True Twin Flames! 144k~We are the Light of the World!!! – Manna Delight – May 7, 2018 & TWIN-FLAMES information

GREETINGS LOVE BEINGS, just answering some questions about the TWIN-FLAMES, the 144,000 information. There are some videos out there on this subject and many on the DIVINE FEMININE and DIVINE MASCULINE as well. There is research and stories that twin-flames in the older days, sometimes came in, NOT as lovers but to do a mission, that is what I read. And there are other stories and info that the TWIN-FLAMES are the DIVINE LOVERS. Just so you know what is out there. Use discernment if you need to as I always say, do your own research!

ALL BEINGS have a DIVINE MASCULINE and DIVINE FEMININE side in which YOU find-out that YOU NEED to BALANCE the male & female aspects. YOUR TWIN FLAME is your DIVINE other half created just for YOU when they were CREATED, as LOVERS and to balance each other and for ASCENSION and EXPANSION and certain divine MISSIONS etc

So, YOU are the SAME SOUL but YOU are TWO separate BEINGS, yet YOU are spiritually CONNECTED to each other. ONE needs the other ONE and you can send each other LOVE and HEALING etc. There are 2 PHYSICAL BODIES ascending with a physical bodies which has NEVER BEEN DONE BEFORE, [Ascending with the physical body] EXCITING !

SEEMS like some of TWINS that are still separated are trying to FIND their TWIN according to all the divine masculine and feminine tarot readings and are wanting to get on with the PROGRAM and UNITE.

What is a Karmic ? A relationship that teaches lessons and has some karmic ties to the relationship. Or maybe to balance old 3D karma in the past. Sometimes it is – The ONE before the ONE DIVINE-TWIN. And many times, the Karmic, is the FATHER or MOTHER of your children.

SOME are LUCKY to have CHILDREN with their actual TWIN-FLAME.

IF you are reading this, you my have been spiritually activated already and trying to figure out what s a Karmic relationship and what is a TWIN-FLAME. WHY am I connected eternally to this DIVINE TWIN ? etc. WHAT can I DO to FIND-THEM ? and about our missions etc.

I hope this helps with some of your questions today about this subject, you can research more. There are many videos about this. Search for websites as I am sure there are more of them then when I looked last.

YOU are NEVER ALONE and can ASK your GUIDES and ANGELS etc.



Published on May 9, 2018

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TWIN FLAMES miracles are COMING: DM is listening to EMOTIONS & DF is HOPEFUL! 🤩✨


Published on May 7, 2018

Hiiiii, love bugs! I am SO happy to have your energy here on my channel! I’m Ashley Lynn, and I am here to share my healing light. The intention behind my channel is to have a space where love resides. I want to provide insight as I continue to ascend, heal and evolve with my twin. I am grateful to have your presence with me on this journey. Thank you SO SO much!!! 💜 If this resonates with you, please like, share, comment and subscribe. I really appreciate it. ♡ 🤩 Please email me to book a reading. Yay! 💞 Relationship/Twin Flames/Love – up to 4 questions (30 minutes recorded): $40 * Email: $30 💞 Personal reading (blockages/areas for healing/self love) – up to 4 questions (30 minutes recorded): $40 * Email: $30 💞 Advice from your spirit guides (15 minutes recorded): $20 💞 Mini love reading – up to 2 questions (15 minutes recorded): $20 * with oracle cards $25 💞 One card reading (email): $8 ♡ Donations and energy exchanges are hella appreciated. They are used to help keep this channel going, and I thank you so so much! *make sure you indicate that it’s a donation*:$thexoxogoddess venmo: @thexoxogoddess Instagram: @thexoxogoddess Sending my love, light and peace. xoxo 💜

Twin Flames May 2018: New-found Clarity & Great Progress Ahead


Published on May 7, 2018

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Published on May 6, 2018

“Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.”- Rumi Twin flames:

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DM to DF: Without you I’m sad.. DF to DM: I am healed and can handle all in life with you 3-10 May


Published on May 3, 2018

If you feel called to support my free twinflame readings, there is the positive energy Dharma donation link below Make payment to friends and family If you are interested in a personal Twin reading and or a light language activation to clear your blocks, subconcious behaviours so you get in Union with your twin released of triggers. Send me an email: £111, €111, $111 After payment by PayPal reading can take place within 24 hours. More info about the retreat of the 19 and 20st May, you can find it here: “Bring your twinflame in balance and attract him in 3D ❤🔥🔥❤”… &… Or please contact me:


The VOLUNTEERS came here in 3 WAVES as they answered the call in the UNIVERSE that EARTH was in trouble and they volunteered TO INCARNATE ON EARTH, FIND their TWINS and help save HUMANITY and the EARTH. The TWINS and VOLUNTEERS, and many ASCENDED MASTERS and ANGELS and ARCHANGELS and light GALACTICS came from all over other GALAXIES and UNIVERSE’S to be here and aid in ASCENSION etc. At least that is most of us have figured-out from many MESSAGES as we SHARE our MESSAGES as much as possible to HELP humanity awaken to their own INNER GOD/GODDESS POWERS and come on line spiritually, to spiritually MATURE and help GUIDE the way for others. BEING awake is NOT just knowing about all the INJUSTICE on the planet and finding out about it. It is also TAKING RESPONSIBILITY for your OWN ENERGY that you put out to others and YU vibrate on. YOU also CANNOT be GOD without GOD. In other words you have to activate your own GODSELF ask your ANGELS and GUIDES to help you through it. We are talking about the KUNDALINI RISING, PLUGGING into your GOD GODDESS ENERGIES and STAYING BALANCED. I know it isn’t EASY for the new people finding this out as they are NOT seeing the 5D destination aspect when ALL you think about is the 3D LIES. WE do NOT BLAME YOU for being ANGRY when you find-out the TRUTH and all those hidden WHO runs the PLANET truths. BUT do your best NOT to LET THE ANGER IN and look at it with balance or neutral as many say. YES, I do post some “Q” posts as I am KEEPING a record, as my site does that as well. So we know of any and all progress as PROGRESS ad CHANGE are being much more evident to Humanity. Half of the time I just read the title and other times I read what I need. Sometimes the title tells us of the PROGRESS.

BEING aware of what is going-on in the world is IMPORTANT and I pass that along but most souls that come here KNOW NOT to let NEGATIVE posts or aspects of the information, GET TO YOU or BRING DOWN your ENERGIES. IF you can read it and it does NOT effect YOU then that is DETACHMENT and YOU are NOT letting it GET to YOU.

I CHOOSE the LOVE, choosing FEAR and ANGER lowers your vibration that is WHY if you read the sides of this website info, it says STAY away from the FEAR. F.E.A.R. = False Evidence appearing Real

SURE things NEED to be DONE and to CLEAN-UP the PLANET and HELP HUMANITY, and WE HAVE an ARMY of AWAKE SOULS that KNOW what they are doing and are being DIVINELY GUIDED how to PROCEED and WHAT to do etc. In which I keep updates. KEEP in MIND THAT FATHER GOD gave the cabal and the HUMAN CABAL working against US a CHANCE to come back to THE LIGHT. It is NOT our CALL on WHAT HAPPENS to those souls as it is between them. The judgements on this site is for [THE DARK CABAL] [A GROUP of DARK INVADER BEINGS THAT WOULD RATHER SEE US ALL DIE, THAN LIVE] They are for HEAVEN and the GALACTICS and MANKIND TO LOOK at FOR knowing WHO and WHAT to REMOVE for Ascension to come off smoothly etc. And realize that MOTHER/FATHER GOD has the LAST say and decides WHAT HAPPENS to these INVADER RACES. 

SOME have come back to the LIGHT and that is FABULOUS but for those that refuse the LIGHT have been requested to LEAVE the planet. Either they cannot handle the LOVE ENERGIES pounding our planet and they are requesting to leave, trying to escape or are being captured

And that has already been done by them and we are keeping track of it to make sure that MOTHER’S PLAN of LOVE for EARTH and all the EARTHLING’S comes TRUE and that it is followed as Ascension plans

FOR those that don’t KNOW there has always been a DARK AGENDA to separate the TWINS. Even using FAKE sexual partners to keep them from finding each other and apart as the DARK even commented last week of their desire to KEEP the DIVINE TWIN-FLAMES apart in some recent intel that was posted. Well GOOD-LUCK with that, and that is when a false or FAKE TWIN experience comes in or from a 3D KARMIC relationship and that is meddling in Mother’s & Father’s Divine Plan. Fakes are not easy to figure out as they seem like they could be the one.

FOR all the TWINS we are BEING called back to finish the MISSION. YOU have a divine MARRIAGE once you are properly ignited with your twin and to your Twin-Flames and that is the other HALF of yourself.

And I don’t think anyone wants to be taken to the GRAND CENTRAL SUN and reconstructed as a soul for NOT following the PLAN to come together, ascend and/or co-create for Ascension, whatever your divine mission is. IF you are part of the 144 K, you have been called to finish the mission and that you have to continue your Mission a.s.a.p. That volunteered to come into UNION AGAIN together, for the mission.

