“Re: Operation Disclosure Intel” by Pat – 7.7.18

FASCINATING and considering the CABAL has been STEALING, RAPING & PILLAGING for thousands of years, as well as prosperity funds for years, so cool!


“Re: Operation Disclosure Intel” by Pat – 7.7.18

Entry Submitted by Pat at 12:47 PM EDT on July 7, 2018

Operation Disclosure: GCR/RV Intel Alert for July 7, 2018

Wow! What a refreshing intel alert today! If you have been paying attention, all of these points have been introduced to us over the past few years. It just never was all put in one concise post.

We have known that the Galactics were involved, but little confirmation of the extent. I’ve personally wondered why our blessing seemed based on old world thinking with archaic cash, with having the masses focused on still making money to feed and house a family, instead of a more advanced society structure where cash is not needed (eventually), and society’s focus is the arts, passions, spirituality, and service to help others. If this Intel Alert holds true, it is refreshing to see our society advancing with the Galactics technology. Bartering will become vogue again.

I’m sure many of you are wondering what people would do? What is your passion? Replicators would eliminate the need to destroy millions of acres of land by massive farming. Now you would grow food at home only because you enjoyed it. I would definitely have a greenhouse to grow some of my own food naturally, because I enjoy watching things grow and develop. I would enjoy having another greenhouse just to grow beautiful orchids and give them to my friends. Sure I could use the replicator to make an orchid plant, but it wouldn’t have the love and joy behind it of actually pampering it, and making the plant happy enough to flourish and bloom. People would have the freedom to pursue their passions.

Is a “conscious “ computer system possible? Absolutely! I’ve seen something first hand, that convinced me that the technology is actually out there. A couple years ago, I witnessed what could be a “living” craft. I had read that some advanced civilizations have spacecraft that are actually “alive” and read the thoughts of the occupants. It can change shape upon the demands of the occupants. The vessel I saw was a mass of moving energy that looked a lot like a glob of mercury, only it was many different colors all morphing together in a sphere. Then seconds later it formed into a typical solid disc spacecraft with multi-colored lights rotating around the edge (very normal looking). Seconds later, it lost its solid craft appearance and turned back into a morphing, multi-colored energy “mercury” ball. I called it a rainbow plasma ship. Consequently, if I know there is technology of spacecraft being able to change shapes at will, then a DNA driven conscious computer, certainly seems reasonable to me.

I’m sure many of you have a hard time wrapping your head around your thoughts being read. Thoughts are energy. Energy can’t be destroyed, so those thoughts put out into the ethers is all there. Your brain works on electric pulses. Yes, it seems reasonable that that your thought energy can be captured and read, much like radio and tv waves go out into the ethers and it can be captured and read millions of miles from the earth. Remember the old TV antenna on top of your house, prior to cable tv? This all fits with the idea of “chalking” too.

Remember the teachings you’ve run across in the spiritual realm to control your thoughts? Your thoughts are powerful, and what you think about, puts that energy out into the universe, and influences you directly, along with everyone else. We are all connected via energy, or consciousness. Apparently, the new Quantum financial system taps into this energy level. I’m sure each person’s energy is like a fingerprint, being unique with no two alike. I’m use to thinking DNA as a 3D physical aspect, but it certainly seems reasonable that at the quantum level inside DNA, the energy components creating the DNA ( all matter is made from energy) are also readable by advanced technology.

We have heard snippets of info in the past, that the 800# wouldn’t be what we thought. This also isn’t the first time of hearing your funds would be deposited directly into your account automatically. My question to hearing this in the past, was not all people in the world have a bank account. This information resolves the problem with all accounts being new and sitting on the new quantum computer. This also now makes sense with the past news that the computer will only release funds to the DNA holder for computer “approved” projects. Wow! Obviously, this eliminates funding for projects that would do harm (knowingly or unknowingly) towards others, or our environment. If you are a person that “thinks” bad things and has projects empowering the wrong people, there is no funding released. Kind of like you are asking God/Source directly and he/she is reading your intentions. Can God be working with this quantum computer! Why not! God in essence is pure consciousness (Intelligent energy) and could be influencing the consciousness of this system. God has the capacity to do anything, so I certainly wouldn’t short-change him to say he couldn’t do it. All sounds exciting to me.

For those of you quoting the Bible for validity, just remember the Book was influenced by the evil ones to control the masses with the fear of God. They created limitations on you to live your lives of trying to overcome your “sinful” ways and never being good enough in the eyes of God. That gave them the power to control you. News flash….You are a part of God, not apart from God. You are directly connected through the universal consciousness (mind of God). All things in the universe inner-connected because ALL was made from God, by God. God is everywhere in All things. Tell me a place where God is not? Where is a place where God has no power or influence? Hmmmm? He is everywhere,…. thereby he is inside you.

I guess being on Santa Clauses naughty or nice list brings about a whole new level of meaning now.

Exciting times! Let’s get this ball rolling, because we are beyond ready!





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