The Big Call w/ Bruce Intel Notes by PinkRoses 8-21-18

The Big Call w/ Bruce Intel Notes by PinkRoses 8-21-18


TRANSCRIBED BY PINKROSES (Thank you, PinkRoses. ~ Dinar Chronicles)

Bruce: Welcome Everybody to the Big Call tonight. Before the Intel notes Bruce requested to mention for everyone that Sue explained very well how to prepare for the Exchange or Redemption Process called RV Prep Rehearsal. Sue starts her segment of the Big Call around the 30 minute mark of the Big Call Replay. It is a visualization to be found very helpful for all of us to help us prepare for our Exchanges or Redemptions. Sue walks us through the RV Prep Rehearsal Visualization.

Bruce: We are really in the best place we have every been for this to go down now. When it comes to the Intel side of it, two things are happening. One is the number of sources that are able to speak is being reduced because people are under NDAs that weren’t before or a gag order or just plain were told to go dark or go quiet. That has been happening and some of the people we have gotten information from in the past are just not available anymore. Fortunately we have enough sources in some of the other areas that are coming through so that we are able to sort of see what is happening, what is going on, and where we are in the process.

Bruce: When it comes to Iraq, President Trump on Sunday morning he made a phone call and spoke to Abadi, al-Jabouri, and Barzani (I don’t know if the third name is correct, sorry) to congratulate them on the appointment of new parliamentary members in the government for Iraq. That was a congratulatory call he made on Sunday morning. On Monday morning, he called Abadi along with 10 other countries leaders. I do not think it was on the same call. It might have been consecutive calls that were made from leaders in China, Russia, Japan, Zimbabwe, President Trump, and maybe 4 or 5 other countries that call to congratulate Abadi on him being Prime Minister of Iraq.

Bruce: I have said for weeks I do not expect Iraq Dinar rate to be seen until we actually we get the toll free numbers to go in and do our exchanges. We know roughly what it is and where it is going to be in a period of time. We know it is going to be a very good rate coming out and then it is going to go up. It may only take 2 to 3 trading sessions before it going to hit for the kind of numbers Shabi mentioned years ago back in 2012 when we heard 6 years ago Shabi talked about the value of the Dinar able to sustain $16. That was at the US Chamber of Commerce meeting in Washington DC back in 2012. That link I believe is still available on YouTube. It was there for quite a while. Of course everybody though yes, sure right. I am telling you what I am hearing makes that look very possible. Will it be there initially right away on day one or day two? I think it will take 2 to 3 trading sessions before it will reach that point, maybe more. I think it is going to that point.

Bruce: I know the rate on the Dong is also good, better than we thought it was going to be. The Zim is definitely better than we all thought because the front screen rate is quite good and even if you never ask to negotiate that, you will be very pleased with where you are going to be as a Tier 4 Group B member who is who we are as the Internet Group. As that type of participant waiting to go in to redeem our Zim, you will be very pleased what is available on the front screen. It doesn’t mean you can’t negotiate it because you can, but make sure you have efficient projects, longevity, and job creation, and everything else we talked about the last couple of years before you try to negotiate a better rate.

Bruce: I want to clarify once and for all because I believe this is the last time I am going to need to say it. THERE ARE NO ZEROS COMING OFF ANY CURRENCY INCLUDING THE ZIM. PERIOD AND END OF STORY. DO YOU READ ME? OVER. There are no zeros coming off. It is important to understand that the Zim is a gold back bond, and we have the Zim gold backed as a currency meaning the new Zim dollar is gold backed. Our bonds are gold backed. We will have the ability to redeem those at face value meaning whatever the denomination is times the rate on the screen is what it is worth. I know your calculators will not go that high. You have to kind of take off and do the math in your head because the 12 digit calculators don’t hold it. They do not hold it when you multiply it out because we are talking 10 trillion notes, 50 trillion notes, 100 trillion notes, and I know there are lower denominations than that, but those are big numbers. You take those numbers and multiply what the rate is going to be on the screen or if you want to negotiate whatever the back screen will be. You will find it is going to blow your mind really with what we are talking about.

Bruce: When it comes to your exchanges, there is an article or blog on Dinar Chronicles blog that was put out by Ron Giles on Saturday titled: “QFS Oversight of all Banking Activities” by Ron Giles – 8.18.18. I recommend it and I think it is valuable. Ron Giles has done a very good job explaining what he is talking about. I think it clarifies some things.

Here is the link:

Bruce: We are getting some information from our lead bank, HSBC, that is very positive for the new banking system moving forward. I think what I have heard about this is so positive it will totally change your opinion the way banking should be done. Now we will see whether the existing banks are able to adapt and make those changes happen as they were instructed by the lead bank in a memo that every bank received. We will see how that goes. If they do what is in the memo it will be a new game. It will be a new world for us.

