* The Hidden Teachings of Jesus & A quick explanation of my Ascension experiences by SAINT ANDREW – June 2 2018

This is a REPOST to see HIS new teachings – the 24 New Scriptures look under the COMPANY of HEAVEN down on the right side of this website. DMT is found in marijuana and that is WHY the evil ones want to ban and take away Marijuana when it used to be LEGAL. I also started MY ascension PROCESS with the USE of MARIJUANA and the HELP and aid of my ANGELIC team. MARIJUANA contains LIGHT ENERGY healing. I wrote about it and WAS HONEST about it as HUMANITY NEEDS to know and IF NO ONE says anything because of worry or because of what others think, that is NOT helpful to others. NOT CARING what others THINK or what they would say BEING who I am, it’s just a title anyway. I also wrote that MARIJUANA takes people out the mind-control matrix and it ACTUALLY HELPS you to EVOLVE and for amazing HEALING as well. MK ULTRA ARMY victims came forth and told us as proof fro Humanity that MARIJUANA takes them out of their Government MIND-CONTROL program. I posted it several times before and they erased it.

They planned to USE their MIND-CONTROL on the HUMANS to KILL other Humans in SPY GAMES and other EVIL GAMES to TAKE-OVER the HUMANS. It is USED in the MILITARY and the POLICE. To make everyone a MINDLESS DRONE and to USE them for their New World Order take-over and for DEATH SQUADS. WE are WINNING and ONE must TAKE BACK THEIR INNER POWER and FIGHT the GOOD FIGHT.

The REAL REASONS – HUMANS are harvested by the EVIL ONES is because of OUR ANGELIC original DNA of the GODS, they want it. WE were NOT just used for FOOD and MINING by them but for our DNA.

AS we CARRY the LIGHT DNA, the PURE divine DNA of the GODS.

BEING BRUTALLY HONEST is what HUMANITY NEEDS after BEING LIED to their entire LIVES from CRADLE to GRAVE. And holding back TRUTHS out of FEAR hinders your own SPIRITUAL PROGRESS if you want to EVOLVE. TOSS OUT old HURTS and FEELINGS and EGO.

As far as I know, YOU were NEVER created by anyone other than the ORIGINAL CREATOR. You are created by MOTHER and FATHER GOD, PRIME CREATOR. Not by APES and/or the EVIL ONES who claim they MADE US as some kind of genetic EXPERIMENT. THE EVIL ONES, used Humans as a SLAVE COLONY using us to MINE our GOLD, SILVER, PRECIOUS METALS and PRECIOUS JEWELS and as FOOD SOURCE, believe it or NOT. WHAT better CONTROL to have over the ANGELS and the GODS and GODDESSES than NOT knowing you are ONE to begin with. ALL-WAYS LOOK within and BE HONEST with yourself and your chances are better to acquire the TRUTH of WHO YOU ARE WITHIN.

AT least that is what myself and many others have figured out – so far.

So when FULL DISCLOSURE happens, WE will ALL KNOW the TRUTH including ourselves that know a little more and anything that PEOPLE are unsure of. NO, I do not know everything but I do KNOW enough and those that LIED will be found-out. Those that are TRUE will be KNOWN.

Lately some have said that those evil ones that harvest us as FOOD also created us to mine. YOU can believe that if you want to, but ponder this will you. I know humanity have been USED as SLAVES for MINING. But I do not buy that those who created us are REPTILIAN, one bit so nice try.

HOW can something evil CREATE something so divine and also pure as a human body? – WELL actually that DID happen and it’s called CLONING. But WHO and WHAT created the ORIGINAL human that is being cloned? It was obviously the ALL that IS, to be clear here.

In order for a perfect HUMAN being to be created, it needs a divine spark and a divine SPARK is what ? Can a DARK BEING connect to everyone. We have been told that even the darkest of beings still have a divine connection. If that evil BEING went back to THE LIGHT and you have to SURRENDER then, yes they could reconnect to GOD and the divine, but they many have to go through the PROCESS differently for many different reason etc. A CLONED HUMAN does NOT have the divine spark of GOD as far as WE KNOW. Some say the human clones that are made by the EVIL ones have NO SOUL and are SOUL-LESS and some say they are not. ALL will be found-out when FULL DISCLOSURE happens.


It is the ESSENCE of GOD or divine CREATION of, PRIME CREATOR[S] of the DIVINE MALE and the DIVINE FEMALE which everyone has and ONE has to learn to BALANCE both the male and female ENERGIES and CONTROL all the EMOTIONS and ACTIONS. ANIMALS are also said to be other SOULS of CREATION for experience and/or to evolve to a human. The animals incarnate and have group souls. It has been said lately [ancient memories] that animals evolve and their next stage is human. You are connected to all animals and all beings and the earth and the DIVINE. To be GODLY etc, you need to activate your God self.

