ZORRA CALL – SAT APRIL 14 2018 – What is happening ? – ANTARCTICA, SYRIA – POLE-SHIFT & CABAL ARRESTS Updates !

There is a lot happening on and off our planet, things are happening so fast and it can be confusing.

ZORAYA: How is everyone doing with all these energies coming in ? I know myself is definitely building in level and momemtum. I find myself definitely being downloaded, if you will. So it’s really, really been good.

JANE: And how does that FEEL like Zoraya for you when say being downloaded ?

ZORAYA: Downloading in information, you know coming from my Father and the GALACTIC FEDERATION and things like that. They keep saying PREPARE, prepare, prepare. O.K. O.K. O.K. I got the MESSAGE I got the message already so yeah. I would say yeah and I am preparing of course just like everyone else should be doing.

JANE: And how are you preparing ? HOW are you preparing for this ?

ZARAYA: HOW AM I PREPARING ? WELL mentally I am quieting myself to the point where I can HEAR what’s being said by the Galactic Federation. And I noticed at night MY DREAM STATE is sort of like picking-up momemtum too. What I mean by that is I am starting to have dreams, like you have when you are a kid and everything seems real but when you wake-up it don’t seem so real. But other than that, how am I preparing, well I do get a chance to get out to MOTHER NATURE when you are outside, not stay inside all the time, of course we do that and I do that when we go to excercise at the gym. So it’s just a …,

JANE: Can I ask ? So I understand you downloading and being MORE open in your HEART-MIND.

ZARAYA: And SEEING, also look around YOU  just look around you when you go outside, the colors are more vibrant than they were in the past and everything seems more alive. A lot of people don’t really notice Mother Nature that much but you can’t help but take notice of it because it’s all around you.  And the BIRDS seem happier, the squirrels are jumping all over the place, the rabbits are jumping all over the place. And, like our backyard, there’s a fence between us and the Golf course sometimes I go out there and I see a golf ball in the backyard, with but as far as mother nature, its seems MORE ALIVE and you NOTICE it more. I guess that pretty well sums it up and.. EVERYONE else at one degree or another should be feeling the same thing. MORE VIBRANT colors when your outside even when your driving you can’t help but look around and when you look around all the colors are very vibrant, very bright. The SUNNY days are SUNNY, I look up in the SKY, I don’t see any ah, contrails at all, so it’s a wonderful day, he he ha !

JANE: [LAUGHING] O.K. that’s beautiful, one of the things I wanted to bring-up is, people as I know that we do have some NEW people that are listening as well is that when we are sometimes driving around is that the TREES talk to you a lot. so…,

ZARAYA: They have a lot to say.

JANE: So most recently what have they said to you ?

ZARAYA: Well in essence they are saying the same thing,  OPEN UP your MINDS, OPEN UP to possibilities that there is MORE that is what if going on than meets the eye. That MOTHER NATURE is sending a message to everyone, that times are much better, going to be much better. And WAKE-UP because THE CREATOR is also sending a message and of course MOTHER NATURE is getting it BEFORE the PEOPLE DO and then inform the birds…

JANE: And WHY is that ?

ZARAYA: Well because they are more receptive than people are and so naturally they will get the message before man does, that is why they are happy, seem to be happy. And of of course we should be doing the same thing. You shouldn’t be listening to all the negative propaganda on youtube saying negative things, because that’s their ROLE to bring FEAR to PEOPLE.


{I don’t, I take record of some of it as I said I would, but I don’t let it lower my vibration, I just record it, so we can see where humanity is at and because I promised to take a record it for progress.} {This is why I avoid the OLD scare ILLUMINATI CRAP as they don’t SCARE US anymore as we have moved past those issues} Back to the INTERVIEW. I stopped recording this at around @ 16 minutes into this interview.


I started again when ZORRA COMES THROUGH @ 23 minutes

@ 23 minutes

JANE: So if you can let’s have your DAD, ZORRA come through.


JANE: It’s so WONDERFUL to hear your voice, ZORRA. It’s wonderful for you to be here and we THANK-YOU. We thank-you very much.

