Headlines for May 25, 2018 | Remember to Remember [videos]


BE informed that most of these so called Government Officials are REPTILIAN beings, hello! hiking a human body as a 4th dimensional parasite on Humanity. They will KILL or they will hide/kidnap and copy an original human being through illegal cloning and robotoids etc. As of late FATHER GOD, a male PRIME CREATOR tossed these ******’s  to the GRAND CENTRAL SUN for RECYCLING. And rightly so, those who wish to KILL and CONTROL US. FREEDOM is near, Galactic updates are needed for an update on this serious hidden war.  This is why they spy on humans through their televisions and through the camera on the internet. It is all for CLONING purposes for the future attacks, same with voice and face recognition, evil intended
According to Kent Dunn there is only 100 million real Humans on this planet, some are hybrids. AS soon as I see another GALACTIC UPDATE I will post them them as well !

Headlines for May 25, 2018 | Remember to Remember [videos]

On the eve of the American “Memorial Day” weekend, we share the following:

Don’t spend too much time trying to find sense in the senseless acts of terrorism unfolding globally.

On May 24, two men detonated an explosive device in the Bombay Behl restaurant in Toronto, Canada. The bomb bay—coincidence? Fortunately, no deaths, and seriously wounded victims’ conditions have been upgraded.

You may recall the young man who mowed down ten people in Toronto in the past month or so with a van. The police never categorize these acts asterrorism”, but it often is. These people are weaponized via mind control by the powers-that-were and are used to perpetrate violent crimes as distractions from the severe issues they are facing now as the NWO is dismantled, and to cause misery and fear in the general population.

Personally, I believe that’s what they are, regardless of the story lines we’re given. They always concoct some tale of emotional strain or personal challenge to provide “motive”. They never ring true.

And of course there’s been another school shooting, and these will continue as the terrified New World Order try to disarm America.

Shots Fired at Indiana Middle School, Two in Critical Condition

Another story we’ve learned of involves the UK, as exposés and the subsequent coverups around child sex rings continue. The predators are scrambling to keep the increasing number of stories of inappropriate—ranging to outright gruesome reports—of behaviour out of the media. Was Weinstein the first domino?

There are also reports that Jeffrey Epstein is now a willing informant after a deal with the FBI.

This guy, Tommy Robinson (not his real name) takes on any good cause and gets in plenty of trouble for it. It doesn’t seem to deter him, however. The media’s treatment of the headlines only serves to garner more attention, I’m afraid. They don’t get it.

UK right-wing activist Tommy Robinson speaks at a demonstration in Copenhagen at Axeltorv against Muslim immigration and asylum-seekers. Tommy Robinson (also known as Stephen Yaxley-Lennon), former leader of English Defence League and now prominent in Pegida.UK was invited to speak at the demonstration by the organizer, “For Frihed” (read: For Freedom). He was accompanied by Paul Weston, leader of Pegida UK and it’s deputy leader, Anne Marie Waters. The Copenhagen demo was met by counterdemonstrations from anti-fascist groups.


UK Police State: Activist Tommy Robinson to Serve 13 Months in Prison for Livestreaming Report on Child Grooming Gang

UK activist Tommy Robinson was arrested on Friday for suspicion of breaching the peace while livestreaming to report on the trial of a  child grooming gang and will now have to serve a prior 13 month suspended sentence.

Read more here…

and here…

Orwell’s Nightmare: Articles About Tommy Robinson’s Arrest Rapidly Scrubbed from the Internet

Tom Fitton, President of ‘Judicial Watch’ tells us they’re suing the Department of Justice. He and Lou Dobbs at Fox News discuss, “Obamagate”.

Is this the world you thought you lived in? Most people never saw it coming.

Ever wonder what all the corporate AI (Artificial Intelligence)
“hoopla” is all about?
Well, it turns out one Google application
is helping the Pentagon make better GUESSES
about who to kill with their drone program.
Twelve employees quit over it and 3,000 have
signed a letter in solidarity with them.

– Brasscheck TV

The Google-Monster’s strong-arm tactics continue, but people are fighting back.

Group Files First GDPR Complaints Against Facebook, Google

Thomas Williams delivered another great show last night with more intel on the financial situation, in particular, but many good discussions on other current events and their meaning. It was a little lighter than previous episodes, as the El-ites are experiencing increasing frustration in their money matters.

The subject of the raid on CNN by the FCC came up and Thomas said we are waiting for validation on whether “troops” paid CNN headquarters in Atlanta a visit or not. We’ll keep you posted. Quite often we get tweaked reports of the real news where the names are changed to protect the guilty.

The previous week was a heavy intel show and it’s best to listen for yourself.

Thomas Williams announced that on Sunday, May 27 he will be doing another “specialty” Truth, Honor & Integrity Show called, “From Russia, With Love” at 7:30 EDT, 4:40 Pacific. It will include a great deal of Earth history and other information. We get a lot of truth from Russia for a couple of reasons. They are much more open about the extraterrestrial presence than America, and because Putin kicked out the central banksters, he cannot be manipulated like American and Canadian government officials. There are only two or three countries without central banks so most world leaders are under the thumb and constant threats and blackmail from the cabal.

That promise above of more true history reminded me that I have been holding onto valuable historical accounts in a terrific article by Rob Wold based on the Agarthan “Inner Earth” story. You can find that at the Captain’s Blog, published this morning. It seemed like a good time to share it—and it is fascinating!

Have a super and safe Memorial Day weekend, all, and remember to remember the fallen as we continue the battle for freedom in this, the Second American Revolution, and across the planet.  ~ BP



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