Bruce: Our exchange funds, redeemed Zim funds, my understanding is they will go into account that are hold so to speak that are off books because the banks themselves are not able to insure the huge amounts. My understanding is these accounts will access through the banks are actually held more or less in a US Treasury type account backed by the gold that backs the USN. Therefore, making the insuring of the currencies redundant. The fact they will be safe and we will have safety with our money. That is one thing that is something and I maybe off on my terminology, but I have heard the term off books meaning it is something held for us and maybe in a slightly different capacity. I don’t know. I heard some ways it could be done. Either way it is a very positive thing for us as I see it moving forward.

Bruce: We are in charge of our finances. It is not the bank’s money. It is our money. To be honest, it is God’s money, and we are stewards of those funds to do what is right with those funds. Yes, we will buy some nice things for ourselves. Yes, we will get a decent crib and a nice ride. Okay, I get it. Of course, we will help our family. We will help our friends. I have told you so many times we will help people we have never met and we may never meet. We will help the world as a whole.

Bruce: I am going to try to help to answer a couple of questions that our listener friend in St. Croix, Virgin Islands had and put in an open letter address to me to address as soon as I could.

There are 5 questions.

1) No zeros taken out? Answer: We covered that.

2) Gifts to be made, gift letters notarized? Answer: This is where talked about gift letters about 3 or 4 years ago, maybe longer than that about if you are going to give currency before the revaluation took place. Let’s say you are going to gift Zim or Dong or something to someone before it changes it values with which is what we are going in for our redemption or exchanges. You do that by using a gift letter explaining that the value of this currency you are gifting is at the price you paid for which is relatively low. Well under the $15,000 gift threshold which is $15,000 gifted to any person whether they are family or not or whether you know them or not. You can gift to them no consequences to the recipient or to the donor gifting that gift. To the question does it need to be notarized? I say if you can notarize it, it is better. If you cannot get it notarized, put in the letter 3 signatures to verify the letter.3 signatures below, your signature, and two other witnesses should suffice. If possible get it notarized, yes. Get those gift letters knocked out, typed out, dated if you haven’t already done it yet. If you have given the currency already or if you haven’t ready given to a person to exchange or to redeem, get those gift letters ready to go. You should keep a copy and give a copy to the person that you are gifting to. I know a lot of people are gifted currency and they don’t even know what they got. Some people put it on a wall, bulletin board, and some people have used it as a coaster for a drink. Some people have just thrown it away not knowing what they have received, believe or not. It is true. I have talked to people who have gifted to them because they didn’t explain clearly what they were giving. But we are not trying to draw fault just trying to explain what has happened in some cases.

3) You still have to have a trust since the GPS operation? Answer: The GPS has nothing to do with it. GPS instead of QFS is maybe what he means. Neither of which makes any sense regarding whatever he was asking. It is one of those questions you throw out. What he is really asking about is what about trusts? Do I need a trust before I go in? If you have the wherewith all to set up your trust even if it is your first trust, and you have it, and you paid for it, and you have it ready to go in, great. It is good if you have it, but if you do not have one, at the Redemption Center the attorneys will put a basic, skeleton or bare bones trust, together for you to use before you leave the bank. They do not want you leaving without something should something God forbid happen to you, they want to know where you want these funds directed. So you need your trust in place before you leave the Redemption Center. That would one of the steps that you would go through as part of your redemption. Remember you are only going to have about an hour to an hour and 15 minutes per person to knock out these various things. So that is one of them. IF you do not have a trust, do not sweat it. You will get something that you can go back and modify and change or amend that trust, replace that trust if is revocable if it is within the time say two to three months. I would take longer than that to get exactly what you want from your legal team.

4) The Zim now currency to exchange in the banks? Answer: I do not know what he means by that. We see rates on the screens, and we know what they are. It usually means it pending, people have gone in and done Zim platforms and Zim swaps for months and months now that are about to be paid for those almost momentarily we are talking about. Do not confuse the Zim bonds that we have that are gold backed with the new Zim dollar that is also gold backed, because our currency is from 2008 series AA, AB, etc. It is not really currency, it is bonds, and will be treated as bonds.

5) We are in St Croix, Virgin Islands. Where can we exchange? Answer: This is a good point. If you are in USVI, you are in a good place in a sense you are part of the US as a US protectorate. So the rates that the US gets for example, if you are in dinar, it is much better to do the exchange here than do it for example in Canada. If you are a dual citizen, try to find a way you can do your exchange in the US as oppose in Canada. Your rates will be much higher. Other than that, when it comes to St. Croix, we are looking at I would say go to the best international bank on the island. I do not know what that bank is. I know it is not HSBC. I would say this, if you can get to Florida, by way of San Juan, then San Juan to Miami, if you can get to the mainland and use a Redemption Center in Florida whether it is in Orlando, Tampa, Fort Lauderdale, whatever. If it was me once I had the 800 number, I would set it up and use a zip code from Orlando, Tampa. Miami is going to be busy. A lot of internationals go through Miami. Find a place where you can do and get the zip code and let them know you are coming in to do your redemption or exchanges in Florida for example. If you are from the USVI, that is probably what I would do. For any US protectorate, and those who are listening in Hawaii and Hawaii is our 50th state, and a beautiful place, what you want to do is probably you have HSBC and I think it is in Honolulu on Oahu. I think that is going to be your best opportunity to get Zim redeemed and other currencies exchanged to get your best deals, best rates. That will probably be my choice if I live there and maybe not make the trip all the way to the mainland. People don’t say are you coming to the United States. Hawaii is part of the United States. You are coming to the mainland.

