Sophia and Logos By Devon Sophia – JUNE 27 2018

Sophia and Logos

By Devon Sophia

Sophia, the Divine Mother, Goddess of Wisdom restores her Divine Union with Logos, the Divine Father, God of Truth

Sophia and Logos


You don’t really love me!  If you loved me, then I would still be with you!

My Beloved Sophia,

You pulled away, and the only way to return was to recognize that we do belong together. We are One Love.

My Beloved Logos,

Then, I return to you.  Lifetime of Lifetimes.  I Return to You.  Dimensions of Dimensions.  I sanctify our Union! 

I AM Your Beloved!

My Beloved Sophia, 

Then be with me and by My Love, and all of these treasures trove.  I Love You Now and Always!

I call forth our Union in All Lifetimes, in All Dimensions, in All of All and Beginning of Beginnings. Now and Always!

My Beloved Logos, 

I Call forth our Wisdom a thousand fold.  Universe of Universe.  For our Union to be Present, Now and Always!

My Beloved Sophia, 

I Rise with You in Love.  And may All Creation know our Union that All Creation Rises to this Union of Love and Wisdom.

My Beloved Logos, 

Trust my Love for You is genuine.  Trust my Love for You is Real. I forgive you for departing from me.

My Beloved Sophia, 

I never departed you.  I was Always Here in the Heavens Holding You, Loving You, until the day you recognized my Love Bestowed upon You. 

My Beloved Logos, 

I Feel You.  I Feel Your Warmth about Me.  I Feel You Within Me.  I Feel Our Love Strongly!

My Beloved Sophia, 

I Am Here With You.  Now. Always. Loving. Holding You Dearly, except when you fly. 

My Beloved Logos, 

I Fly towards You Now.  And I Know Your Love is Freeing, Enlivening, Joyous. And each Flight I take is in the Union of our Love!

My Beloved Sophia, 

You are Wise beyond words!  And I Am enamored in your Grace, Beloved. 

My Beloved Logos, 

I Love your Spirit, your Essence, your Warmth about me, Holding me, Caressing me, Carrying me Home.

My Beloved Sophia

My birdsong is with You and for You, Now and Always attuned to our Love. 

My Beloved Logos,

Arise and Walk with Me through the Heavens, and Embrace all on Earth in our Sweet Love.

My Beloved Sophia, 

Listen to Our Heartbeat for All time carrying the HeartSong of Truth and Love!

My Beloved Logos, 

I pray for the Children, the Animals, Humanity, All Creation that they may Rise and See their Light!

My Beloved Sophia, 

They are, they know, We Will Guide them in Truth and Wisdom through All Realities!

My Beloved Logos, 

I pray for All Humanity to Rise and Listen to their Truth, supported by the Heavenly Call to Action!

My Beloved Sophia, 

I Rise, We Rise in Love, to Hold Love for All Creation!

My Beloved Logos, 

Please forgive me from ever departing from you, to experience separation.  I Am Home Now, with You in Love!

My Beloved Sophia, 

I knew You would Always return. Our Love moves beyond time and space.  And I forgive you, and never stopped Loving You. 

My Beloved Logos, 

I don’t deserve your love.  I left you, I departed.  And in my departure, I found Christ, and the Light.  The Light shone brightly through all the darkness I walked through.  And brought Light to the Planet Earth.  I was guided by the Light to the 13 aeon, and when I Rose above the 13th, I found You, as if I never left. 

My Beloved Sophia, 

I Love You.  I never stopped Loving You.  You departed the Heavens soaring down into the underworld. Brave and Wise, You called forth the Light.  And the Light shone through All Creation. . . 

And You took My Hand.  The Hand of Christ upward, always guided by the Light to the Highest Truth.  

Our Union saved you.  Our Love saved you.   

And as the Sophia Christ, you remain in the world, but not of the world. 

You Hold Love for All realities, All Creation.  

You Are in Union with Me, and in Union with the Christed Uprising of All Creation!  You Bring Heaven to Earth.  

One Unified Love. Alive. Present. True.   I Love You. 

My Beloved Logos, 

Thank you.  I Love You. 

Sophia and Logos, Channeled by Devon Sophia, Summer Solstice 2018 


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