THE GREAT NEWS is MOST of US are and others are coming in line.

PATRICIA has some GREAT INFO for TWIN-FLAME [second waves]

Twin Flame Pluto Retro part 2(Second Wave) What you need to Know


Published on May 7, 2018
Twin Flame Healing, Sessions, Energy Work, Body work to bring the Divine Masculine -IN! Hello! This big (BIG) Push of this Current Retrograde Energy of the Electric and Magnetic Feminine and Masculine have a Strong and Sweet Influence of “Jupiter” bringing in those “Blessing in Disguises” from what’s been hidden for a long time….big Pushes to leave yourCharacter” and the Cast of Characters behind. Transformation= The Healing is going to be even DEEPER than you Think involving much of your Internal Organs with special Emphasis on KIDNEYS. The Viscera and feeling BONE TIRED for a Reason. You’re In the “Doldrums” how to get out of it? Being an ANGEL is who you are, what you always have been now you are the Human Angelic and Your DESTINY is to Unify. Please join my 4 Part Webinar ($80) to get you ready for the SOLSTICE EVENT! DIVINE MEETING for MULTIDIMENSIONAL LIVING May 14 at 8:00AM ( 2:00PM UK time for L59 British or 67 Euro)… May 11 at 6:00PM (9:00AM AUS in Melbourne 106 AUS Dollar)… Topics include: Meeting your Twin How to get your Twin How to help yourself with Female Pain/Menstrual Cycles Internal Organs Dreamtime Activating the Codes that get downloaded You will receive the Recording as well as parts 2,3,4 Living and Loving in 2 Levels! FEELING ANGRY FEMALE OR MALE PARTS? TESTOSTERONE LOW OR PRE-MENOPAUSAL? *** I highly recommend my previously recorded webinar “The Return of your Life — Daily Living in Multidimensionality©” this webinar has the INFO and HERBALS for the Menstrual and Testosterone cycles and the “Pre-Menopausal ” sensations and pains support Learn more and purchase here: ($60) I hope to see you there, questions about this at Let me know if you would like a One on One Session at no wait list Have a Great Week Patricia McNeilly Blue Ray Twin Flame – Rod and Staff Union

True Twin Flames! 144k~We are the Light of the World!!!


Published on May 7, 2018

Special this week $22.22 is a 4 card spread intention set to reveal any distortions. Please LIKE, SUBSCRIBE & Share! Donations Appreciated for the work I do! Follow this link!… Book sessions via Paypal Facebook: Instagram: @mannadelight Email: Taurus Love Reading Special May Only! $33 Video $55 Phone. Sun, Moon, Rising only. ***🔥❤🔥 For the 144k First Wave True Twin Flames!!! 🔥❤🔥*** from Laura Geralyn Kline-Etheridge 💙🔥💙 As directed by Source Love, and as a Blue Ray Rod & Staff Union, I have just completed another massive sweep and clearing of all dark interference, distortion, looping, siphoning, impostering, cloning, false twins, implants, artificial intelligence architecture (AI), negative alien agendas (NAA), and all forms of mental and emotional and physical abuse and torture on every level. This, in its entirety, has been vacuumed into zero point within our individual Unions. Nothing can stop our physical Unions from happening in the Now moment, the Union timeline is all that remains. Please, declare this for you and your Twin, even if you have done this one or many times in the past. I know how weary you are and how long this has taken. But The Now is critical for you to stand confident in your resolve for stepping into your physical Union. Honestly, we are already there. Home. In and with our Twins. I love you and I promise you, we are doing this!!! 💙💜💙💜💙💜💙💜💙💜
DECLARATION to CLAIM your Full & Physical Twin Flame REUNION In The Now.
Speak Your Truth Out Loud:
I AM and WE ARE, with the fully Conscious Physical Embodiment
of Our Highest Self in Divine Love & Light & Sacred Union at Source.
I collapse dissolve and integrate every experience every way of being in every body and every form in every dimension and vibration and universe in every timeline and limited creation and reality in every agreement and contract and relationship for both me and my Twin Flame.
I collapse dissolve and integrate ALL OF EVERYTHING we have ever been or ever will be, BACK TO SOURCE LOVE, into our two present physical embodiments, INTO THE NOW TIMELINE. I CLAIM OUR PHYSICAL REUNION AND UNION IN THE NOW. There is nothing but US HERE TOGETHER NOW, MERGED AS ONE LOVE, ONE SOUL. WE ARE HOME, WE ARE FREE, SAFELY WITHIN EACH OTHERS HEARTS and EYES and ARMS, RIGHT NOW.
Thank You, Mother-Father God/All That Is.



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