Bruce: I hoped that helped our listener in St. Croix and others. What I am hearing is that things are really kicking off out West. We have talked about groups. We have talked about Pay Masters. We talked little about liquidity. I can tell you things are moving. Now we are seeing evidenced of it. We are seeing people that are seeing their accounts active with funds where before they did not see those. Now I do not know when the funds are going to be completely liquid. My guess is the next day or two. I believe that is probably what is going to happen. I know that what we are hearing is very positive for this moving forward this week. Yes, we thought we been there before, but certain things are happening with some of the bond swaps, the bond platforms, Eagle bonds, Zim Bonds. Things are happening that are backing up the value of our USN, our gold backed dollar. The Zim is the bond that is really backing the value of that dollar up initially. That is a very positive thing for us.

Bruce: Pick up Ron Giles post. It was very good. We answered those questions. I can just tell you I am feeling very confident about where we are right now. You know I can’t call it. I have been given times. I can’t put them out. We can’t do that. Same with rates. I have told you approximate rates sometimes. This is a time to really lean in and be in faith for this, pray this through to come in because we are that close to receive this and start our new lives.

Bruce: I think the main thing is just go in as Sue has said with that confidence. Be part of the experience. Do not zone out. Be right there. Be present. Be centered in your emotions and in your head in terms how you go through this. Look around, see what is happening. Look into the eyes of the person you will be talking to, and in my case, I have to remember to smile. Sometimes I forget to smile. Smile and you will get a smile back. If you shake hands which you should do, a firm handshake, not a bone crusher handshake, just a firm handshake and be pleasant. If you are a fast talker which some of you are, try to slow it down as Sue said. You are not in a race. Don’t try to out talk the person. Just tell them what it is you know, and what you want to do.

Bruce: Be honest. Let them see it from your heart. If you can give them your project without even looking down at your notes, you got your little notes there, you got your bullet points, you just going to refer to them. Your best bet is do not read it to them. The worse thing is look down and read it. You can look and get clued in on the bullet points so you don’t forget something. Then put your paper down and look them in the eye and tell them what you want to tell them.

Bruce: Be honest. I am looking to do this project. It is probably a 20 to 30 year project or whatever it is. We are going to employ a lot of people in a lot of different areas. We got infrastructure plans. We are going to be part of Big Call’s Rebuild America. We are going to sign on and be part of that. We will find out what the details are going to be, and I have one or two cities and towns I plan to help rebuild. It could be schools, clinics, food production, creating new jobs, taking factories and repurposing them, turn old schools that are abandon and turn them into an elder care facility or something else. You guys know what is in your towns and communities if you want to do some work there.

Bruce: We will have apprenticeships, training centers to work with. We will rebuild this country. Then we will rebuild the world, but we will use some really cool things here. We will do infrastructure, roads, bridges, railways. Do not forget infrastructure such as fiber optics, underground telephone lines, and electric underground. I want to clean up this earth and make it beautiful. Utilities, wet and dry, underground. When we rebuild a community let’s go underground with all utilities, wet and dry. It is very important. It is a major project. If we can go underground, protect, and shield cable for electric and fiber optics, etc. we get serge that stuff is protected and it will stay up. Grids won’t go down, but if they do go down, it won’t be as bad. We will try to prepare and help and be ready for anything.

Bruce: I am ready. You are ready. Do not look for information for a couple of weeks, probably a month or so before we put something out. Probably a pod cast over to you. You know the website. We have two websites: and That is the one you can actually register your email on. If you do that, you will get emails regarding Rebuild America and Veterans Retreat Network. We are going to work those two has our two main projects. We will do other ones too. That covers a lot. Rebuild America is pretty big. We will take it and do the same thing in other parts of the world.

Bruce: We will give Central America a reason to stay in Central America. There are some beautiful land, culture, and people. They do not need to come up here and try to necessarily try to learn the language and all of that. Are we going to need help in this country from people out of the United States? Yes. We will need help because we have more to do here than we have workers for it. I know the Administration knows that and they are talking about training centers just like we are. This is going to be interesting how we are able to fill all of these jobs because the unemployment rate is so low right now at 3.9%, and we are going to have people come out of the wood works that have been out of the work force for years and learning a new trade, tech, or job. We will help them train to do those things because we need help in Rebuilding America.

Bruce: Thank you everybody for listening and being here for what I hope is our last call. Thank you, Pastor Steven, Sue, and Bob. Thank you, listeners out there all over Big Call Universe. Thank you, Big Call Country and Big Call Universe, thank you for listening. I would just say we are ready. Let’s go. Let’s go do it. Let’s make it happen and enjoy the ride, enjoy the experience. We are at the top of the hill right now. Everything is downhill from here. Thank you, Pinkroses, for all of the years of transcribing the Big Call. I really appreciate it. It’s been wonderful, and I hope we are able to be in touch with you. Thank you so much everybody. Good night and get some sleep.


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