ZORRA: It is also wonderful to come and talk with you peoples for a time. I understand the peoples out there LAST TIME we had a call with a guest upon us but this time no guests so your going to have to put up with myself and my BELOVED SARAIYA so I don’t think you’ll complain too much. To reiterate WHAT IS HAPPENING and what is called the ANTARCTICAN continent, your perspective Governments and also other Governments who also have a bit of a, what is called their representatives down there as well, it has become what is called an INTERNATIONAL INCIDENT – transpiring down there. They have uncovered A CITY. The more they uncover, the more they discover but so there’s definitely ACTIVITY going on down in your ANTARCTICA. And so they’re finding FLASH FROZEN PEOPLES and FLASH FROZEN FOLIAGE and things of this nature and which they FEEL is going to have an IMPACT upon the present world. And of course then you have people talking of the FLIPPING of the axis [poleshift] – things of this nature. Again beginning to speak again of WHOSE property is this FINDING in or upon. It’s NOT just for one country, it’s for all of them. It was meant to be uncovered now because it is time for it to be uncovered. What city?

JANE: What city is that ZORRA ? What city is that, and is that from the Lemurian continent or is this from ATLANTIS and what beings were uncovered there ? WHO are THEY I was wondering if you could just expound a little on that ?

ZORRA: Well the beings that are being uncovered contrary to what you have been hearing are the ANNUNAKI. So, and they have also through imaging, they have noticed they are several, what is called, 3 to be more precise, 3 great vessels under the ice. [The Nina, the Pinta, the Santa maria] Understand BELOVED MASTERS, BELOVED GODS and GODDESSES, ANTARCTICA is a LAND MASS, it is NOT just ICE and SNOW. There is a land mass beneath the ICE and SNOW, at a period of time of existence where the entire continent became frozen or FLASH FROZEN, there was what is called “THE FLIPPING of the AXIS” but that is a THING of the PAST.  IT WILL NEVER OCCUR again. Because understand THE GALACTIC FEDERATION have SHIPS that are stationed GREAT SHIPS [MOTHERSHIPS?] MID-SIZED upon the 4 REGIONS of the Earth in SPACE. And they are KEEPING what is called the PLANET FROM FLIPPING on it’s AXIS. So you take that out of your mind, the Earth is NOT going to flip anymore, it is through flipping but ah, it is NOT THROUGH EXPANDING. So there will be EXPANSIONS that are taking place, but understand that is NOT for you to worry about because THE GREAT EXPANSION when it does take place will be after THE GATHERING. AFTER EVERYONE is taken from the SURFACE of the EARTH and ANIMALS as well PEOPLE and put into SAFE HAVEN until THE GREAT EXPANSION is over with.

So you do understand what is called MAN’S ACHIEVEMENTS such as the GREAT CITIES, the GREAT MONUMENTS and things of this nature will SUFFER the CATACLYISMS and things of this nature that are going to be in the EXPANSION of the PLANET. And so your GREAT cities of NEW YORK and CHICAGO and TOKOYO CITY and all these wonderous feats of engineering are going to DISSAPPEAR. Mainly because the outside of the EARTH is expanding, getting LARGER. And there has also been talk of the EARTH can only sustain a certain amount of beings upon the surface on the Earth and I can ASSURE YOU that HOLLOW EARTH has more than enough AMPLE SPACE for every HUMAN on the planet. SO I can ASSURE YOU again there is NO reason to have a GENOCIDE or ELIMINATION of POPULATION  because it is LUDICRIST thinking. Because there is MORE SPACE on the inside of your planet that is LIVABLE HABITABLE and so get this FEAR out of your minds.

JANE: Zorra going back to ANTARCTICA, I think that what people are hearing now is 2 things, Antarctica is MELTING. [Which is a good thing] well people think it’s NOT a good thing. And that they are FINDING all kinds of PYRAMIDS, I think the last count was  91 volcanoes so if any of those errupt it could cause a TIDAL WAVE again for destruction.

ZORRA: ANTARCTICA is NOT melting, the ICE SHELVES are melting. The ICE SHELVES are what is called, people are under the impression that the ICE SHELVES are just ICE and SNOW and that it is NOT and actual continent, just layers upon layers of ice and snow and it is not. it is land beneath the ICE beneath the snow, I understand there is great depths of ICE and it would take eons of time before all of the ice is to melt off the continent but understand the melting is NOT a bad thing as you term it because it is revealing findings and things of this nature on the continent itself. And ANTARCTICA is what you call PRISTINE LAND beneath the ICE.

JANE: And WHO does that belong to ZORRA ?


JANE: NO NO NO, HA HA HA, as far as the continent, we have the continent of LEMURIA and the continent of ATLANTIS ?

ZORRA: They don’t belong to anyone, they belong to GAIA. One of the cities that are being uncovered, – ANAKAIA and ah so that’s the name of the city.

JANE: ANAKAIA and that is on the continent of Antarctica. And the beings that are on that from eons ago were the ANNUNAKI’S who came here at the very beginning of our existence ?

