Jim Stone: White Hats At NSA Tosses Deepstate Over The Side Of The Ship – JULY 19 2018


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Jim Stone: White Hats At NSA Tosses Deepstate Over The Side Of The Ship

Posted By: Watchman
Date: Wednesday, 18-Jul-2018 10:55:58

I don’t know how the left can possibly hold on. Now the (white hat) NSA has jumped ship on them
An analysis of the stolen DNC files showed that they were downloaded at a rate of 49 megabytes per second. Now former NSA directo Bill Binney is saying the internet cannot do that, because the connections people have simply cannot hit 49 megabytes a second from one personal computer to another personal computer. It might be possible to accomplish that from a very good server to a computer with an extreme connection, but even then, over the web it would be unlikely.The only thing that is possible for the download speeds recorded and embedded in the files (that was a big oops, but the files had that data this time around, probably because Seth Rich was their data director and he got it right) and the only thing that can hit those speeds is a high performance (not a normal flash drive) but a very high performance flash drive plugged into a USB 3.0 port.How fast is 49 megs a second? That’s MUCH MUCH faster than the fanciest professional 4k camera shooting the lowest compression 4k video it can possibly shoot. It would take very high quality memory to go that fast. 49 megabytes a second is several gigabytes a minute. It would require a 400 megabit connection at a minimum, if the connection was perfect. It is a real world USB 3.0 speed. And that has totally screwed the Russian narrative, because it means the DNC had a great computer, and Seth Rich had a great flash drive. It means nothing else, no hack did that.




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