FROM THE FIRST ORDER & Dr. Sam Mugzzi with Kent Dunn – APRIL 19 2018

GREETINGS LOVE BEINGS, HOW are you on this lovely day ? HOPE that YOU are keeping those ENERGIES HIGH and staying far away from fear and anger. Get OUT of the HEAD and into the HEART, like PRIME CREATOR always TELLS US. No over thinking. And TRY NOT to go into the NEGATIVE, NOR get LOOPED into it. DROP ALL the OLD DROSS that NO LONGER serves your BEAUTIFUL divine SOULS. I know it isn’t easy, especially if you are dealing with old or challenging ISSUES but – DOING AWESOME. Go within daily, where answers are.

HOW to STAY HAPPY? – DO SOMETHING YOU LOVE, that always picks one up. whatever that is, maybe YOU SING, or dance or WRITE, sit down to write, DRAW, PAINT or TINKER etc. It keeps the MIND off the garbage so you can concentrate on CREATING something. You can also MEDITATE and IMAGINE the new dimensional Planet that YOU would like to see in harmony and balance and LOVE for ALL beings to SHARE etc. An easier way to LET GO of pain is VOLUNTEER to help someone.


Video notes below

Latest updates! Drake is out on assignment! Thank-You, love you guys.

KENT: The PEOPLE that are NOT in the HEART. NOT all the way in the TRUE HEART, BODY the SOUL are becoming MEANER. The PEOPLE that are into THE HEART are becoming a lot NICER, WE,  are making up for it.

WERE in the 4th DIMENSION, IF you DON’T BELIEVE IT, start MANIFESTING things. Start doing MEDITATIONS start PRAYING, start MANIFESTING YOUR NEW WORLD. This is HOW – YOU are going to tell the 3D from the 4D. This what we, you know ALIENS incarnate, WALK-INS, we already do this folks. NOW your developing the POWER to do WHAT we DO ! O.K. so ALL you have to do is look around, I mean everything is getting CRAZY. The EVIL ONES are getting MORE EVIL. The NICER ONES are saying, you know this is all a FALSE FLAG. WE are trying to KEEP you all as CALM as possible. Don’t FEED the “DARK MATTER“, when you get UPSET whenever you cuss, whenever you get MAD at these people, YOU CREATE something called LOUSH [DARK ENERGY] And loush is like a liquid protein drink to the DARK. [In other words, it KEEPS THEM ALIVE!] There is NO REASON to GET UPSET, what we are going through is exactly what we, is going through you know, this was fore-casted millions or years ago and we are the 95 SPECIES on this planet and were finally MAKING IT folks !!

That’s WHY were are here and whether YOU want to BELIEVE US or NOT, I am going to tell YOU HOW this is the REASON YOU ARE HERE and IF YOU ARE HUMAN, NOT the HYBRIDS, for the HUMANS if YOU ARE HERE is BECAUSE – You were one of the FIRST ones on this planet SINCE you are the FIRST ONES on this PLANET, you will be THE LAST ONES on this planet. This is where in the BIBLE they talk about the ALPHA and the OMEGA. YOU are the ALPHA’S and you are also the OMEGA’S. 

DR SAM: OK I want ask about this because GEORGE gave me a teaching a couple of days ago. He said that in order to RAISE YOUR VIBRATION you slow things down. SEE a lot of PEOPLE think it’s GO FASTER but it’s REALLY NOT – it’s GOING WITHIN and CALMING down, grounding and MEDITATING and STAYING in that I call it THE HUM. As human we make a HUM sound and that TUNES US into it. It’s NOT going faster


KENT: You are CORRECT, we have to SLOW DOWN so WE can CATCH UP with the ENERGY that we are running into because in this dimension is what we are doing, is we are  getting into this dimension. WE have to SEE what we are doing, WE have to FEEL the FEELING and WE have to ACT On it. This is the WAY that WE NEED to DO THIS. Now I am going to tell you a little SECRET that I tell very few people O.K. There is an ESSENCE OIL out there and it’s hard to find, it’s called CUCUMBER OIL. It’s made from the plumes of the cucumber. With US being in 4D 

Dr. Sam Mugzzi with Kent Dunn


Published on Apr 19, 2018

Latest updates! Drake is out on assignment!
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