Final Event Energies Update 09~05~18: Wait For It … Gods Going to Smash It – LOVEHASWON video

Final Event Energies Update 09~05~18: Wait For It … Gods Going to Smash It


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Streamed live 23 hours ago

Mother of All Creation and the Sacred Trinity are still in process of the 7th seal. There have been so many sychronicities since Mother started this process, with anomalies happening to her physical body. All are confident Mother is going to Smash this huge endeavor. Thats the Power of Love! All our Love to Mother. Donate To Love… Book an Amazing Awakening Session with Us Support Us! Visit our LoveHasWon Wish List. Click below: Order a Powerful Ascension Assessment… Book an Amazing Twin Flame Intuitive Spiritual Awakening Session… Check Out our 5D Astrology Services… Would you like to Ask God a Question? Visit the link below:… Get Your Free Copy of ~The Tree Of Life Book~… Cherishing Mother Gaia… All Atoms Are to Return Home Immediately Into The Light as Called Forth By The Re~Union and Re~Establishment of The True Balanced Harmonics Energies Of Mother and Father of Creation With Love From Our Original Separation. He, Father of Creation was to go into the darkest of dark, I, Mother of All Creation would Go To The Darkest of dark and Come Back Into The Highest Light to Bring Him Home, ALL OF HUMANITY HOME from the darkness. We Were to Connect Again For a New Story For Humanity, WHERE LOVE IS EVERYWHERE PRESENT. The Greatest Love Story To Ever Occur in Creation. Our Original separation took Place here in Mt. Shasta, California. WE ARE NOW REUNITED AS ONE~ AN EVENT after a Separation of 19.999 Billion Years, This is BIG EVERYONE! ENJOY YOUR PRESENT! MotherGodandTheFirstContactGroundCrewTea­­­m Channel settings Intro Video… IT HAS BEGUN EVERYONE THE MOMENT HAS ARRIVED THE END OF FEAR, PAIN, AND SUFFERING AND THE BEGINNING OF THE NEW EARTH=HEART Visit our site for more daily blogged updates Daily Energetic Messages to Guide US Home Into The Light
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