ZORRA: YES, and in the CITIES there were also peoples from the LEMURIAN CULTURE, from the ATLANTEAN CULTURE and also from the ANNUNAKI CULTURE.  so yes..,


ZORRA: It was a striving continent of vibrant life, and actual in reality ANTARCTICA before it’s FLASH FREEZE was a TROPICAL continent. And so it had NO snow and things of this nature. It was VERY VIBRANT and a HIGHLY ADVANCED CIVILIZATION. And of course which even you know the LEMURIAN continent was advanced in TECHNOLOGY and so was ATLANTIS. Even though the ATLANTEANS took most of their knowledge, or STOLE their KNOWLEDGE from the LEMURIANS. But still there was GREAT STRIDES in SCIENCE and TECHNOLOGY. And also understand at that time there was no as you term, pestilence upon the Earth. there was NO, what is the term, ILLNESS there was NO ILLNESS, SICKNESS, NO DISEASE. NONE of this, all of this was not present on that continent at all.

JANE: Interesting.

ZORRA: Yes, it is VERY interesting. And they also found DEVICES being uncovered in the PYRAMIDS what you term “The MED-BEDS” if you will or “HEALING CHAMBERS” So technology is being DISCOVERED, even more.

JANE: Wonderful !

ZORRA: Understand ALL the INVENTIONS that you today are ANCIENT compared to the TECHNOLOGY that is being found in ANTARCTICA. And again there was a discrepency – WHOM owned it, and the territory upon of which the Germans have an area of Antarctica that they are in charge of, the Japanese have an area which are in charge of. The Americans have a base in which they are in charge. They are different, around the continent of Antarctica there are several different bases from several different countries so everyone has a stake what is being discovered but of course as you know as it is so termed everyone wants to  be SOLE PROPRIETOR  so there is a dispute going on between nations to WHO owns the TECHNOLOGY and the TRUTH is ANYYONE owns it. So the TRUTH NEEDS to get through their head that it is NOT a private owning of technology, so and then you have the heating up of conflict in SYRIA and things of this nature, where the Chinese and what is called the Russians what is called the Americans and Syrians and all of this are all biting at the bit to GAIN CONTROL in that area. And also understand, YES go ahead.

JANE: Well since we are talking about SYRIA and everyone if you are thinking that I am interrupting it’s just so you know we can get some of the CRITICAL questions that people have and..,

ZORRA: You are NOT interrupting.

JANE: Well thank-you ZORRA so in regards to SYRIA the big deal is that people were really afraid that the UNITED STATES were going to go and BOMB or do the CHEMICAL BIOLOGICAL WARFARE etc. That would be inniated by US and of course that would trigger RUSSIA to send a missile towards us etc. Causing all kinds of PANIC, all of that was a FALSE FLAG.

ZORRA: Indeed !

JANE: Yes, I guess one of things is that people DO NOT UNDERSTAND is whatever they HEAR in the news, in these days is NOT necessarily TRUE. You have to get beyond to get to THE TRUTH. The TRUTH of the matter is that there was another FALSE FLAG here that was put together with the CIA of RUSSIA to bring about some sort of turbulence or chaos there. Because I think part of there issues, one of things is they want to get rid of, not just politically, well politically they want to get rid of TRUMP. So SYRIA, maybe you can just tell us what’s going to be happening in that area. Were talking MIDDLE-EAST were talking about SYRIA, we are talking about ALL of that STUFF.

ZORRA: Well for one thing before I go into that I want to bring forth a bit of KNOWLEDGE to you peoples that RUSSIA, CHINA, AMERICA, GREAT BRITAIN, ALL of the MAJOR POWERS, they have a joint SPACE-STATION in orbit around MARS and it has been there ever since your 1950’s. ALL of this bickering and all of this conflict and turmoil that is taking place on the EARTH is LUDICREST thinking. Because understand if you have a bringing together of NATIONS in SPACE already why have a CONFLICT on the surface ?


Of course this is MAN’S LEGACY they like to do what is termed as to bicker, squabble and things of this nature, it is in their nature to do it. 

JANE: I think its like a, well one of the things it comes down to again, is the SATANIC ELITES and THE CABAL, they are STILL quite at PLAY. I guess maybe is what I’m TRYING to get at, on our SURFACE.

ZORRA: Well, the MINIONS of THE CABAL are at play as you term it. Causing disruptions, CHAOS and things of that nature. But the are FAST BEING ROUNDED-UP that is what is taking place as what you term as a  “MASS-ARRESTS” and things of that nature. They are being ROUNDED-UP. They are BEING DETAINED and things of that nature.

