June 15, 2018 – Starship Earth: The Big Picture Emergency Broadcast Announcement to American Patriots



I am NOT going to let FRUSTRATION set-in on such a wonderful day. Trying to make posts lately has been crazy. EVERY TIME I sign-on the internet, sign-on wordpress.com or search for something, I get instantly smacked-off the NET. EITHER this is being DONE on purpose, as it SURE FEELS THAT the CABAL does NOT want me to post or it could be what Sheldan Nidle recently said about things of this nature. BEING that it is constantly happening is starting to make think, it is ON PURPOSE ! They or this are NOT going to RUIN my mood, I won’t let it !

3 hours to make a couple of posts, is getting absolutely RIDICULOUS.


Emergency Broadcast Announcement to American Patriots

President Donald Trump and Airforce 1 (AP Photo/Jose Luis Magana)

This message below was broadcast to America on Wed. June 13 as a result of a failed attempt on the life of President Donald Trump on June 10.

We have had whisperings of an announcement coming from President Trump or other parties this week. Perhaps due to the above, that announcement didn’t come. This one will suffice to explain current circumstances.

Much of what the deep state controllers plan is known in advance, and a warning message was sent to President Trump on the tarmac before Airforce 1 embarked on the trip to Singapore or China for the historic meeting with North Korea leader Kim Jong-un. He decided to go anyway.

As I have shared this week, a missile was fired from the Whidbey Island, Washington naval base intended to knock President Trump and Airforce 1 out of the sky. They’ve done worse in the past and that stunt was no surprise and even expected for many of us, but perhaps some reading this will find the news shocking.

For that reason, this message was prepared to share with Americans about the current situation on their shores, and across the planet, including some history regarding those who have been running the show on our planet, masquerading as a government, or hiding in the shadows pulling puppet strings.

Please listen to this audio and listen carefully. This is what the President might have told the patriots if it was appropriate for him to do so.

Thomas Williams belongs to a group of people who are working behind the scenes to neuter the dark forces and he shares what intel he can. It was decided he would deliver this message for those with ears to hear.

He begins by telling us that many things in progress are going very, very well—which explains these desperate measures taken by the deep state to eliminate the one they see as their greatest obstacle: President Donald Trump.

You need to hear the rest from Thomas in this special edition of his show. If you want to know more, also listen to the regular show on Thursday night, June 14.  Links to both follow.  ~ BP




Video version of June 14 show:


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