FROM the FIRST ORDER – The FINAL BATTLE between GOOD and EVIL and other UPDATES of Interest – MAY 28 2018

GREETING LOVE BEINGS, I slapped this together rather quick as I feel a little tired today. So it may seem to go back and forth topic wise ! I will do a quick “Q” Anon update as well to see what is transpiring with them.


It is getting MORE interesting as the NEW WORLD ORDER begins to WAIL in defeat, the banks, I guess will be their FINAL DEATH blow of SATANIC worldwide control. With so much going-on and some seem to still have opinions and judgements without discernment, I admit that IT  feels like CRUNCH TIME to the LOVE/LIGHT beings. FEEL those emotions and feelings and let go of the BAGGAGE as many have advised. SOMETIMES you have to realize that you can pick-up on other people’s NEGATIVE THOUGHTS and ENERGIES as well. WHEN you work through those last hidden or dark feelings etc, it helps IF you just finally let go of those things that seem the hardest. DIG-DEEP, cause IF you are NOT brutally honest with yourselves, you won’t be able to clear things. AS may say the EGO is the biggest bitch to get rid of. It is impossible NOT to get an EGO when the MIND was made more important on earth, by DESIGN to bypass the HEART. When STUCK in the MIND the EGO likes to come out to PLAY, like a NASTY BACK-SEAT DRIVER that won’t SHUT-UP. We have all experienced being in EGO before at times thinking with it.

Which is why I love the fact that MOTHER GOD, MOTHER NATURE calls us EQUAL HEART. The EGO wants to cut GOD out of the PICTURE, according to PRIME CREATOR. I see WHY she hates the EGO so much.

Though the EGO can be something alright, run as far away from that sucker than YOU can get, bitch-slap it if you have to !  LOL

YES MOTHER GOD EXISTS – HOW can she NOT ? It isn’t possible !

I was told once by a psychic a while ago that said that I was a supra celestial being, so of course I had to find out what that is. Back then only a few things were said about them. Here is some other information too.

Angels and Celestial Beings

angelic being

An angel is a celestial being that acts as an intermediary between heaven and earth. Angelic beings are usually benevolent in nature, considered to manifest the qualities of goodness, purity, and selflessness. Angels are referenced in many different religions from all over the world, although the nature of angels and the tasks given to them vary from tradition to tradition. In Christianity, Judaism and Islam, they often act as messengers from God or as emanations of a supreme divine being or source, sent to do the tasks of that being, and to assist mankind in some way. Other roles in religious traditions include acting as warrior or guard; the concept of a “guardian angel” is popular in modern Western culture.

MOTHER GOD says SHE is the essence of Mother Nature in Spiritual and Planetary form. SO she is alive in spirit and many forms as well.

The more we FIND OUT the more we SHARE, we are in this together

READ MORE, link below

It is NOT ALL of HUMANITY’S fault that they were TRICKED and LIED to and HELD PRISONER according to most GALACTIC HISTORY, it just seems to be divine History that apparently says the Human Race failed ?


YES, there is and let us here this part as well. Knowledge is POWER !

LIONEL ANDERSEN has an update for us and talks about ENLIL being crowned the NEW REPTILIAN KING of Earth ? ENKI is Benevolent and ENLIL was the one that wanted everyone dead when they invented the Human race, the floods? WELL, more TRUTHS are coming out daily !

PERHAPS the war between the BENEVOLENT GNOSTIC ILLUMINATI and the SATANIC ILLUMINATI who we are TOLD is the NEW WORLD ORDER pushers, is heating-up ? With these Secret Societies. And the GNOSTIC ILLUMINATI SACRED SOCIETY against the BARVARIAN SECRET SOCIETY, and the one with all rituals THE FREEMASONS etc.

NOTE: Should have named them the BARBARIAN ILLUMINATI !