They are BEING REVEALED, EXPOSED for WHAT they REALLY ARE. And in DOING so [as in these Arrests] they are bringing forth MORE CALMNESS onto the EARTH.  [THANK-GOD for these ARRESTS !!!]

People see, they think they see an increase in violence and things of this nature but that is just what is called as you term it a FALSE FLAG. To cause CONFUSION to cause FEAR to cause CHAOS and things of that nature. And ah, that will go on until what is called EVERYONE, NOT everyone but MOST of the PEOPLES AWAKEN !

And that is the reason for what is taking place in THE ENERGY FIELDS and so YOU still have a WONDEROUS LOVE WAVE that is approaching the EARTH and that is beginning to touch the Earth in different WAYS, that being IMAGINED in different ways and some people DON’T FEEL IT because they are NOT AWAKENED. Or they are STILL IN a bit of a SLUMBER but ah, they WILL be AWAKENING and they are WAKENING NOW even more and TECHNOLOGIES and INVENTIONS are coming to the surface. People, inventors are NOT in fear of their LIVES anymore because your PRESIDENT TRUMP who is in OFFICE NOW is allowing this to come forth. And he is playing a ROLE as well just as anyone on the PLANET is PLAYING a ROLE. yes, go ahead.

JANE: Talking about TRUMP,  ZORRA, do we have to worry about TRUMP as far as his actions ? And as far as, I think he’s been PROTECTED, he and his family is being Protected.

ZORRA: He has what is called in his CABINET, he does have an advisor that has been placed their by THE GALACTIC FEDERATION and he speaks with them on a DAILY basis. @ 44:44. So there is representatives from the GALACTIC FEDERATION in the GOVERNMENTS of AMERICA in the GOVERNMENTS of RUSSIA in the GOVERNMENTS of CHINA in the GOVERNMENTS of GREAT BRITAIN, so we have ….,


ZORRA: YES ! You are very well PROTECTED. You need to get THE FEAR away from you. The FEAR of NUCLEAR ANNILATION, all of this is a FALSE FLAG all of this is a NO THING. To you it is a BIG thing but to the GALACTICS it is a NON-EVENT. And the REASON for that is because WE have SHIPSstationed around the worldthat are MONITORING areas that could come under CONFLICT and they are being observed they are being MONITORED. Understand ALL of your MEDIA is also being MONITORED by the GALACTIC FEDERATION. And if your COUNTRIES were to try and perpretrate a NUCLEAR ATTACK, IMMEDIATELY YOUR SKIES would be FILLED with SHIPS and they would NOT DECLOAK at all. They would be deterring ALL MISSILES, shutting them down, so WE are NOT going to let you to annialate yourselves, period. END of STORY.

JANE: O.K. Well I KNOW YOU have told us that MANY TIMES so thank-you again for that reassurance.

ZORRA: YES, the reason I bring it out is because of the talk that of nuclear annialation over there in SYRIA. So we are NOT as I SAID BEFORE, YOUR PLANET is UNDER OUR PROTECTION! And it is under the GALACTIC FEDERATION PROTECTION. We have PROVEN that to YOU TIME and TIME AGAIN [GOD-BLESS YOU all for that by the way!] The more recent event the METEOR over RUSSIA that was an outward showing to people of earth, YOU ARE PROTECTED. You are NOT going to be annilated by an ASTEROID.

JANE: Of course there has been other examples where the GALACTICS have intercepted any PROBLEMS ZORRA.

ZORRA: Oh YES ABSOLUTELY, when they had KIM YONG UN of NORTH KOREA had launched MISSILES over toward GUAM over toward HAWAII and ALL of those, every single ONE of them was simply DEACTIVATED and dropped into the ocean. So of course once they were dropped into the ocean they were collected by the GALACTIC FEDERATION with the UNDERSEA vessels were in that area that scooped them up and they are NO MORE. And I will tell you this, your OCEANS NO LONGER have ANY RADIATION in THEM !

JANE: WOW, that’s amazing !

ZORRA: That was a MESSAGE I was to give you from PRIME CREATOR.


JANE: Well what did the GALACTICS DO, HOW did you guys do that ?

ZORRA: WE have a PROCESS which we can scoop up, vaccuum up if you will, radioactive particles and we simply vaccuumed the OCEANS.

JANE: O.K. So it that continuing then obviously because we are still working with radioactive chemicals ?

ZORRA: Well yes but you also have the dept of the NAVY have been, have shut down all their SONAR ACTIVITY that was causing HARM to marine life, that has been shut down too.

