The Alliance’s Secret Weapon 8/15/2018

The Alliance’s Secret Weapon

Source: Dinar Chronicles

Julian Assange is undoubtedly one of the main ‘secret weapons‘ in the Alliance arsenal. When Assange testifies before Congress and tells them everything he knows – it is ALL OVER for the cabal. Here is an update on Assange…

The day we lightworkers have prayed for has finally arrived – the mainstream media is starting to report the TRUTH about Hillary Clinton. This particular D5 avalanche won’t stop until all the cabal are standing before Military Tribunals…

Both of those news items came via the Great Awakening Board. The board is an excellent resource for dedicated followers of the Alliance plan. There are always interesting theories from Anons on a wide range of topics related to the plan…

John Brennan has had his security clearance revoked by President Trump. An Anon suggests that the Alliance allowed him to keep it for as long as possible to flush out the other swamp monsters. It looks as if Clapper will be relieved of his security clearance soon too.

An Anon is discussing the possibility that missiles were IN the planes that hit the Twin Towers, and there were no controlled demolitions inside the buildings. Pictures of the drone planes do show something on their undercarriages which could easily be missiles.

There is so much to research and so few hours in the day…

The Alliance plan to liberate humanity is the most extraordinary thing to happen in the history of planet Earth. I have said it often, but it is true. Several people close to me have no idea that I am following it closely and writing posts most days. Aren’t they in for a shock shortly!

Where We Go One We Go All.

Love and Light
Sierra (NZ)

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