MOVIES are mainly made by the OLD controllers, who oversee WHAT they want HUMANITY to see, HOW they WANT US to BEHAVE and THINK. And usually it’s FEAR of US or the Galactics. Some beings were rather scary, most GALACTICS are BENEVOLENT LIGHT/LOVE beings.

THE movies are EITHER to SCARE US to get our NEGATIVE ENERGIES of FEARS or made [especially recently] can be made to warn us as well.

MOVIES can be CAPTIVATING and SCARY. The FEAR ONES are USED against HUMANITY to  upset them and create FEAR as it FEEDS the NEGATIVE ENERGY parasites that were hidden, HIDING in the 4th DIMENSION. Which many say WE are in and recently and we have reached the 5th told by others. Kent says we are in a 4D VORTEX as we have been activated and helped us be activated by the ANGELIC LIGHT TEAMS that work for HEAVEN. There is a REAL interdimensional WAR and a GALACTIC wars that have been going-on for an extremely long time over planet EARTH. It is part of the SPIRITUAL WAR between GOOD and EVIL. All are going to 5D, and hopefully we will all be ready.

This is WHY it is IMPORTANT to notice hints and clues in MOVIES then you can basically TELL if it is a WARNING MOVIE about REAL CONSPIRACIES etc or is the MOVIE made by those to Mind-Control, it is funny how we can SEE all the C.I.A. mind-control in them over time.

GEE, I wonder who came out with this BELOW ? ALLEGIANT Airlines?

This is the second of 3 movies. Fighting evil alien things in a maze. The MAZE RUNNER seems like another Illuminati movie series, like the DIVERGENT SERIES of 4 movies, Divergent, Insurgent, Allegiant and Ascendant. Still haven’t seen the last one yet that they call ascendant, hard to find for FREE to share. I posted the first 2 of these DIVERGENT series movies on last Friday. I reposted them again tonight. Well we do KNOW that the CABAL wants EVERYONE DIVIDED and FIGHTING.

FEAR about SURVIVAL are MOVIES that  the DARK CABAL want you to install extreme FEAR, in you, just like the HUNGER GAMES – It’s all about survival and they make movies of competition instead of cooperation that is the normal human way that they help others. WHO is the first to help in a disaster? A Human being.

Kind of like the CRAP they put on TV, FEAR Factor and Naked & Afraid.

Was the HUNGER GAMES made to MOCK humanity as they STARVE US or was it to WARN and teach us about the HIDDEN control systems?

SOME TEENS made a SPOOF movie of the HUNGER GAMES below which tells us that they have been influenced by watching these movies.

And others thought to MAKE a COMEDY of the HUNGER games.

This is one of the newer MAZE runner movies,

STARSHIP TROOPERS 1 and 2 was interesting, with the EVIL ONES which happen to be EVIL GIANT CREATURES and EVIL BUGS. I just found this apparently they have a new one called STARSHIP trooper 3 INVASION of MARAUDER armas DEL futuro, I found this explanation on the internet below. I did NOT know that there was a third one and I posted FREE movies for one and two before, so I am passing this on.

SINCE the MIRADER EMPIRE is where some beings were trying to come into EARTH with the DRACONIANS to attack earth according to what have been said lately HHMM. It will be interesting to SEE if they say they are the GOOD GUYS as the STARWARS movies taht TRIED to scare HUMANITY with the FIRST ORDER being evil, basically in the FIRST sentence. NOTHING evil about the FIRST order at all. IF they make YOU afraid of the BENEVOLENT LIGHT, then don’t believe it.

Starship Troopers 3: Marauder (Video 2008) – IMDb

Admiral Enolo Phid: The most powerful man in the galaxy finds God, and what does he do? Admiral Enolo Phid: Exactly what he’s told.He’s a Bug. Admiral Enolo Phid: Doesn’t think, doesn’t protest, … I like the idea of the Marauder Project but the CGI animating it is very weak.

They were WARNING US with these 2 MOVIES, you can bet about the REPTILIANS and the INSECTOIDS that have been attacking and using HUMANITY for FAR too long. This is the last part of this WAR we are fighting, the WAR of HEAVEN and it is also a GALACTIC WAR between GOOD and EVIL. Like it is on EARTH, the LIGHT came in changed it all LIGHT has WON, the LOVE has won, we are told we are in clean-up.

NEVER develop a HATE-ON for other species. I couldn’t HATE anyone IF I tried, it’s just NOT in us, being the LOVE that we were CREATED as.

ANY species, alien, galactic or human is CAPABLE of both Good and/or Bad behaviour. I don’t hate these souls that hate us, I only hate what they did and do. ANYONE is capable of GOOD behaviour, you even seen it ANIMALS as well. Which are also on the evolutionary path as light.

3rd Movie for STARSHIP Troopers below. Are we sure they don’t MEAN the Mirader empire ? They love to twist the TRUTH that EVIL is GOOD


The DARK CABAL loves MAKING MOVIES that take superhuman abilities and make them look like out-casts and LABELING them all as EVIL. And call those with an amazing SUPERNATURAL SUPERPOWER as a MUTANT. Which is an UGLY word for such EXCEPTIONAL GIFTS.

Those X-MEN – Movies are a GOOD example of making other fear themselves and any ability that ONE has mastered as EVIL. Another is the TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES obsessing our younger minds about MISS-FITS etc. Making them think that if ONE has supernatural powers, you must HIDE it as others won’t approve, which is NOT truth. Impressing young hearts and minds about GOOD and EVIL and making them THINK that anything out-of-the-ordinary is BAD, and needs to HIDDEN and casted-out and labelled as they POUND so much DEATH and DESTRUCTION into the TEENAGE MOVIES and VIDEO GAMES.

Not wanting HUMANITY to know that there is GOOD supernatural abilities. I LOVE the FANTASY, MOVIES and there are lots of them.

PRINCESS MOVIES – to make all little girls FEEL like they NEED to be rescued. Which makes the female feel powerless without the PRINCE. It undermines the SINGLE FEMALE to FEEL unloved without a MAN.

Like everyone is a TOAD before you meet the one ? Well toads NEED love too and it PUSHES the AGENDA of KINGS & QUEENS and POWER over others. I ENJOY watching MOVIES to see if I can pick-out whether the MOVIE promotes UNITY or DIVISION, or the GOOD and EVIL ways or IF is what made to promote EVIL and FEAR and CONTROL or WARN about it. YES, I can watch movies for the SHEER fun of it and NOT want to decide WHOM, it was made for or how much mind-control is in it.

MAYBE have you going through every emotion in the book and can make you FEEL INSPIRED or worried, all depending on what you have just subjected yourself to. ARE PRINCESS movies made to divide ? You know, the commoners [EVERYONE] and the ROYALTY meaning them.

I love FANTASY and ADVENTURE movies, and anything to DO with the GOOD SUPERNATURAL and GOOD WHITE MAGIC, not black magik.

YES, I can watch Movies and enjoy them without ripping them apart and seeing the SIGNS and the SYMBOLS used, I just can’t watch NEWS!

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