Headlines for May 16 – 17, 2018: The Web Gets Stickier [videos]

Headlines for May 16 – 17, 2018: The Web Gets Stickier [videos]

The headlines are revealing that the web we knew about is far larger than we imagined and it’s getting very sticky. Even the spiders themselves are ensnared in the instrument of their own making.

They thought they were protected because they’re “well connected”. They thought they were invincible, but because they’re literally connected and the thread has been pulled, it’s all coming apart.

Sooner or later, it will lead to the spiders’ nest, and then what will they do? Ironically, the predators have become the prey. They are stucker than stuck, and the more they try to wriggle free, the more they implicate themselves.

The truth is exposing the posers hiding behind their lies. How much longer can the masses fail to see the truth?

Some indications are that there may be a loud wake-up call just prior to the November elections. Many fingers are pointing to this fall for unmissable events. Will indictments be unsealed a month prior to the midterm election? See the Dauntless Dialogue video below.

We Spoke to the Man Who Blew the Whistle On Alleged Sex Cult Inside NXIVM

The Other Eric Schneiderman Scandal

 Clinton Campaign Funneled $150,000 To Hillary Clinton’s Personal Company

What does Hillary have to hide? We have a new photo of Hillary Clinton, looking very uncomfortable in democratian blue and sporting a voluminous scarf to camouflage what appears to be a back brace—or is it a full body cast? Thanks to AIM4Truth for sharing this one.

With respect to Hawai’i, there’s this latest warning from Dr. Michael Salla. On top of it, Yellowstone fears are still circulating, California rift alerts… a lot to take in. I recall Dutchsinse showing us a steam plume east of Palm Springs, California near the Salton Sea, which was created by an old tectonic shift that brought sea water into the inland depression. May everyone be safe. So far the residents of Hawai’i have been fortunate but it could get more difficult very soon. We hope a miracle will calm the restless Pele and bring peace to the island. The residents remain in our thoughts.

Hawaii Volcanic Eruption Intentionally Triggered to Generate Massive Tsunami?

And Mr. MBB uploaded this one 3 hours ago.

“Something BIG is brewing” – Its about to happen – SO2 levels soaring

Published on May 17, 2018

May 17. 2018: **Ikaika Marzo update from the Big Island near Kilauea Volcano. Cracks are now CONFIRMED in the highway at the summit of Kilauea. Highway 11.

I like this young man, Adam Riva of Dauntless Dialogue; his solid ethics. I agree that information needs to be shared, not covered up or ignored. It’s up to individuals to decide what is true for them and what isn’t. If you let contentious material sit, it can fester, and rear its ugly head later.

It’s better to get it out in the open, have the dialogue, and display the information that’s out there. That is our job; the mission we chose to foster as citizen journalists. It’s not about money, or recognition, it’s about doing what we believe is right. We don’t want to tell people what to think, but share our opinions based on what we have learned and what our inner guidance tells us.

It’s why we came: to pursue what is important to us, and it’s usually important to others. We don’t need the ridicule. We’ve had enough of that. We will continue to question, no matter the source. We don’t believe or agree with everything we hear or read. We are critical thinkers and we reserve the right to question.

I don’t agree with everything Adam believes, but I believe his moral compass is properly calibrated. We are here to be of service and we will do what we believe is right. People who don’t find value in what we do are welcome to unsubscribe, as he says.

He tells us about his insider source “Arthur” and reviews some of what he has shared, most of which sounds very credible to me. He also points out that Arthur took some heat for information he shared with Adam. Sometimes insiders share things they shouldn’t, and they have to take the flack for it. We appreciate intel but we don’t want anyone suffering to bring it to us.  ~ BP

You may recall almost a year ago in June 2017 when the USS Fitzgerald was hit by the Philippine-registered container ship ACX Crystal off the coast of Japan. The latest research suggests the official Naval report contained incorrect information. The Fitzgerald was not moving at the time, according to this video, and was a sitting duck when rammed by the much larger Crystal with its bow impacting the Fitzgerald broadside. That changes everything and throws the whole testimony into question. It also reminds us that rarely ever is anything what we’re told. Some interesting questions arise, such as, “Why wasn’t the captain on the scene?”
I hadn’t followed this story when it happened, but the new intelligence is very interesting. It seems an EMP attack is suspected to have immobilized the Fitzgerald, possibly an attempted false flag to instigate war with North Korea. Where have we heard that before? It was important enough to at least one person to dig into the testimony and formulate a theory with solid evidence.


If you choose to tune in to the Truth, Honor & Integrity Show tonight with Thomas Williams, here’s the link for 7:30 EDT, 4:30 Pacific, or here.




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