DEATH THREATS from the REPTILIANS, house of WINDSOR. Right after that I posted the INFO and VIDEO from LOVE has WON, where Mother says her and FATHER were watching TRUMP on Television with the VETS and TRUMP says GOD WINS – 5 MINUTES later the CABAL CUTS OFF MY ELECTRICITY to the MOTEL – MY HOW CONVENIENT !

GREETINGS LOVE BEINGS ! How is EVERYONE ? FIRST I get a few DEATH THREATS from the REPTILIANS, house of WINDSOR. Right after that I posted the INFO and VIDEO from LOVE has WON, where Mother says her and FATHER were watching TRUMP on Television with the VETS and TRUMP says “GOD WINS.” I still have to watch it. Anyway, the cabal I guess thought it would be FUNNY to knock out the electricity at the motel on Thursday afternoon, mighty ignorant indeed.

We had to let our FOOD rot and leaves 8 of us HERE without water and electricity. WHAT a BUNCH of SORE LOSERS – YOU CABAL ARE. YOU can NEVER EVER be TRUSTEDYOU BACK-STAB – EVERYONE – SAD !

All WE can do is flush the toilet by filling the back tank, lots ‘o’ fun !

The BANK is pushing to steal the MOTEL owners, motel away and they stalled his insurance company and then trippled his PUC energy bill.


The CABAL likes to TRIPLE your ENERGY bill that’s when they set you up to STEAL your home ! I should KNOW as they DID it to me when they STOLE my home to try to FLUSH YOU out a lot faster. I Cooked eggs by candlelight yesterday, fun yeah ! – Can’t wait till they are gone.

We end up homeless again at the end of the month, at least I am alive.

COINCIDENCE ? Sure SEEMS like it, Anything to make my life harder !

Here is what ANNE-MARIE WINDSOR KING sent me, my what a lovely soul – NOT!

SO here I was watching MOTHER’S MESSAGE on the VIDEO with tears of JOY and some TEARS of RELIEF and then the power goes off, right after I posted that “GOD WINS.”

NO WONDER  [[[they]]] – are LEAVING, oh JOY oh BLISS !


HEY, ANNE MARIE, I told YOU BEFORE many times that “GOD always WINS” and “MR. TRUMP” just TOLD you publically that “GOD WINS!”

MAYBE someone should SHUT OFF the WATER and ELECTRICITY to your LYING LIZARD LAIR over there in ENGLAND – see how you like it. Then again YOU will just crawl on your belly like the reptile you are!

We Have The Crucified (3) and The Galactic Magdha22 Mercy.SEAT!!! The Blood of The Crucified has been Poured over the Entire Royal Family Globally and The So Called CABAL!!!! The Blood is Over the Federal Reserve and The United States of America Dollars, Satan- GERMAIN!!! Your Sins of The Last 5000 YEARS is Delivered onto your Heads!!! And That Stupid Paul Andrew Mitchell!!!! I rebuke Him OFF of My GAEIAN World FIR HIS and Your Stupid Acts of Dissolution!!! These so called dumb ass Light worker Mess do not understand that your plan involves KILLING ALL Of MY Animals!!! Like Hell you Will !!! You assholes will be waking up to greet My Cougars eating on your Faces!!! My Elephants will be Walking Down Rodeo Drive Beverly Hills and Pennsylvania Ave!!! Stop it Now JC!!! You LOST!!! Lazering my Teeth on the top of my Mouth won’t STOP Me From Telling The People what you have Been Doing for the last 2000 years!!! Your Life as DOCTOR Josef Rudolf MENGELE Really was Something to Watch as EVA Braun, Hitler’sWife!! Jesus Christ was Dr. Mengele!!! I was his Assistant Surgeon!!! I saved as many Jews as I Could!! I worked with General Stauffenbergh to Rid Germany of Adolf!!! You Phony Lightwirkers … Any thing for a Buck!!!!

Zimbabwe! Oh! Americans should jump up and Down to transfer Honest Made Dollars to Zero Zims from a Country based on MURDER InCorporated!! I am GaEIA, and You have All been Told to Stop and Leave My World! Fake Germain And Fake Jesus Christ!!! GET OFF OF MY World!!! And take your Murdering Phony Celestials With You!!! And Your Phony White Dragons!!!! Leave Germain!!!!

Select comment AnnemarieWindsorKing
Correction: No, Not,!!! The Zodiac is ours, Stupid Andrew!!! The Aquarian Age Was Aborted in 2000!!! How Stupid is That!!! Jesus Christ Ordered the Murder of 7000 Yzaddiss in an Open GRAVE as They Mowed them Down!!!! He was’t CRUCIFIED, Mary Magdalene WAS!!!! And HER Immaculate Conception Son born in India!!! I will Meet You Andrew and you better RUN!!! Everyone who knows ME knows that I do not Take A Fake Chastisement with lout Serious Rebuttal!! I speak as GaEia, and you and your Fake Love BS to move OFF OF My World!! We are destroying your PINE GAP!!! Jesus Christ. … the Second Coming took place in the 1970’s inOctober!! And You are’t A JEW!!!!

Select comment AnnemarieWindsorKing
You just DeletedMy Message, Sorry Cowards!!! Where Did You steal The Andrew
name!! He has NI Authority!!!! No one in Your stupidity Has Authority on the Genes of ISIS and EVE world!!! I am NIt Paniced at ALL Stupid Andrew!!! We WILl Always be Mother GaEIan World!! Then Leave Fools!! Take your Fake FIAT Money and Spend it on The Spaceship you will be leaving On!!! Bye!!! Murdering People to Steal A World, It won’t Work!!!! It is A Free Will World!!! Better leave NOW, BIG Angel!!!Andrew!!! Oh, You want to Stay on our World!!!! Oops!!


Alert Regarding Eclipse Mass Meditation — Attack Delayed the Broadcast

ALERT re: Eclipse Mass Meditation—Attack Delayed the Broadcast 15 Minutes | Unknown Lightwarrior

JULY 27, 2018

Source: Starship Earth: The Big Picture

The Unknown Lightwarrior just sent out this urgent update due to an unprecedented attack—for those who intended to join Jim for the guided meditation broadcast at Ground Crew Command on Blogtalk. Link is below… ~ BP

ALERT: The link to the Ground Crew Command Lunar Eclipse 144k Mass Meditation Live Broadcast had to be changed due to an attack.

Obviously we’re on the brink of something BIG. This has never happened before. So hopefully you’ll get this before the live broadcast, which starts in about 15mins.

Here’s the link to click on (at the same scheduled time, as provided in previous emails).



The Unknown Lightwarrior

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