Marina Jacobi – The Letorians – April-04-2018 -4K

Marina Jacobi – The Letorians – April-04-2018 -4K


Published on Apr 4, 2018

The Letorians, by Marina Jacobi April 4, 2018 Dear humanity north of your planet is a fleet of spacecrafts ready to enter your fifth dimensional existence. Marina tell humanity to be ready for contact. Fleet one unit one we are transmitting directly to you. When your galactic families are connected in physical contact, all of your memory bank portions of who you are will be restored. They were stolen from you so you can be easily controlled and manipulated. So stay tuned. Your memory bank will be instantaneously downloaded and you will know where you came from and what is your family connection. Warning. Do not be fooled from false images in the sky. But you must know that we will never allow this manipulation to continue. No Chemtrails will block any longer your genetic decode DNA. It has been reactivated. They do not know what is coming. Actually, do you know that you helped with all that negativity to be exposed right in the open?, so now we all know of who you are. The humans are free now. Do legitimately remove yourself of the planet. We are taking it back in the name of humanity. It is over now. Stop the nonsense. Let that be your last warning. To you humans. You are being reactivated in the cellular memory DNA. Let us just say that was the back up door, so anyone that tries to destroy your physical vessel, actually reactivated the DNA code to block all their wrongdoing to you. Laugh out loud. So you see they lost. Poor humans they say. And we say now you all stop and go back to your realities. You are no longer welcome here. Let humanity be. The days are numbered. It is done. The letorians “
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