SOME QUESTIONS for the GALACTICS – On HOW is LIFE lived on your PLANETS? – JUNE 08 2018

I was wondering for those of US that want to do our HUMANITARIAN projects, whether it is just DONATING or getting involved in them as well.

WE know that many have their HEARTS set on different things to benefit the ALL. And THOSE hearts are HUGE and want to help.

ALL joking aside, are there composite, like compost toilets as one is ascending that YOU use, or that is USED in other 3D planets and 5D planets. CURIOSITY you may call it, but on a much more practical scale. Is it worth time and money to say, build things on the planet when the planet becomes, like a GARDEN of EDEN again.

Approx. HOW many years might that be ? Before we are required to live inside EARTH as a HOLLOW planet we have discovered that it is.

Approximately how LARGE are your LIVING spaces on the GROUND ?

DO you live in much small communities, like in the out-skirts of a city [Suburban] and [Urban] with huge futuristic Galactic Cities as well and how large would you say, your planetary living quarters are? A wild guess would do here. Can you give us an idea, like most of us that are single, live in a larger unit and have separate areas and share bathroom [If you use one] that is around 1,ooo square feet. And families with children live in 1,500 sq ft home or living spaces etc. DO you LIVE ontop of others, are there many what we term here as, SKYSCRAPERS or are they much lower because of many space ships traveling around?

Or do YOU have much smaller LIVING SPACES with storage with appliances that are COMPACTED with built-in everything for ease?

DO you also LIVE under the water as the U.S.O. does. Do you have like personal USO’S that TRAVEL underwater and take you guys home ?

Since we were TOLD that MANY planets are HOLLOW and so is OUR EARTH, hollow. DO you have places that for those that still EAT and are NOT of full LIGHT yet can relieve themselves? Are there running waterways or is is like the old-fashioned way of being, like do people have individual wells or are they connected and what happens to the waste products that is more natural on EARTH as in to do less damage to NATURE and leave a lesser footprint on the Earth.

The reason WHY I ask is because of PRACTICALITY, it is better for humanity in the long run, in terms of toilets and sewage plants to find a safer and better way. WE must ALL find a better way to protect Earth from damages that can be stopped and/or redirected to benefit Earth.

In other words as well, is it a waste of our time and money to rebuild areas, such as homeless homes and UBUNTU towns etc. If they are to be taken down? I guess that depends on how long the transition is? Fixing them up may also be an idea as well. The reason I am asking is that I am interested with helping the homeless but if everything is going to change quickly, is it better off just to buy houses for the homeless or fix-up houses and move them into them? Will we have time to set-up things like this and should we use temporary buildings since Earth is going-back to her original EDEN self, I was wondering the best way considering any time factors that we may or may NOT have.

What would consider the best approach is ? DO you GALACTIC beings also have units/machines etc. That can 3D print houses? I hear that they can 3D print houses and I watched some videos that actually look like the use concrete as well. The smaller 3D printers use a type of PLASTIC, but we were told that some man-made substances like plastic may do really weird things because of the dimensions.

This NEW SPACE AGE technology sounds exciting and we want to know more. What can you tell us about – YOUR way of doing things and what kind of life do you have ? Do you wake-up and meditate first and then do community work? This NEW tech sounds like a TIME saver. Which is good because everyone wants MORE free time to spend with family.

What could you tell us about the PLASTICS as so many of US have plastics in our homes, whether it is a simple garbage can or storage bins and drawers etc. Is there something strange that will happen to plastics as some have said and what do you suggest that we use ?

SHOULD we out things in glass JARS instead of plastic jars etc?

ie. I have beads stored in PLASTIC – should I put them in GLASS JARS?

Is there another substance that you use for GLASS on different planets that is similar to glass but stronger than plexi-glass ? What do you use for like a WINDOW to see out of, is it made out of SAND like we do on Earth? Will PLEXI-GLASS type plastic survive dimensional shifts etc.

DO you even have PLASTIC on other planets? Is it used and what for?

WHAT suggestions do you have for US to use less of MOTHER NATURE for homes and housing and MORE of what is DURABLE and exceptionally STRONG. Will their be a NEED to MAKE house BUILT to LAST a LONG TIME, if we ALL end up inside HOLLOW earth etc.

I would really appreciate some answers by any of the GALACTIC MEMBERS who have a few moments to SHARE with us a BETTER way to do things.

AS we go up the EVOLUTIONARY SCALE as some have said, WILL we be ABLE to create in FULL 5D houses and things, just by THINKING about them, like in a divine and SUPERNATURAL way of the GODS and GODDESSES? Like say, imagining a NEW HOME for US in a HIGHER DIMENSION, that we BUILD and make out of LOGS or something and PHYSICALLY create it using supernatural GOD magic with the MIND?

Until then are we left only to create with our physical hands for awhile and go back to the old-ways of surviving for those that are going to stay on EARTH and HELP humanity and the others to ASCEND and TEACH etc. NOT knowing exactly where we are in the 5D area yet but trying to understand the fastest and safest ways to HELP each other and Earth.

It was said to us long ago, that the PLEIADIANS would be on the other side when we reach, I think they said FULL 5D, or the EVENT. That they would teach US how the best ways are to live and survive etc.

It will be very interesting to see what you have to tell us. PLEASE don’t say anything that will give the CABAL leverage as they think in DOLLAR SIGNS and NOT in FREEDOM for ALL to use. And NOT from a point of view so the massive corporations can get CONTROL of it. But what can you TELL us that won’t TIP off those WHO are ONLY out FOR PROFIT and care NOT about how this benefits others. WE know that they want to KNOW so they can get a JUMP on it and that does NOT help those of us that are sincere and just want to HELP HUMANITY and the PLANET.

Unfortunately we have some on the PLANET that want to CONTROL the USE of just about everything and they try to PATENT everything so they the self-selected FEW actually try to OWN it, rather than SHARING it.

I hope I SEE in the NOW and the FUTURE a WORLD-WIDE type of genuine COOPERATION instead of COMPETITION as in the OLD ways. 

WHAT can YOU tell us so we can help SHOW the way to benefit the all?

I sincerely appreciate any info that you may have as to inform the LIGHTWORKER’s/LOVEHOLDERS or should this be discussed later?

If you decide that we can discuss this later, I take NO offense. If there is some things that YOU can TELL US, then it is very MUCH appreciated.



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