Willie’s Truth Call Q&A Tonight at 9 PM EDT 6-20-18

Willie’s Truth Call Q&A Tonight at 9 PM EDT 6-20-18

A SPECIAL INVITATION is being shared again tonight and EVERY evening at 9 pm est until we have manifestation of this plan comes to “light” whether that is days, weeks or months, we will persevere together!

This is a Q & A for everyone. Invite your family and friends. Brother Willie will take the burden off you and address their questions.

Simply write out your questions, *6 to enter the cue at the beginning of the call and wait your turn to be called upon. NO questions are off the table as long as they are respectable to our listening audience and our brother Willie. The call consists of the markets and news of the day, any new information along with shared experiences and questions from our audience. Don’t be shy! We have a like-minded loving family and criticism is something that we set aside because we have all started where you are today.

Come one, come ALL! This message has been clear all along to come together in unity to bring peace. In order to do this there must be LOVE. What is love? It is TRUTH and trust which brings about ONENESS (unity) and then there will be PEACE!

Your time is NOW to prepare if you haven’t already.

Come join us on this journey of LOVE. We can light and heal this world together!! Be the light tonight!!


Willie’s Truth Call 9:00 pm EST Monday thru Friday
Call 641-715-3570 pin 814068#
Back up number if you are having difficulty getting into the call or getting charged by your carrier: 206-451-6060 and follow the prompts.
Replay # 641-715-3579 pin 814068# or on website under archives. http://www.williestruthcall.com/daily-call-archive/

Website: http://williestruthcall.com

Let us unite together in PEACE, HARMONY and UNCONDITIONAL LOVE for ALL!!


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