Your planet is being very gently and very ongoing beingPURIFIED

To the point of, you’ll find many people who have gone out to areas of the PACIFIC COAST. AREAS that were once was polluted by OIL are now CLEAN. They do NOT have the pollutents on the coast anymore The OIL SPILL that took place in the GULF of MEXICO that is nearly all completely cleansed.


ZORRA: I will also include upon this UP in the ARCTIC CIRCLE you have what you call the ice shelf and it has great opening in the ICE SHELF that is now what is termed, 5 MILES WIDE ! Now the purpose of that is because, your Scientists are thinking it is the MELTING of the ARCTIC ICE CAP. It is NOT. It is SEPARATION of the ICE to ALLOW CRUISE-SHIPS from the SURFACE – ACCESS to HOLLOW EARTH

JANE: BEAUTIFUL. So can that happen NOW then ZORRA ? Or are we waiting for ..,

ZORRA: It can happen as SOON as people, once it becomes common knowledge around the world that the OPENING is there and it is being REPORTED by your SATELLITES and it is being reported by your ICE-BREAKERS that are constantly up there and they have discovered this WATERWAY and ah.., But they are perplexed because the WATERWAY is going from an area of GREENLAND to a north-westerly trek toward the GEOGRAPHICAL POLE. They are perplexed because of the direction has is taken and they are wondering why. So there are SHIPS up there what you call, ICE-BREAKERS and research vessels that are up there determining WHY the DIRECTION of the OPENING is pointing towards your GEOGRAPHICAL POLE.

JANE: And the reason is ?

ZORRA: Because they are SOON going to be SEEING VESSELS that are on that waterway that are NOT from here!

JANE: [LAUGHS] Oh that’s FABULOUS, oh this part of a HOLLOW EARTH or INNER EARTH coming ah, to VISIT?

ZORRA: To preconstitute THE REUNION of SORTS.

JANE: But they haven’t STARTED that yet ? Inner and Hollow Earth have NOT started that yet ?

ZORRA: NO. Not yet.

So are we waiting for the

JANE: So the next topic to discuss again is, in regards to the BORDER-WALL, we know that it  already is GOING-UP and people are under the, again because of MEDIA there saying well WHY is TRUMP doing that you know there should NOT be a WALL there but on the other hand what people really don’t know, there’s a point especially if he is being led by a GALACTIC ADVISOR and a few of those reasons is they are TRYING to PREVENT EVIL ELITE to bring in mercenaries.

ZORRA: Well presently they are putting up a WALL to prevent an INFLUX of peoples from south of the border, but understand



April 14, 2018
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“Continue being patient and meditate for that which you desire.”
~ Zorra
Dear Beloved gods and goddesses,
It’s April and we ask, how are you faring? What are you thinking and what are you doing? The cosmic energies are very high as they are continuing to bathe Terra Christa and all its inhabitants with endless Love. This is but a precursor to The Big Event wave of Awakening. It is to help you acclimate gradually to the higher energies yet to come. Can you feel it in your heartmind and in your entire body? Especially when you meditate or pray or spend quiet time in nature, you can “feel” the uplifting Love/Light higher energies at work for each of you. You can actually feel being 5th dimensional or above. These are transformational energies and are very beneficial for all in so many different ways.
On this earth plane however, many are still feeling confused and conflicted with all the news with governments/politics, the declining economy. and frustration and dissatisfaction with life. People are still wrapped up in disinformation and false flags that they can’t tell what is fact from fiction. The result is frustration and feeling let down and anger etc. which pulls down one’s vibrational frequency levels. Do not dwell on these distractions. This is not you anymore. Know the difference of who you were (past) and the new you (present-higher vibrational frequency) or realized gods and goddesses.
Now, concentrate on your mission and if you don’t know what that is yet, then spend some quality time alone to contemplate, pray or meditate on what it is and journal your ideas and thoughts about “your” mission. It’s all there, within you. Your mission is your JOY to share with the world. “Seek and you shall find”, said Jesus/Sananda. Then, begin to create.
Remember, “your” mission affects each and everyone of us and as a whole. That specific responsibility will assist in helping and healing each other and beloved Terra Christa. Your mission then is made manifest through your Love in Service to others.
Today, beloved Zorra will provide some updates on key topics of the day. Together with all of you, we shall do healing for our family members who are asking for one.
What a wondrous, glorious and loving day it is!
Love to All,
Saraiya, Zorra, Zaraya/Billie and Quazar/Jane
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