Therefore, logically – SOME of these negative REPTILIAN beings just don’t seem to TRUST anyone and it SEEMS that some also CANNOT be TRUSTED? Kent said he would tell us more. I cannot WAIT for FULL DISCLOSURE, I want to KNOW all OUR GALACTIC HISTORY TRUTHS !



KENT says the ANNUNAKI are REPTILIANS O.K., let’s us all CHEW on that for awhile. So those who SAY that they CREATED US ? Were they INTELLIGENT lizards ? Now we HAVE [MOSTLY EVIL] Reptilians and some GOOD guy Benevolent Reptilians as well, LISTEN HERE ~!


DR SAM, DRAKE and KENT talk about current events, those WHO created US, the HUMAN RACE, which I always thought that GOD created us. YES, there are DIFFERENT GODS and yes they have been fighting over this and this planet.

Kent talks about 80 % of the ZIM towards Humanitarian Projects, and 20 % of the rest of the zim [you can keep] for you and your flesh family for projects and helping them out for Generations etc. {What we said}

[Is it even FAIR that over inflation on a PRISON PLANET should be considered ? After what WE ALL went through as Humans HERE!]

I saw the BIG DIPPER FLIP and thought, can’t HUMANITY notice this ?

I see the ships BLINKING at night, WHERE are ALL our STARS !

The STARS have been turned off, well that explains why they are gone.

One HELL of a Galactic battle is going-on over the FIRMAMENT ! DRAKE our DRAGON WARRIOR explains what he was doing in battle.

The GALACTICS do NOT want us stressed over this, work on Ascension.

KING PLACHACHA is a Pleadian, a HIGHER DENSITY being that is WHY he is KING. He goes back to the Pleaides and Hollow Earth when he is needed. SEEMS the THE KING decided to give a friendly warning to Meghan Merkle  NOT to marry the ROYAL REPTILIAN family and put the Reptilians on their ear,  and they THREATENED KING PLACHACHA which put the Pleiadians on their ear.

KENT saidA man showed-up and said he was the original PRINCE HARRY and the British part of North IRELAND, the Police rushed in and KILLED HIM.” MEGHAN MERKLE – being part Reptilian married another Reptilian, they took him out, This is NORMAL because they didn’t trust Harry. HARRY wanted to back-out of the WEDDING. MI5 HID HIM and put him over there to get him out of the way but they hadn’t planned on him getting DRUNK and running his mouth and it got him KILLED.

KING PLACHACHA had a death threat from the REPTILIANS and NOW the PLEADIANS are coming in to PROTECT HIM.

KENT says that SATAN is in an ANNUNAKI FEMALE body, O.K. then.

KENT says he talks to SATAN every 2 weeks and the CREATOR sent him back, this is so bizarre guys !

This SATAN FEMALE is going after all the TRAITORS to the CREATOR.  The ILLUMINATI BETRAYED the divine HIGHEST ORDER of the ARCHANGELS, that were on their side. Betrayal to LUCIFER Azual. What did they do to betray Azual ? They chopped the HEAD-OFF of Mohammad. Well the plot thickens, as these GODS fight over US for US and with each other. I gather what I can so we can FIGURE this out !

WHO can say that NOW when this time we made it to the 5th dimension as the Last TARA and RAMA update says. Kent says in a vortex in the 4th ? Is it possible that we have or could be in both, or all ? Zorra stated long ago that 3D earth was gone, I think it was Zorra ? Anyway we learned that WE are multidimensional, which is also fascinating. WE do know that there are dimensions and we as the Light in HUMAN form.

ANGELIC forms are in many higher dimensions and so are many absolutely fascinating Galactic beings as well. What ever dimension we may be in TOGETHER let us HOPE we can DO OUR BEST as ANGELIC HUMANS to help those that need it the most. I know many of us have been robbed so badly tonnes of money, doing the right thing, fighting the good fight. Yet somehow we still manage to help others with what little we have, and that is noble. Sometimes people just NEED a BIG HUG and to let it ALL GO, as they heal, been there when I can.

