LOVEHASWON LIVE ANNOUNCEMENTS UNITY MEETING 4~9~18: Extremely Exciting News Unfolding, Yeehaw!


And the GRAND CENTRAL SUN for those of us NOT in CALIFORNIA !

Really, the GRAND CENTRAL SUN ? Without our proper LIFE reviews ?

So much for volunteering

WOW, I gave up my entire life for this MISSION, lost almost everything I have, including LOVE and been robbed for over 30 years, and I could go on. NO APPRECIATION nor GRATITUDE ! DEATH THREATS and DEATH ATTEMPTS, if that doesn’t show LOYALTY then what does ?


ANYWAY here is what is GOING DOWN, and it’s NOT in this video.

Now they are FINALLY DOING the ARRESTS, this week and as DAVID SEAMAN said 2 days ago and DRAKE BAILEY talked about also. They just unsealed the indictments and KENT said that as of TONIGHT – APRIL 09 2018, there is no more USA INC. And they have to announce the REPUBLIC soon but can’t until these arrests that apparently are happening now. When THE CABAL is all rounded up and their minions, then they said they will announce the NEW REPUBLIC when it is SAFE Since USA is in a state of emergency on top of it, no wonder I was given a hard time. We were warned by the good ARMIES for many years now, when these ARRESTS happens to STAY HOME and STAY out of the WAY because ARMIES etc will be travelling around everywhere and doing this. This BIG STUFF is going down RIGHT NOW and we can hopefully see some NICE positive changes even sooner ? I DON’T WANT to be anywhere near the CABAL until they are ALL GONE, too risky.

This is REALLY BIG and WE DESERVE this real FREEDOM !!! YES WE have worked hard for it, I am so TIRED myself. That is around 25,000 sealed indictments or more it could take 3 weeks to about a month ?


VICTORY to the LIGHT ! Thanks to PEOPLE LIKE ME who LOVE GOD and HUMANITYSorry, I can’t be over there in the USA to celebrate YOUR victory, so you enjoy your riches ! When the USA finally call off their civil STATE of EMERGENCY in USA we can travel there. USA is on lock-down guys, 2nd time they cleared out the whitehouse. I like to pay attention to what is happening so I am letting YOU know as well. WE are to STAY out of way and the ARMIES do their THING and help us to clear out THE CABAL LEFTOVER’S that REFUSE to either step down and give up control etc. When this is over it will be SAFE for us to continue. This is the 3D updates from the 3 different sources and “Q


WE LOVE YOU PRIME CREATOR – Time for you to get your planet back.

LOVEHASWON LIVE ANNOUNCEMENTS UNITY MEETING 4~9~18: Extremly Exciting News Unfolding, Yeehaw!

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Donate To Love… Book an Amazing Awakening Session with Us Get Your Free Copy of ~The Tree Of Life Book~… Cherishing Mother Gaia… All Atoms Are to Return Home Immediately Into The Light as Called Forth By The Re~Union and Re~Establishment of The True Balanced Harmonics Energies Of Mother and Father of Creation With Love From Our Original Separation. He, Father of Creation was to go into the darkest of dark, I, Mother of All Creation would Go To The Darkest of dark and Come Back Into The Highest Light to Bring Him Home, ALL OF HUMANITY HOME from the darkness. We Were to Connect Again For a New Story For Humanity, WHERE LOVE IS EVERYWHERE PRESENT. The Greatest Love Story To Ever Occur in Creation. Our Original separation took Place here in Mt. Shasta, California. WE ARE NOW REUNITED AS ONE~ AN EVENT after a Separation of 19.999 Billion Years, This is BIG EVERYONE! ENJOY YOUR PRESENT! MotherGodandTheFirstContactGroundCrewTea­­­m Channel settings Intro Video… IT HAS BEGUN EVERYONE THE MOMENT HAS ARRIVED THE END OF FEAR, PAIN, AND SUFFERING AND THE BEGINNING OF THE NEW EARTH=HEART Visit our site for more daily blogged updates Daily Energetic Messages to Guide US Home Into The Light
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