things like portals

  • and the entities around each of these, playing the old manipulation game.

… before this information finally arrives into their consciousness.

Then there’s the external interference, especially for those that haven’t been taught to transmute darknesswhere entities literally send thoughts & or emotions into the person, as a person reads or receives information.

Now when you combine this internal – external interference … with the fact that remaining darkness desperately is trying to save itself by attempting to start a civil war within the awake portion of the surface population … especially among those who follow first-hand intel from Cobra who are arguably at the tip-of the-spear of the awake portion of the population …

… you’ve got yourself a potential & engineered:

  • civil war

  • break-up in unity

  • time, energy & resources being diverted to fight the civil war

… with the net result being yet another delay in planetary liberation.

Yippie! (Not)

So I’ll be nipping-in-the-bud, during this week’s episode of Ground Crew Command … this significant attack

on one of our primary sources of intel … before it gets out of hand & the infection spreads any further.

The army of Light must stand united. But such an army can only be united if it’s relatively healed & cleared, (trained) … and under the right command of Ashtar type commander souls. So that you don’t have this darkness manipulation crap running the show.

( … that’s just the facts – Jack) !


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