ALL joking aside, CAN one get really confused as to WHEN the EGO is SPEAKING ? YES. Is the EGO the HIGHER SELF ? Some have asked, NO. The EGO has LOW energy, it cannot match the HIGHER-SELF.

If you have any comments about THE EGO or anything, don’t be shy !

The HEART is more powerful than the mind when it comes to LOVE, the mind can only describe it, ah but the HEART. OH that big beautiful HEART – CAN ACTUALLY FEEL IT, and that is completely different.

I FEEL this change is going to come within this JUNE to the 2018 winter solstice as it is ALL in DIVINE TIMING as always. It will happen when HEAVEN and PRIME CREATOR[S] feel it is right, they assure us. Which means to TRUST your higher-self and the higher POWERS. Though we still seem to have some clean-up going-on with the Alliance finding their latest bases in Ireland.  They have been blown-up and I guess the hunt continues for the hidden underground CABAL threat bases ? Confirmed

Shadow Super Exopolitical Intel Report — May 28, 2018

Shadow Super Intel Report

May 28, 2018

Submitted to Operation Disclosure | By Shadow Super

An underground facility was found in the Comeragh Mountains in County Waterford, Ireland.

The Alliance stormed the facility and apprehended over 75 Cabalists. Another dimensional portal machine was discovered and destroyed. Documents at the site revealed another attempt to transport Mirader aliens through the portal.

The Alliance now believe all Cabal bases in the British Isles have been destroyed and expect the RV to commence very soon.

The Alliance destroyed the facility and are now initializing clean up operations in the country.

More info as it arrives.

It makes you wonder, hopefully that they find all hidden ones, very soon


I think some of our Political LEADERS here are NOW, are either TRYING to HELP US, some may have come over to the LIGHT SIDE ? Or they still have their own Agenda’s to benefit THEM ONLY. Really don’t KNOW how many, nor how many were/are cloned. Though the major aspect of cloning was nipped in the bud with over 101 cloning stations – destroyed by the Benevolent beings. The sad thing is the ones who were cloned, the original human may have been destroyed, or maybe they were held hostage somewhere. PRAY for those that NEED to leave leadership, for reasons we know or not know. And PRAY that those that NEED to replace them, are safe and come into play soon to help humanity and ourselves for freedom.

IT will be INTERESTING to see WHO comes back or WHO doesn’t and WHO is really on our side. I just hope all those clones of all the leaders are now gone to make it less confusing for those that have to deal with this in the military.




ADDING another update that just came out as I updated this one.

The End Game — The Global Currency Reset and the End of Cabal Slavery

Source: Dinar Chronicles Here is an excellent video from Dave at X22 Report, with the TRUTH about the current global situation. The Allian…

Source: Dinar Chronicles

Here is an excellent video from Dave at X22 Report, with the TRUTH about the current global situation. The Alliance has the cabal corneredthe Deep State has reached the end of the game

Dave: ‘Things are completely changing – you can see it with North Korea….If we really wanted to go to war, it would have happened already. Putin at every turn has stopped war from happening…If Trump was going to push us into war, he would have pushed us into war already with North Korea. Why wait? What would be the the purpose of waiting? Trump didn’t have to have a peace summit with North Korea…’

‘Why cut the funding to the (cabal) groups in the Middle East? Trump is doing everything the OPPOSITE of the Deep State. The Patriots are TRAPPING the Deep State…with every passing day is is getting harder and harder for the Deep State. They are losing their narrative on ALL their stories. They are resorting to censorship, as in taking down (You Tube) channels. We are moving towards the End Game. They have nothing left.’


World peace is an important aspect of the GCR. Listening to Dave’s video, I am reminded that the world is now IN a state of peace. There is NO WAR. There is only the cabal’s desperate last minute propaganda, using their dying corporate media. The petro-dollar is virtually dead.

The 3D cabal slavery world is over. The Global Currency Reset waits in the wings, ready to take center stage.

Be ready!

Love and Light
Sierra (NZ)



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