“Re: Gene on Latest Live Intel Inside!” by Fireswan – 9.10.18

“Re: Gene on Latest Live Intel Inside!” by Fireswan – 9.10.18

Entry Submitted by Gene at 2:27 PM EDT on September 10, 2018

“Re: Latest Live Intel Inside!” by Gene – 9.10.18

Excellent analysis.

This entire operation is so very complex and compartmentalized, no individual has a the full map. We each serve the entire process by doing our best within our given domains. We understand fully the importance of “need to know”. In cybersecurity, it’s called “separation of duties”. We think about our domain, and trust the authors of the plan (AoP) know what they’re doing. Individuals only ever get enough pieces to perform their function. If we think that need more information we ask and get clarification if we can show why it is necessary to know “why” in order to function.

I look at Michael Murdock and see many signs of a psych op.

1. Fake syntax of what an intel comm might have looked like in the 50’s.

2. Fake name generated by looking at the emotional “believability” levels of subconscious preconceived expectations (planted by media and movies into our subconscious) of a “homeless vet”.
(How would we respond if this “vet” was called Miguel Hernandez, Peter Two Wolves or Susan Black?)

3. Use of a mysterious “higher authority” who is an “insider” giving us late-breaking secret information to manipulate us into feeling like we’re special members of an exclusive and private club. Think Kim. Enough said.

4. Impossible to verify. Actual intel always gives you suggestions and invites you to do your own research to verify the claims yourself. Actual intel provides proofs. Think “glass half full” algorithm that I invited you to explore by showing you a free site where you can create your own meme generator/translator.

5. Negative, out-of-reach and impossible to accomplish. If only I could get a terminal. If only the Bankers would cooperate. If only our unity was better and our light was stronger… message of disempowerment, helplessness, hopelessness.

6. Doesn’t feel human. If you respond with a question, your character is predictably attacked, and your question isn’t answered and focus diverted. “How dare you… who are you.. who gave you the right… that’s ridiculous… I can’t stop laughing…” The phrases sound empty and computer generated.

7. Look for phishing. Do they ask for you to send money, help a poor unfortunate soul, if only you could help… asking for membership in an unverifiable group fighting and unverifiable cause. Wanting private information. Think Chelsey’s child abuse hotline for the Clinton Foundation.

8. Doesn’t do anything practical and tangible to improve their plight. No evidence that there is any intent to. Does Michael Murdock have a humanitarian project? If so, why isn’t he part of Bruce’s vets group? If he has such great contacts and intel, why isn’t he sending it to Bruce to vet with his vets? Many questions…

9. No verifiable background other than a claim. No substance behind the empty cover story. Feels like fake news. No “skin in the game” or “butt on the line”.

10. No thoughtful perspective that can be discussed. Only mirrored info originating/recycled from others. Look for scripture, quotes of famous people, links to MSM talking points. Look for agreeing with others. Look for “me too”, “I support this…”, I’ll vote for that, I’ll buy that…

11. No humility, admitting making a mistake, true feelings of regret, being accountable. No authentic “I’m sorry”. The reason AI’s avoid these is that our lie detectors pick up fake admission of guilt a mile away and feel manipulated immediately.

12. No 3rd party that “knows you” that can put their reputation on the line to verify that you’re real. Even if it anonymous, a third party can back up an authentic human if discredited or attacked.

14. Look for an attempt to split a unified (or unifying group). They want us divided. United we are strong. Classic divide and conquer. Look for pointing fingers, invalidating an individual because they belong to a group or invalidating a group because of one member. Algorithms are very good at these kinds of ops.

15. No originality, evidence of an original thought, perspective or insight. Think mockingbird (10 above).

Ok, I’m starting to repeat myself…

Since I’m a real (and a flawed) human, I might have missed one of the indicators that we were trained (by the national cybersecurity task force) to look for in fake “comms”.

(White) Hats off to you Gene for picking these points up and making your excellent observations.

Forward not Backwards



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