(Video) Martial Law, What to do if it’s Declared? 10/01/2018

Published on Sep 26, 2018

I’m sure by now many people have heard talk that the US may declare martial law and order to restore the republic. This video is to give you some hints and some ideas to prepare and hopefully I can help calm your anxiety of such a dramatic event if it did take place. There are things that you could be doing now to prepare in case something like this did happen. Also, we all have to be aware that if such an event was coming in the near future the government, because of the clandestine operation wouldn’t inform us until the operation unfolds in public. But, I can assure you that if such event did come down the pipeline that our military has our best interest in mind and they would be conducting operation to ensure our security and for the good of the country. 

Note; I may not post videos for the next couple days, because of two reasons, one I want this video to remain on top of my page so people can see it and two, I may be traveling soon and I will be on the road and will not have time possibly to make new videos for a few days. Also, people share these videos with your families and friends and the message on this video is extremely important. See video for more.


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