THE KINGDOM of HEAVEN is inside YOU and your BODY is your own TEMPLE or church one could say. The Pineal gland is very important. DMT what your body naturally produces that happy feeling you could say is what is in Marijuana which is a also a HEALER and a natural body and BRAIN activator. 3rd eye activation. I could FEEL my brain, daily for years different synapses happening in my brain – right and left, which I wrote about years ago as I experienced it myself and self-documented it.There are many ASCENSION SYMPTOMS that are also listed on my site that I went through as well. Not everyone has the exact same symptoms, some might get more migraines while someone else gets stomach aches, that type of thing as we are expanding in LIGHT. GROWING and KNOWING in and with the LIGHT of ALL that IS.

The second coming of CHRIST – CHRIST CONSCIOUSNESS as well.

To say YOU LOVE and to actually FEEL that LOVE is NOT exactly the same THING. YOU can HEAR the KINGDOM of HEAVEN if you LISTEN.

THE KINGDOM of HEAVEN call to ACTIVATE yourself. YOU can hear the calling as a fine high noises and sounds, like a tuning fork makes for a guitar. Like our hearing is like greater than normal like a superhuman. AFTER-ALL GOD is SUPERNATURAL and then again SO ARE WE, right.

THE FIRST TIME I WOULD HEAR the ENERGY of CREATORS and COSMOS, the activator, the creator, the wake-up call, whatever you label it was by READING the BIBLE. NOW – ENERGIES are coming in from everywhere, THE GRAND CENTRAL SUN, the PLANETS and the STARS the UNIVERSE and the MULTIVERSE etc. And of course including US as we are SPIRITUAL ENERGY that is ACTIVATED and ACKNOWLEDGED within OURSELVES. WE ARE SPIRITUAL ENERGY and DIVINE GRACE.

First one must LEARN that “EVERYTHING is ENERGY!”

After about 20 minutes of reading the BIBLE I would hear this high-pitched sound like a hum vibration. I would hear it all the time. If I am awake I hear all downloads. At times it could be 20 a day sometimes more when it first starts. Sometimes a couple times a day, it all depends. You want to activate that right-brain believe me. It used to be said years ago that Humans could only access 8 to 10 % of the human brain. To connect to your supernatural GOD and GODDESS powers you have to activate yourselves which activate your kundalini, [snake] No not evil, that is just a comparrison name for it as a snake coils as like the way energy moves. PERPETUAL MOTION. Which activates your Chakra’s and activates your right brain activity and rewires it. Note you will also feel activations of the left side as your brain is rewiring as well. FEELING your chakra spinning ENERGIES is pretty AWESOME. But the MOST SPECTACTULAR of ALL is when the HEART CHAKRA opens and I experienced that in 2010 and it was the MOST awesome feeling ever. It was like 5,000 people were LOVING ME at the same time, but NOT in a sick or perverted way [as you FEEL the LOVE in your inside you, your soul]. The CROWN holy Moses was unbelievable as it felt like someone had zippered off the top halve of my head and this energy BURST OUT like at the SPEED of LIGHT and was so STRONG and MIND-BLOWING. YOU too will have these experiences and also different ones as well. Like visiting the VOID or the UNKNOWN as some have called it. Some have reported zapping themselves outside of earth and viewing themselves and seeing through dimensions. I saw through my roof and saw the sky and a wall into other dimensions as well few times, and other strange supernatural experiences and I am SHARING them with YOU so YOU don’t panic. If and when this HAPPENS to YOU. If you want to activate then ask your spirit guides and guardians ANGELS, everyone has them, everyone ! If you can’t hear them, you will be able to at times. Some can see the ANGELS and some can FEEL the ANGELS and some can smell them. 

It is the most PROFOUND experience you will EVER have and it takes YOU off the wheel of INCARNATION wheel [3D] to enter HEAVEN.

In conclusion  – therefore – YOU can HEAR and FEEL LOVE = HEAVEN.


NAMASTE and LOVE to ALL on the ASCENSION PATH and joining-up HEAVEN and EARTH. From my HEART and SOUL to yours, be BRAVE.

The Hidden Teachings of Jesus


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Published on Dec 14, 2014

The Hidden Teachings of Jesus – The real path to god and enlightenment. How to awake God within you. A Link to My Blog: http://www.yogaforums.com/forums/f20/…

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